John Crehan (Salford, UK) wins first Three Counties Combine from Carentan with a direct Jan Hooymans pigeon

Adding another fantastic result to his already spectacular season, John Crehan of Salford wins first Three Counties Combine against 3,887 pigeons and 442 competing lofts. The winner was yet another of his direct Jan Hooymans’ pigeons.

The three thousand, eight hundred and eighty-seven pigeons were liberated at 13.15CEST and just over six hours and eighteen minutes later the winner was clocked at the Salford loft of John Crehan. NL17/1410562 flew a distance of 292 miles and 1,230 yards on a velocity of 1350ypm and was a clear 55ypm ahead of the second placed pigeon.

The sire of NL17/1410562 is a son of James Bond, a.o. first NPO Nanteuil, Troyes, Agen and Morlincourt amongst many other prizes. Son of James Bond was also a.o. first Nanteuil, second Mantes and third Bourges. On the sire's side the grand-dam is Mother Henkie, a top breeding hen and dam to many winner. The dam is a half-sister to Harry, first Blois, 37,728p. Half-sister to Harry is the breeder of many other winnersa.o. sixteenth Wollaston, 1,122p. The grand-sire of the dam is Jonge Bliksem, a Gaby Vandenabeele and sire of a.o. first Blois, first Chateroux. The grand-dam is Grand-daughter Kanibaal, the dam to a.o. second Nijvel. Take a look at the pedigree of 17/562 here.

As well as winning the combine, the same weekend John was third section, fifty-fourth open from Poitiers with the British International Championship Club, a race to which he only sent two pigeons and which is over five hundred miles to his loft. The following week he won first national from Carentan against over five thousand birds with his sole entry into the race. All these victories have been obtained with direct Jan Hooymans pigeons. John is now into his fifth full season of racing these pigeons which are closely selected for him by the ace fancier from Kerkdriel. After meeting in South Africa in 2013, the two fanciers entered into a collaboration and each season John finds that Jan's pigeons go from strength to strength.

Congratulations John and Jan on a most successful partnership.