John Chipperfield (Herne Bay, UK) - first and fourth UK from the Pau international race with the BICC

John Chipperfield from Herne Bay in Kent was a sprint racing enthusiast until three years ago, when having won out of turn on the shorter races he decided to have a go at the distance. His results in the past two years have proved that he has what it takes to be a successful loft competing with the best of Europe in the internationals.

John Chipperfield lives in Pigeon Lane in Herne Bay, an appropriate address for a fancier of his excellent capabilities. John lives with Teresa, his partner and their children Daisy and Joe both of whom take an interest in the pigeons at times. None more so than when their father wins an international race and they are queing up to have the bird in question named after them. 

In 2011 after just one year of racing the distance, John clocked the first UK bird home from the Perpignan international. The pigeon doing the business then was a dark chequer hen named Daisy after John and Teresa's daughter. Her breeding was Delbar x Janssen and she was sent to the race feeding a six day old young bird. John is now preparing her for Barcelona in 2012 and has high hopes of clocking her in good time having prepared her in the same way that she scored from Perpignan last year. When John sent to Perpignan he only sent 2 pigeons and Daisy was the only one which returned to win the race. No doubt his daughter Daisy will be awaiting her return from Barcelona with her fingers crossed. 

Now in 2012 he has taken the UK red card from Pau and not only first place but fourth as well. In fact John could also have clocked his third bird which arrived home early the next day but he hadn't had his clock reset the night before as he was determined to have a well deserved lie in. As a roofer working in London, John regularly gets up at four in the morning to get to work, when he got up at six on the Saturday, his final race entry was home. So three sent, three home, an excellent result for his Herne Bay loft. His winning pigeon this time has been named Joe after his son and was sent sitting twelve day eggs when he was basketed. Prior to Pau this chequer pied cock had two inland races, 100 and 124 miles respectively, three channel races 152, 226 and 275 miles in that order and the occasional training toss. In between he was flying very well around his home loft and had nine days rest before being sent to Pau. The parents of this cock are direct Raymond Moleveld x Jan Aarden. 

The chequered pied hen that came fourth UK from Pau is a distance pigeon from stock birds John bought in Belgium on his many visits when he was trying to obtain good distance birds. She was sent sitting 14-day eggs when she was basketed. Her preparation was two inland races 100 and 124 miles  - 1 channel race 226 miles, a few training tosses and then into Pau.

John doesn't keep many pigeons and so is limited to the number that he can send to each race. He started 2012 with approximately twelve cocks and twelve hens but is hoping to have a bigger team for next year. He is already planning some more trips to Belgium to add to his stock. As a matter of interest to those fanciers who think that fantastic lofts and facilities are necessary for the winning of national and international races I will show you here the loft that Joe, the first UK pigeon back from the Pau international came back to. John says he's ruling the roost in there and loves it. I have no doubt he is right! 

Very well done to John, Teresa, Daisy and Joe and we hope to see their name in lights again shortly.