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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Coutances on 13th May 2017

Two hundred and eighty-six members entered two thousand, seven hundred and eighty-six bird into the British Barcelona Club race from Coutances. They were liberated at 07.45 BST into sunshine with a moderate westerly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications.

Lucky Thirteen

First open and first section A was won by Tony Leggatt of Havant with a two year old on 1931ypm. Tony timed a pigeon that was bred by Calum Edmiston of Horley from his very successful international team containing the best Dutch long distance bloodlines. Tony's winner is now named Lucky Thirteen, as that was the date of the race and also because both Tony and his sister have birthdays on the thirteenth of the month.

Eric Neilson

Second open and second section A was a yearling on 1836ypm for Wearn Brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean. Jimmy and Erik clocked a Denny x Cooper bred pigeon containing Rutz u Sohne on the dam's side.

Trevor & Adrian Wilson with Freya

Trevor and Adrian Wilson of Bishops Stortford clocked a three year old on 1823ypm to take third open and first section J. Trevor and Adrian's first in the clock was Flash,a black pied cock bred from their home grown family that they have been perfecting over the past decade. The sire of Flash is the Hick's cock, a Leo Van Rijn, whilst the dam was bred from a pigeon purchased in the first Jean Williums auction sale.

Michael & Stuart Dickinson

Mr and Mrs Dickenson and Sons from Hemel Hempsted were fourth open and first section D with a yearling on 1822ypm. Mick clocked a De Rauw Sablon widowhood hen on its first channel race of the season. The partners had another De Rawe Sablon hen shortly afterward that should also be well up in the final result.

Roger Lowe

Fifth open and second section D was a yearling on 1807ypm for Roger Lowe of Reading. Roger's first on the clock was a mealy pied cock the dam of which is Ruby Red, his outstanding stock hen that only raced three times as a young bird, winning prizes in all three channel races, the best being second section with the National Flying Club. Ruby Red was bred by Sheldon Leonard and contains Lou Woulter x Janssen bloodlines. 

Steve Harris

Mr and Mrs Harris and Daughter from Portchester timed a two year old on 1800ypm to take sixth open and third section A. Steve's first on the clock was a Vandenabeele x Jan Aarden cock, a full brother to Dolly, which was first Central Southern Classic Club from Guernsey as a youngster.

Tidbury & Garrett

Tidbury and Garrett of Feltham had two drop together to take seventh and eighth open and third and fourth section D, both on 1794ypm. This was the partners' first race with the BBC so they were very pleased with the outcome. First on the clock was a Jim Biss x Heywood Harthog pigeon and the second contains Gaston ven De Wouwer bloodlines when crossed with those of James Parker's Koopmans.

Martin & Jack Norman of Mannor Lofts

Mannor Lofts clocked a yearling on 1791ypm to win ninth open and fourth section A. Martin, Clare and Jack Norman timed a widowhood hen bred from a cock loaned to them by their good friends Chris and Kevin White of Weymouth. This cock was bred by Crammond and Langstaff and is closely related to their national winners. The dam was bred by Roger Phillips from Guernsey from his family of Brockhamps.

Trevor Green

Completing the top ten and in fifth section A were Mr and Mrs Green of Ashurst on 1783ypm. Trevor clocked a two year old hen that was his first back from the classic race the previous week. The parents of this pigeon were gifted to Trevor by Ronnie Johnson, the sire being a Vandenheede x Herman-Ceusters.

Around the sections

Vincent McConnell & John Gerard

R and V McConnell of Ferndown timed a three year old on 1727 to take first section B. Vince timed a Hartog cock, the brother of which was second section, fourth open last season.

Brian Young

B and D Young of Bournemouth were second section B with a three year old on 1704ypm. Brian purchased this pigeon, which contains the bloodlines of Red Emperor, as a youngster from Derek Cooke.

Johnson and Bell of Bournemouth were third section B.

Smith & Baker

Smith and Baker of Swindon clocked a four year old on 1673ypm to win first section C. Ernie and Darren clocked Gerrrard, a blue cock that in 2015 was second open from Fougères. The sire and dam were both bred by Crammond and Langstaff from their Kees Boshua x Van Osch family.

Steve Slade

Steve Slade of Calne was second section C with a two year old on 1661ypm. This chequer pied hen was bred from stock obtained from John Halstead and Wilf Reed.

R Beaconsfield of Marlborough was third section C.

Dave & Kyle Harris

D Harris of Newport was first section E with a three year old on 1646ypm. Dave clocked a blue cock, a full brother to his Fougères section winner in 2012 and a half-brother to last season's Messac section winner. This cock is also a nephew of the second open winner from Lessay.

Mick Hughes

M Hughes of Market Rasen was second section E with a two year old on 1627ypm. Mick timed a Busschaert cock that has been a consistent channel racer.

G Lewis of Newport was third section E.

Phil & Mark Smith

Phil Smith and Son, Mark from Dunlaoghaire in Ireland were first section F on 773ypm with the first ever pigeon to be timed into Ireland in race time in a British Barcelona Club race. Phil has long supported the BBC in the hope of having a pigeon in Ireland in the result. On the sire's side, the grandsire of this game hen was bred by Brian Denny, being a grandson of Tuff Nutt. On the dam's side it contains Jim Hooper and Brian Sheppard bloodlines. Flying 356 miles into Ireland, crossing both the English Channel and the Irish Sea, completing fourteen hours on the wing, this hen was certainly bred for the job.

Derek Reid

Derek Reid of Weybridge timed three pigeons, all on 1753ypm, to take the first three positions in section G. First on the clock was a pigeon bred from a Garry Inkley hen purchased at the Spelthorne breeder buyer when paired to a cock from Derek's Lady GaGa family. Second was the third section winner from Coutances last season and third was a grandson of Derek's 2005 National Flying Club winner. Derek had nineteen out of the twenty he sent in the clock.

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow clocked a two year old on 1771ypm to take second section J. Mark timed a widowhood cock bred from his hen, Charlotte. He had all twenty that he sent back in good time.

Bruce McAllister of Buntingford was third section J.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Coutances.