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2012’s most-read articles: part one

At the end of every year we publish an overview of the most read articles (including the translations) on our website. For 2012 we split the list in two: today we publish part one with the numbers 10 to 6; tomorrow we give you the first five articles on the list.

10. Etienne Meirlaen sells the most expensive extreme long distance loft for 1,159,700 Euros

The auction of Etienne Meirlaen (December 2012) was a great success: the 252 pigeons were sold for an average price of 4,602 Euros per pigeon. The most expensive deal was that of the BIS couple Monar and Yelena, that were sold to a Chinese fancier (what a surprise) for 126,000 Euros. With this auction Etienne Meirlaen has had the sixth most expensive auction ever.


9. The passing of Jan Lotterman came as a shock

On 26 February Jan Lotterman dies in a tragic accident. His sudden death came as a shock to the community of pigeon fanciers: Jan Lottermans was popular among pigeon fanciers. Harry Andel described it perfectly: "Persistent, fanatic, honest, fair and responsible: you were a man of your word. I am pleased to have known you, as a person and as a friend. Take care Jan."


8. Ulrich Lemmens has the best young birds of Belgium over three and four national races

Ulrich has the best pigeons over three and four national races with William (BE12-6032341) and Young Freddy (BE12-5075899) respectively. An interesting fact is that Young Freddy was obtained as a voucher from Piet Van Meeuwen from Lommel.


7. Third Extraordinary and Statutory General Meeting KBDB 2012

As always, the KBDB meetings generate a lot of interest and this year's meeting was no exception. We could tell from the number of comments on the article that there was a lot at stake: there were lively debates about the outcome of this meeting.

The important subjects of this general meeting were, for instance, the price of the rings for 2013 (which is still 80 Eurocents), the financial situation of the KBDB and the racing calendar (with a race every weekend from 25 May to 7 September).


6. Video report of the viewing day at Gerard Koopman’s

The Gerard Koopman viewing day on 6 February was a well attended event. PIPA had made a video report for those who could not be there. It is a fun and unique glimpse of the loft and the house of Gerard Koopman.


Do not forget to come back tomorrow for the five most read articles on PIPA in 2012.