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A report of the British International Championship Club race from Falaise on the 5th May 2014

Three thousand, two hundred and twenty nine pigeons were entered into the first British International Championship Club race from Falaise on the 5th May 2014. They were liberated at 8.00am into sunshine and a light north easterly wind. The provisional result is as follows.

Stuart & Gareth Treharne

First open and first west section went to G Treharne and Son of Nantyglo in the Welsh Valleys. The partnership timed a three year old on 1313mpm after four hours and fifty two minutes on the wing and a flight of nearly 239 miles. Their national winner was a light chequer cock which has previously won ninth open from Eastbourne and fourth open from Carentan. Both the sire and dam of this national winner were bred by Hans Eijerkamp.

The Falaise winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Catherine Copper holding second open

Geoff and Catherine Cooper from Peasdown St John were second open and second west section flying 194 miles on a velocity of 1267mpm. The partners timed a two year old, dark chequer cock raced on widowhood. Badly injured from Saintes as a yearling this cock has been amongst the first back to the loft from every race this season. This pigeon is a brother to the Cooper's twelfth Dax international winning pigeon, Farm Boy.

John Smale

J Smale of Abergavenny timed a yearling on 1284mpm to take third open and third west section with a yearling flying nearly 240 miles. A previous winner of a Welsh national, John is particularly enthusiastic about cross border racing with the BICC. The sire of his first in the clock is a direct son of Geoff Kirkland's The Snake, when paired to a daughter of John's second national Bergerac hen.

The Ashton Family

Fourth open and into the west section was G & S Ashton and Son of Port Talbot, flying 245 miles on 1278mpm. Selwyn, son Steven and the family clocked a two year old Cattrysse cock, the sire of which was purchased from Mr Saville in the Midlands and the dam came from Louella Pigeon World. It was sent to Falaise sitting one day old eggs.

Mark Shepherd

Mark Shepherd of Plymouth was fifth open and fifth west section flying 201 miles at 1274mpm. Falaise was Mark's first ever national race and he timed a yearling Van Dyke x Vandenabeele cock bred by Colin Priestman of Consett, County Durham. Not raced as a youngster this pigeon had two short inland races before being sent across the Channel.

Ken Caldwell

Sixth open and sixth west section saw Ken Caldwell of Llanhilleth time a three year old on 1271mpm after four hours and fifty four minutes over a distance of 233 miles. Ken's pigeon is a Staf Van Reet x Soontjen cock flown on the roundabout system.

Phil Newton

Phil Newton of Weston Super Mare was seventh open and seventh west section timing a two year old on 1263mpm over 209 miles. Phil races on the natural system and his winner is bred down from his own family created over many years.

Mel & Sue King

Mel and Sue King took eighth open and eighth west section on 1261mpm over 159 miles. The partners timed Stourcrest Pictor, a widowhood cock with many national prizes in previous years. Stourcrest Pictor is bred from their very successful Vandenabeele family.

Ninth open and ninth west section went to W Selway of Highbridge on 1262mpm. Wesley clocked a two year old Spangle cock on its first race on the south road having previously flown north as far as Fraserburgh. This cock's sire was bred by Hugh Brassingdale with the dam coming from Bruce Millard.

Little Rose

Finally, tenth open and tenth west section was taken by S Luscombe from Plymouth on 1259mpm. Steve timed a yearling hen named Little Rose bred from a cock which was in turn bred from a grandson of Vale Cahors that was gifted to Steve by Robbie Prettejohn. The dam of Little Rose was purchased from Robbert ten Berge.

Around the sections

Gosling & Jarvis

The east section was won by Gosling and Jarvis (14th open) with a two year old on 1252mpm. The section winner is a cock flown on the widowhood system and bred from Kato, a grandson of Vend, first National Flying Club Pau bred by Jim Biss.

Second east section (128th open) saw Charlie Simmons of Basildon time a yearling on 1138mpm. Charlie's pigeons is a Janssen x Hofkens cock flown on the natural system having been paired up in early April.

Third into the east section (133rd open) was B McAllister of Buntingford with a three year old on 1033mpm, a hen containing Jos Thoné Emperor bloodlines.

Eamon Kelly

Central section (25th open) was won by Lloyd & Kelly from Steventon on 1200mpm after a flight of 194 miles. Eamon timed a pure Maris cock bred by Crowley and Green from Calne. This is the third section win in two years for this cock.

Leon Hall from Oxford was second section, twenty sixth open on 1198.7mpm after 203 miles. Leon clocked a Ceuleman bred down from his Norman Sibley cock.

Bartlett and Jones from Southampton were third central section (28th open) on 1198.3mpm. (151 miles) Flying on the what they call their naturalhood system, the partner's pigeon has a mixture of Janssen Van Den Bosche, Van Loon and Kees Bosua bloodlines.

Mike & Christine Lee

The north west section was won by M & C Lee from Alrick on 1146mpm. (51st open after 245 miles) Mike and Christine's section winner contains Supercrack lines in its pedigree.

Second north west section and 55th open went to J Rodway of Rushwick on 1140mpm after 244 miles. John clocked three in quick succession the first of which was three year old pied hen that spent a year out of the loft as a young bird. When she finally returned she was rested as a yearling and put back to race last season.

Third north west section and 114th open was timed by Richard Pugh of Hanley Swann with a four year old on 1053mpm flying 238 miles.

John Searle

The north east section and 126th open was taken by J Searle of Great Abington with a three year old on 1044mpm after 222 miles. John's widowhood cock was Jim Biss Natrix x Busschaert bloodlines and was raced on widowhood.

Second into the north east and 132nd open was Reg Wright of Patrington Haven on 1034mpm over 130 miles. Reg timed a yearling hen of Herman Ceusters breeding.

Third north east section and 132nd open was timed by Brian Meen of Bury St Edmonds on 992mpm after 237 miles. Brian clocked a two year old hen which was bred by Chris Boughen.

Martin Wright & Son

North central section and 64th open was won by Mr M Wright and Son from Kettering. (242 miles, 1130mpm) Martin timed a two year old, widowhood cock bred from Janssen bloodlines. This cock had three races prior to Falaise.

Second north central section and 65th open was timed by Brian Beal of Coventry. (253 miles, 1126mpm) Brian clocked a yearling Wildemeersch x Matteuws hen flown celibate.

Third north central section and 74th open went to L Smith of Wellingborough. (1120mpm, 239 miles) Lee timed a three year old granddaughter of Paul Kendal's Morning Glory.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Falaise.