PEC Racing Team ADK (Tielt-Winge, BE) writes instant history (UPDATE)

Top class pigeons bring top class results for the PEC Racing Team ADK. This combination has had a spectacular and at times an even dominant start to the season!

Nikolaas Gyselbrecht and Pascal Ariën

Pipa Elite Center Racing Team ADK

Pipa Elite Center started competing in Belgian races in 2015 as well, under the name of PEC RACING TEAM ADK.

This racing team achieved a number of impressive results from the very start of 2015:

16/5 Vierzon Interprovincial  4,693 yearlings:
8-35-43-45-54-71-92-118-155-198-207-249-266-285-308-350-353-413-424… (47/88)
(The 1st interprovincial was also bred in the Pipa Elite Center (PEC))

30/5 Limoges Prov 1,260 old birds:
3-14-17-30-52-53-54-60-62-110-113-140… (20/27)
Nat 15,012 old birds:
9-177-193-329-525-530-541-622-637-1140-1215-1585… (17/27)

30/5 Bourges National:
21,484 yearlings: 11,32,44,78,84,122,170… (56/86)
06/6 Chateauroux National:
25,617 yearlings: 2,7,20,29,98,100… (51/83)
18,676 old birds: 13 (7/7)

This was an impressive display by the PEC racing team, which has at times dominated its opponents.

Provincial victory from Limoges

PEC RACING TEAM ADK was again one of the best in Belgium in the weekend of June 20th and won :

Limoges Provincial 797 YL: 1-4-5-6-10-14-18-19-23-24-29-30-41-53-61… (29/42)
Limoges National 6,275 YL : 15-35-36-41… (top-100)

Limoges Provincial 576 OLD: 5-7-9-37-172 (5/6)
Limoges National 8,301  OLD : 72-82-... (top-100)

Montluçon Provincial 2,123 YL: 2-10-11-12-15-28-38-40-44-77-78-230… (24/40)
Montluçon National 16,982 YL : 5-38-39-45-52-96-137-140-149-319-324... (24/40)

Montluçon Provincial 1,119 OLD: 45-54 (2/3)
Montluçon National  11,056 OLD: 232-278 (2/3)

The pigeons responsible for this success story

It has been said before but it bears repeating: good blood never lies!

The team's strongest racing bird up to now is quite a phenomenon:

His name is BE14-2230911 Porsche 911, and he is one of Belgium's best yearlings:

He is winner of:

Bourges National (30/05 )       21,484 yearlings      11th
Chateauroux National (06/06 )   25,917 yearlings       7th
Gueret National (13/06)         16,262 yearlings     778th
Montluçon National (20/06)      16.982 yearlings      52th

Sire: Wacko Freddy (from a son of Wacko x Norma, two former top birds at Verreckt-Ariën, paired to Blue Ace Freddyke, a daughter of New Freddy x Miss Blue Ace)
Dam: Daughter Gladiator, called Lieve, a direct Geerinckx pigeon (from Gladiator x daughter of top class pair Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke).

Click here for the full pedigree

New Freddy, Amalia, Geerinckx... and Tarzan + New Patricia

Tarzan & New Patricia are a new top class pair. They are the grandparents of three of the six first pigeons from Bourges, and two of the six first pigeons from Chateauroux. They originate from the old super class lines of Pascal Ariën. The descendants of this pair are crossed with youngsters of New Freddy and direct Geerinckx pigeons. Additional pigeons from the very best lines of Gaston Vande Wouwer (Amalia of Casaert-Sénéchal) were introduced as well, along with pigeons of Gaston, Rudi De Saer, Gaby Vandenabeele,...

This combination of breeds has resulted in a unique and very strong breed on its own that has given spectacular results already in 2015.

It pays off to invest in top pigeons

The results mentioned above should prove this point. The number one philosophy behind the PEC is to invest in national champions, the goal being to keep some important genes in Belgian hands. This was the idea that Nikolaas Gyselbrecht had in mind when founding the PEC.
When asked about their plans for the future, Pascal and Nikolaas told us they have been focusing on creating a breed based on stock sire New Freddy (winner of the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2010). This outstanding bird has been paired to the best hens of Bart Geerinckx, and the goal is to pair their youngsters to the best bloodlines of Pascal Ariën. A pivotal role is played by Tarzan and New Patricia, two wonderful pigeons that combine the very best lines of the old Verreckt-Ariën breed. Other pairings include Amalia (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2011), different direct Bart Geerinckx pigeons, Gaston Van de Wouwer (including the line of New Kaasboer), as well as the indispensable and invaluable Vandenabeele breed (through descendants of Fyther, Gloria, and Rudy).

Breeding pigeons from proven champions is a sure-fire way to success in pigeon racing, which is demonstrated not only by the PEC Racing Team ADK. Several more pigeon fanciers have won great results with descendants of this invaluable breeding loft in recent weeks.

  • Jespers-Vanderwegen won a 1st Intprov. Vierzon 4,639 yearlings, as well as a 31st Intprov. Vierzon. The two prize winners originate directly from the PEC (click here to reread the report)
  • Karlo Van Rompaey wins a 1st Nat. Bourges old birds with a granddaughter of Eduardo. Eduardo is a son of Velocity, in turn the dam of Tarzan, one of the new stock breeders of the PEC Racing Team ADK.
  • Adrien Mirabelle has won five first prizes with a one year old that comes straight from the PEC. (the pedigree)
  • Bart Geerinckx wins a 41st national from Chateauroux yearlings on 6 June against 25,617 p. with a direct youngster of New Freddy
  • Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede's Black Devil BE12-4186394 is a true long distance champion. He is a grandson of New Freddy (click here for his pedigree and palmares)

Outstanding results with outstanding bloodlines

You cannot give what you don't have. A fancier aiming for the top needs to work with pigeons that combine big talents with great potential and excellent breeding value. Any fancier with this type of pigeons in his collection should cherish them but he should also try and get the most out of them.

That is the mission the PEC Racing Team ADK is about to accomplish. Nikolaas Gyselbrecht is acting as the breeder and collector of pigeons with a distinctive edge over the others, pigeons of world class level (including several 1st national ace pigeons). Pascal Ariën acts as the experienced fancier who can get those pigeons to exceed their limits. The combination has been going really well and has been pushing this loft to a higher level! Other members of the team that should not be overlooked are Pascal's wife Lieve, Pascal's father-in-law Hubert and Sam, the caretaker of the breeding pigeons. Together they are part of a wonderful team that will continue to make headlines.

Atmospheric pictures and a look at the lofts in Tielt-Winge, home to the pigeons of the PEC Racing Team ADK:

The breeding lofts: