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A report on the National Flying Club race from Fougères on 22nd May 2016

After a days holdover due to poor weather, the National Flying Club pigeons were liberated from Fougères at 09.30BST into a light north-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

James Parker (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

J and P Parker of Reading were first open and first section F with a yearling on 1405ypm over 213 miles. James and his father, Peter, clocked National Beauty, a hen raced on the widowhood system. The sire of National Beauty is a Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeon containing Kaasboer bloodlines and the dam is a daughter of The Machine which was bird of the year in both the Up North Combine and the North of England Homing Union in 2010. The partners share the workload in the loft with James concentrating on the hens whilst Peter sees to the cocks. Ian Stafford from the north-east has been a constant influence on the loft and the Parker's methods of racing over the past few years, this partnership is definitely one to keep an eye on for the future.

National Beauty (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First section E and second open went to Mark Gilbert of Windsor with a yearling cock on 1404ypm over 216 miles. This pigeon topped the federation from Portland against 3,200 birds a week prior to Fougères. The sire is out of Southfield Champ, the Saintes national winner in 2010, whilst the dam is Joy, a daughter of Dirk Van Dykes Kanibal that was loaned to Mark by Peter Fox from Syndicate Lofts.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading was second section E and third open with a yearling cock on 1391ypm over a distance of 217 miles. Roger sent thirty birds and had twenty-eight on the day. The sire of his winner was bred by Freddy and Jacque Vandenheede, being a grandson of Trigger Finger. The dam is Orbital Delight, a full sister to Fast as Lightning, winner of the BBC by 25 minutes.

Darling & Ede

Darling and Ede of Southampton timed a two year old on 1384ypm over 176 miles to take first section B and fourth open. The partners' section winner contains Andreas Drapa bloodlines, the dam of which was bred by Mark Gilbert. It was raced on the roundabout system.

Maurice Collins

M Collins of Southampton was second section B and fifth open with a two year old, blue cock on 1376ypm over 179 miles. Raced on the natural system, this cock was sent sitting ten day old eggs. It was bred down from a top Hession stock cock when paired to a daughter of Tony Mardon's Toey.

Dave Waterhouse

Mr and Mrs Waterhouse of Portsmouth timed a yearling on 1374ypm over 174 miles to take third section B and sixth open. Husband and wife clocked a cock named Harry's Boy, a half-brother of their recent national winner from Saintes, having the same sire. A consistent young bird last year, Harry's Boy will now go to Messac with the NFC.

Fourth section B and seventh open went to Wearn Brothers and Neilson from Ramsdean with a yearling on 1372ypm over 184 miles.

Mr E Rann of Newport clocked a two year old on 1365ypm over 160 miles to take fifth section B and eighth open.

Cosmin Talas

Cosmin Talas of Oxford was second section F and ninth open with a two year old on 1364ypm over 241 miles. Cosmin started the season with twenty-four widowhood cocks, all from his own family of Cosy's Rockets, which were created from the best bloodlines he could find and by using the basket to decidedly select the best.

Completing the top ten and in sixth section B are Austin and Austin from Portmouth with a three year old on 1363ypm over 170 miles.

Around the sections

Skidmore and Goble from Havant were first section A with a five year old hen on 1333ypm over 174 miles. The section winner has previously been twenty-seventh and thirty-third open from Bergerac.

Lou Severe of Chichester was second section A. Lou timed a Vandenabeele cock bred for him by Richard Horton. After a few outbreaks of young bird sickness some years ago, Lou now sources most of his youngsters from Richard along with some from Peter Reeves.

Bill Woods

W Woods of Shaftsbury was first section C with a two year old on 1249ypm over 190 miles. Bill won the section from Cholet last year. The bird taking the honours this time is a widowhood cock, kept in an open loft. Its bloodlines include Houben and Wildermeersch.

S Laws of Poole was second section C. Stuart timed a Hartog x Vandenabeele hen, the sire of which came from John Gerard, whilst the dam was from Colin Crowe of Scotland.

P & D Clarke

Section D was won by P & D Clarke of Taunton with a two year old hen on 1138ypm over 211 miles. Flown on the roundabout system the sire of this hen is a direct son of Dave and Vince Padfield's St Vincent winner. The dam is also a Padfield, being a direct daughter of Ffion, the ninth open Barcelona winner.

