Przejdź do treści

A report of the British International Championship Club race from St. Vincent

Sixty five members of the British International Championship Club sent two hundred and eighty five pigeons to compete in the international race from St Vincent. The birds were held over on Sunday due to bad weather but were released at 6.00 hrs UK time on Monday.


Dennis Abbott

In first open, first east section, was a two year old blue cock belonging to Dennis Abbott of Basildon, Essex. The winner’s breeding is Eric Cannon from Keith Mott on the sire’s side and Dennis’s own strain on the dam’s. He was driving his hen to nest when sent. Dennis exercises his pigeon once a day and feeds them as much as they require of a widowhood mixture.

Second open, second east section, was clocked to the Wickford loft of Richard Pearmain and Son, Steve. The partners clocked a further six birds to take eighteenth, twenty eighth, thirty seventh, fifty fourth, fifty sixth and sixty fourth open. Raced on the natural system and hopper fed their first bird was a two year old hen, the sire of which was a Nico Volkens cock paired to the partner’s Palamos hen which is from Alan Parker of Clitheroe lines.

Simon Knowles (L) with Jeff Lyden of Lyden Brothers (R)

F Knowles and Son of Wingham in Kent were third open, third east section and clocked a further six to take thirtieth, thirty second, fifty second, seventy third and seventy fourth open. Their first bird was a dark chequer Southwell given to the partnership by their good friends Derek and Margaret Adams of Canterbury.

Nigel Truelove

Nigel Truelove of Canterbury clocked fourth open, fourth east section  as well as forty seventh and fiftieth open. His first bird was a two year old widowhood cock that won eighth federation, twenty first Kent Combine from Le Mans as a yearling. His bloodlines are Aarden x Gyselbrecht.

Fifth open, fifth east section, was to the lofts of Lyden Brothers from Sandwich in Kent. This pigeon was a three year old hen flown on roundabout containing Krauth bloodlines through the partner’s Barcelona hen. The partners feed Bucktons Irish mix and exercise their birds once a day for approximately forty minutes. They also clocked two more birds to take seventy fifth and seventy seventh open.

John Chipperfield with his son Joe

Sixth open, sixth east section went to the 2012 BICC Pau winner, John Chipperfield of Herne Bay in Kent. This was a two year old blue cock flown on the widowhood system and containing the bloodlines of Alan Darragh. This season he has previously had four channel races including Tours and Agen/Bordeaux.

Terry Johnson

Seventh open, seventh east section was clocked at the loft of Terry Johnson from Whitstable in Kent. Terry was ninth open from Pau and twelfth open from Barcelona in 2012. His timer this time was a three year old celibate cock, a brother to the two hens which have previously scored this season as above. All three contain Frank Perry’s Llanover Lady’s lines when paired to a daughter of Terry’s Spartan, first open BICC Barcelona.

Ron Dove (C) and friends

After his success in the Barcelona race, Ron Dove is once again amongst the winners with eighth open, eighth east section. His pigeon this time was a three year old hen sent sitting hatching eggs. Her sire was bred by the late Norman Major of Hull and her dam is a full sister to Ron’s Barcelona hens.

Mike and Cynthia Mitchell of Dover took ninth open, ninth east section and also clocked six more to score thirty fourth, thirty eighth, forty first, forty fourth, fifty second and fifty fifth open. All seven of these remarkable pigeons had been to Pau earlier in the season.


Geoff and Catherine Cooper

First west section and tenth open went to the lofts of Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John, a remarkable achievement given the strong south westerly wind and heavy rain on the day. Geoff and Catherine clocked their blue widowhood cock appropriately now named Misty. The sire of Misty is Keogan who has won many top prizes and the dam is a daughter of Blue Legend, itself a son of Brian Sheppard’s Legend, first international Dax. The partnership clocked a second pigeon the next morning to take second west section. This three year old widowhood cock is now named Stroller.

Terry Preddy

Third west section, fifty seventh open was Terry Preddy from High Littleton in Somerset. This two year old chequer cock was bred from a cock from Terry’s uncle Vic and the dam was bred by Mark Gilbert of Winkfield. This was his fifth channel race of the 2012 season.


John Wills

First centre section, twelfth open went to John Wills of Frimley in Surrey. John only entered one pigeon but it was obviously the right one! His breeding  comes from the best of the Leadbeater’s long distance lines.

Mark Gilbert (2nd right) with friends

Second centre section, twentieth open went to the Winkfield lofts of Mark Gilbert. This was a two year old hen raced on roundabout and containing Deweerdt, Ted and Magnus lines.

Jan Deacon

Third centre section, twenty fifth open was A & T Deacon of Waterlooville, Hampshire. Albi clocked three of his Southwell pigeons, the first of which was a three year old dark cock.


Mick Bundy

The north section winner and twenty fourth open was to the Norwich loft of Mick Bundy. Mick clocked a four year old red cock of Nachtergaele bloodlines.

Second north section was to Barber and Wilkinson of Great Yarmouth.

So, in conclusion, another successful race for the British International Championship Club.