The story of Jutla Brothers (Penge, UK) and a successful quest to obtain the best bloodlines available

Although known as Jutla Brothers the partnership is made up of two brothers, Jack and Shakey, and their cousin Vick.

In the beginning

It all started back in 1997 when Shakey Jutla caught a stray in the family garden and the bug had bitten. Jack joined him and they started racing in 1998 with cousin Vick joining in 2003. Shakey and Jack are responsible for the day to day care of the pigeons with Vick looking after all of the paper work and correspondence. They are not from a pigeon keeping family which makes everything they have achieved in such a short time even more admirable. The team are members of the M11 South Road Club, the British International Championship Club, the British Barcelona Club, the London and South East Classic Flying Club and the National Flying Club.

The pigeons

The Jutla Brothers admire many people in the sport, F. Dawkins and son who fly in the same club as them and Gaby Vandenabeele who they consider to be a very honest and respectful fancier.

In 1998 they went to the Vandenabeele lofts and bought from his best and these were successful from the start. They have also purchased the best of the Brockamps, Peter Van Der Merwe and in 2011 they bought forty two pigeons direct from Leo Heremans. All this to back up the belief that to be the best you need to purchase from the best and as close to the champion birds as you can. Breeding is the future of the team, racing the enjoyment, but to enjoy it you need the pigeons.

At stock they now have the following birds. From Vandenabeele, three sons of Wittenbuik, two daughters from Picanol, a full sister as well as a son and daughter to Bliksem and three direct from James Bond. They had a complete round from Van Der Merwe. The Brockamp’s are from Euro Diamond, Armstrong, Mistral, Marseille King and Perpignan 06. The Heremans include a sister of Bolt, two from the Safier pair, two from New Olypiade and many more. The top families that they now have are kept pure for breeding but crossed for racing.


The Jutla Brothers race a team of thirty widowhood cock birds with their thirty hens and have about fifty pairs of stock birds. The pigeons are fed Versele Laga when racing. They are regularly tested by the De Weerd clinic and they are only medicated on the recommendations after these tests. The youngsters they breed are raced separated, just shown each other before basketing for the race. Jutla Bothers breed as many youngsters for other fliers as they do for themselves, their own at the beginning of the year and then the later rounds for sale.


On a personal front the Jutla Brothers have achieved many great positions. They have won the prestigious Tommy Long Trophy for the best average performance in combine races from Dunbar 324 miles, Stonehaven 386 miles and Thurso 507 miles, as well as top NFC positions. It is not these that give them the greatest pleasure, it is the performances of others with the Jutla pigeons.

In 2013 their bloodlines were responsible for 2 x 1st national and 1st French Derby young bird one loft race. A true testament to their belief that to get the best results, you need to be working with the best pigeons that your pocket can afford.

This on top of multiple club, federation, combine, amalgamation, classic and obviously the nationals for others.

Advice to others

Jutla Brothers would not give advice to others apart from buy the best you can afford and mainly enjoy your time in the sport. Going to the best fanciers in your own area and asking if you can purchase a round of late breds from the widowhood racers is a good idea they promote.