G Wilson of Exeter took second section D. Graham clocked a white flight hen containing Jan Aarden based Anton Schutz bloodlines, the parents of which came from Louella Pigeon World.

Nigel Templar of Bristol took first section G with a yearling on 1291ypm over 222 miles. Nigel keeps the best of the Dutch and Belgian sprint to middle distance pigeons, racing them right through the national and classic races.

Janet Wilcox of Bath took second section G. Janet's winner is a consistent, five year old, widowhood cock, the parents of which come from Geoff Kirkland's old Alfons Bauwen family.

P Chamberlain of Burton Latimer was first section H with a three year old on 1266ypm over 279 miles. Pete's section winner is a Van Reet x Janssen hen, raced on the roundabout system.

John Black of Hitchin was second section H. John timed a widowhood cock that was bred by Paul Loom from Wyboston, the two lofts having swapped six young birds last season.

John Hambidge of Chipping Norton was first section I with a two year old on 1294ypm over 252 miles. John's family of pigeons is based around a few Brian Denny birds with some Van Reet crossed in to increase their speed.

M Yates and Son of Tamworth were second section I. Clive clocked a widowhood cock whose sister was and ace pigeon last season in the Midlands National Flying Club.

R Gelder and Son of Coseley were first section J with a yearling on 1315ypm over 293 miles. Richie and Dan's pigeon contains Gaby Vandenabeele x Hooymans bloodlines.

Joe Baker of Hereford was second section J. Flying to the far west of the section, Joe's pigeon would have been alone for much of the race. Its breeding is Vandenabeele based with some long distance bloodlines from Jutla Brothers and Louella.

Mr & Mrs Wright

Section K was won by Mr and Mrs Wright from Mansfield with a three year old on 1319ypm over 338 miles. The partners sent four pigeons and had all four home within an hour. First on the clock contains De Hollander bloodlines from Howard Jackson paired with their own established family.

J & N Beal of Pontefract were second section K. The partners clocked a Hardy Kruger hen bred from stock from Premier Stud, Tiger Woods appears on both side of the pedigree.

Mr L Gant of Stockport was first section L with a two year old on 1282ypm over 356 miles. This was Lol's first national race so to top the section is a great achievement for him.

Gavin and Glynn Buckley of Rochdale were second section L. The partners timed a roundabout hen containing Braspenning bloodlines.

Driver, Dawon & Dawson (photo courtesy of Jeff Walton)

Driver, Dawson and Dawson from Newcastle upon Tyne were first section N with a four year old on 1187ypm over 458 miles. The partners timed Wor Lass, bred by them from a pair of birds obtained from McArdle and Archibald of Liverpool and sent sitting fourteen day eggs.

Section N winner

Second section N was won by M Anderson and Sons from Washington.

Pete Robinson

Peter Robinson of Kendal was first section O with a five year old on 1062ypm over 420 miles. Flying to difficult terrain in Cumbria, this cock was bred from stock gifted to him by the late Harry Densham of Stanley, Co Durham, mainly Staf Van Reet bloodlines.

I Parsons of Penrith was second section O. Ian's first on the clock was a grizzle hen containing Jos Thoné bloodlines obtained from Border Lofts.

R & N Steptoe of Oxted took first section P with a two year old on 1338ypm over 207 miles. The sire of this cock is a son of the partner's top racer and breeder, whilst the dam is Dick's Dream, first national from Carentan.

Fagg and Nicholas of Sittingbourne were second section P. Colin and Linda clocked a Frans Laemans pigeon, one of a batch they purchased direct in 2013.

The Padfield Family of Cwmtillery were first section W with a three year old on 1183ypm over 251 miles. No strangers to topping the section, the winner this time is a cock bred from a son of Dave when paired to a daughter of Invincible. Due to the hawk problem the Padfield pigeons are not trained but sent straight from the loft to the race.

Derek Jones of Wrexham was second section W. First on the clock for Derek was a Staf Van Reet, the sire of which is a double Royal Pigeon Racing Association award winner.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race from Fougères.