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A report of the UK National Flying Club race from Carentan

The first National Flying Club race of the 2013 season was held from Carentan on Saturday 18th May. A total of 965 members sent 8,319 birds which were liberated at 7.45am into clear skies. The provisional result is as follows.

Stuart Laws

In first section C and first open was Stuart Laws from Poole in Dorset on 1443ypm. Stuart timed a yearling, dark chequer, widowhood cock which has now been named Shane as the winning bird was bred from a pair of Wildemeersch pigeons that Stuart bought from Shane Langton of Derbyshire. On the pedigree of the dam Shane had written, 'If this hen doesn't breed you winners in two seasons I will have her back.' Shane obviously knew her potential! Stuart works as a self-employed bricklayer and had set up his ETS prior to leaving for work. When he popped home at ten o’clock he found he already had three arrivals from this race. An excellent performance for him and a dream come true in winning a national!  

Nigel Templar

The winner of section G, Nigel Templar from Bristol, was in second open on 1392ypm. Nigel had four pigeons dropped together and the next three in the clock took 2nd, 3rd and 4th section and 3rd, 4th and 6th open. The first bird on the clock was a Dirk Van Dyck, the sire of which was bred by Gerrit Lahuis and is a son of Unique. The dam is out of a pairing of De Kannibaal and a daughter of Den Bourges which Nigel purchased from Richard Whiteside.

First section B and fifth open went to the Portsmouth loft of Mr and Mrs Waterhouse on 1391ypm. They clocked a two year old cock named Lisa’s Lad. In 2012 Lisa’s Lad was first section from Saintes and a week prior to this NFC race he had taken first section from Carentan with the British Barcelona Club. This pigeon is a Jacob Poorvliet x Koopman and was flown on the roundabout system.

Stuart Wilcox from Bristol was seventh open and fifth section G with a two year old Arien Verreckt x Frans Zwols cock doing 1371ypm. The father of this pigeon is a direct son of Champion Armstrong, the Belgian first national ace pigeon, whilst the dam is a direct Frans Zwols from the 817.

Rob Jones with Damage

Second section B and eighth open was timed by Rob Jones of Southampton. Rob flies under the partnership name of Bartlett and Jones in honour of his uncle who sadly passed away eight years ago. Rob’s timer is a reliable, four year old cock named Damage on 1370ypm. Previous performances include first open Poitiers, twentieth open Messac, twentieth open Falaise and twelfth open Fougères, all in national races.

Mr and Mrs White of Weymouth were ninth open and second section C on 1364ypm. Their pigeon was a two year old, Deweerdt x Norbert Sierens widowhood cock. This bird is a nephew to their top racer, Northern Lad and he won the club from Carentan as a yearling.

In tenth open and third section C is the partnership of Mel and Sue King from Blandford Forum. The couple timed a two year old, widowhood cock on 1361ypm. Named Stourcrest Gwain, this bird was bred from a pair of direct M & G Casaerts which they were loaned in 2011 from Brian Goodwin. The sire is a son of Nasdaq and the dam is a granddaughter of Dior.

Brian Wall

Topping section A was Mr and Mrs Wall of Havant on 1325ypm. Brian had two birds drop together and his second will be second section. This is Brian’s eleventh section win of his racing career. Section D was won by Mr B Reene from Honiton in Devon on 1335ypm. This was a three year old, late bred Busschaert hen named Jose, that was sent sitting pot eggs.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe from Reading won section E on 1336ypm with a yearling bred from birds he imported from Belgian fancier Daniel Aerens last year. This was a cock flown on widowhood and which had had two inland races previously this season. Peter Wells of Dunstable was the runner-up in section E on 1322ypm. His timer was a chequer pied hen flown on roundabout.

Steve Slade

Topping section F we have Steve Slade from Calne in Wiltshire on 1348ypm. Steve clocked a two year old Lindelauf cock that originates from stock of Eres and Fleming from Blackpool.

Second H was won by Dudley Holmes from Spalding in Lincolnshire. Dudley clocked a widowhood cock named Fulney 64 on 1263ypm. Thus cock won the British International Championship club race from Le Mans in 2012. Runner-up in this section was Steve Petheridge and Son from Milton Keynes.

First in section I was Rob Rome from Cheltenham on 1346ypm. Rob’s winning bird is a two year old widowhood cock whose sire is a son of Champion Reimus which won the Scottish National Flying Club, Kings Cup race from Reims in 2003. Rob is originally from Scotland and his section winner was bred in the stock loft up that that is managed by his father. Rob had two birds drop together and his second is looking good to be second section I.

Jonathan Hamplett from Stafford took the top position in section J on 1346ypm with a yearling that did especially well to reach the east of the section. In second place was Martin Williams from Hereford. Martin clocked a two year old, widowhood Jan Huybrect x Roodhooft cock.

Section K was won by Mr and Mrs Alan Rose from Worksop with a three year old, Wildemeersch cock named Jake on 1264ypm. Jake’s sire is bred down from stock from Fox Brothers of Langworth.

Section L had a difficult race due to the prevailing weather conditions. Topping this section was Graham Mackay from Swinton on 1297ypm. Graham timed a three year old Hermans Ceusters cock bred down from stock from John Wheatcroft of Pinxton. Second section L went to Stephen Radcliffe of Skelmersdale on 1292 ypm with a two year old hen flown on roundabout. 

That concludes the report of the National Flying Club race from Carentan.