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Ulrich Lemmens lives by the unique slogan "One team, one heart"

I had the opportunity during 2010 to communicate with a Belgian fancier who assisted me with a book project that I happened to have been working on at the time. At 24 years of age this young fancier has his entire life ahead of him.

What I would give to start again at the beginning, to be in this young man’s shoes. Ulrich Lemmens is the name of this young dynamo,  a man dedicated to and passionate about racing pigeons. In fact I would have to say that racing pigeons are indeed his life! He eats , sleeps and breaths racing pigeons. He is forever phoning, emailing, skypeing  and visiting fellow pigeons fanciers throughout Europe and Asia. Ulrich thrives  on an environment populated by good friends, great pigeons and the need to excel at his passion. To this end he is acutely  observant always ready to learn and always prepared to improve his home loft management  systems. He also has a passion for the very best pigeons obtainable and very little is allowed to distract him from  his passion to own and breed the very best specimens possible.

Realizing instinctively that there is considerable strength in numbers Ulrich has drawn to himself like minded friends with whom he shares his primary passion for racing pigeons. His team  is composed of  his father  Jef Lemmens as well as Jo Vangeel of Kuringen ( Province of Limburg) and another great team player the Frenchman Laurent Hild of Colmar, France. This combination, drawn together by the infectious enthusiasm of young but exceedingly aggressive and passionate Ulrich Lemmens lives by the  unique slogan of “One Team One Heart”. Each of these gentlemen brings unique talents to the cooperative and together under the direction of young Lemmens they excel while still having fun!

Ulrich lives in Balen, in the province of Antwerp that borders both the powerful racing province of Limburg as well as that of Holland. His studies were completed in the field of “sales” so ongoing research and marketing come naturally to him. Ulrich comes by his passion for racing pigeons naturally as his grandfather Gust was at one time one of Belgium’s best sprint fanciers. As a youngster Ulrich was always with his grandfather who was also his great friend. They did everything together,  and grandfather Gust even allowed young Ulrich to assist him in the  building of and renovation of  his lofts. Additionally Ulrich was allowed free access to the young bird loft and like all young fanciers he also had his favorite pigeons. All in all a tremendous family bonding experience while learning to love  his pigeons literally by osmosis.

The grandfathers pigeon enterprise was  a non commercial passion. Unfortunately Ulrich’s grandfather died in 1997 and Ulrich’s  father took over and because  as already mentioned he was non commercial, it proved  impossible to sell the pigeon, even with pigeons that  had won 17x 1st  prize 13x 1st  prize, 11x 1st  prize, 19x 1st  prize. It really did not take long for Ulrich to realize that his father, though he liked the pigeons certainly did not have the passion for them that his  grandfather had had! The first 2 years  after the death of grandfather Gust the results were still great, but  after that their results plummeted to almost zero. In the years after the death of grandfather Gust Ulrich and his father had attempted to continue racing out of   the original location but in time this defiantly became a drawback and so in 2003  Ulrich and his father decided to begin again from scratch. They decided , for the most part, to acquire new pigeons and build a new garden loft at their own home. They decided that the  breeders would stay at the grandfathers lofts and all the racers would be moved to their new loft at the Lemmens residence.

Though father and son began over in  2003 they were fast off the mark and by 2004 they were already attaining top results under Ulrich’s revised management. The first big race they participated in was the BLOIS PROVINCIAL RACE and they won 1st Club  and 5th  Provincial  with “ Bettini”.Though they restarted brilliantly the  overall journey was not  without both trials and tribulations. As totally incredible and unlikely as it may snow seem a major European storm destroyed  the  Lemmens new lofts in 2008  and with this disaster they also  lost 80% of their breeders. They were in one sense lucky as some of their best breeders survived and eventually returned, but many super pigeons were lost, especially late bred’s from the best breeders  which had been immediately placed in the breeders loft. These included direct children from  “Leonie” , “Ongeringde” , “Bettini”, "Tito" and other key players. This truly unfortunate incident reminds me of an old North American saying “Anything that doesn’t  kill you only serves to make you stronger”! So it was with that Lemmens group  regrouped, rebuilt (out of brick this time) and continued with their winning tradition.

As I have mentioned the combination began with Father Jef and son Ulrich and eventually expanded to include Laurent Hild and the Vangeel’s. The head of the cooperative is Ulrich Lemmens and here is how he describes himself:

I’m the manager , I put out the lines and decide what I feel needs to be done. Of course everyone’s opinion  and input is requested but I have the ultimate vote or veto when something of significance is required to happen. Additionally, I also take care of the breeders, racing hens and youngsters.

The role of Jef Lemmens in the partnership is outlined by Ulrich as follows:

“My father Jef is  59 years old, he works for the government and he takes care of the widowers, he’s really fantastic with that, for the rest he helps me when I’m not around and takes care of everything. Without him I couldn’t be racing pigeons at all !

Laurent Hild of  Colmar (France) is also a valuable addition to the partnership:

“Laurent is my best friend. He only started racing pigeons 3 years ago and though we live a a great distance from  each other we remain very close friends. He has a big business in gutters and iron in France, so he does  not  have much time to race and take care of pigeons, that’s why he’s in the partnership, this way he can also enjoy his hobby, together with his best friend

By 2009 Ulrich had expanded his partnership to include Jo Vangeel and his wife Monnick of Kuringen, province of Limburg. And the results as you will see are outstanding:

“Jo and his wife take care of the pigeons at their home, we race in  partnership under the name VANGEEL – LEMMENS, we participate at the 100 – 500 km races with mainly the base of Jo’s loft SOONTJES crossed with my pigeons. We have had the partnership since 2009 and the first year we already won 26x 1st  prizes and 12x 2nd  prizes ! Jo &Monnick are in their middle 40’s and Jo’s retired. In the 2010 racing season the partnership of  VANGEEL – LEMMENS was  13x 1st  prize and 18x 2nd  prize. Please keep in mind that these results were achieved  competition with Jos Thoné, Pros Roosen, Guido Rego, Henri Ceusters and other big names.

 I had wondered about the origin of the Lemmens line of pigeons and discovered that  Ulrich has his grandfathers  old strain as the base bloodline with the foundation breeder being the “ Blauwe VD Witte” a 1989 cock that is still in good health at the Lemmens lofts, (though he has not been fertile for many years.) Only one daughter was retained a hen called “Isabelle” which produced in turn  Lemmens current foundation “Leonie”. Isabelle was crossed, in 2002, with a cock from Theo Yskout  that immediately produced two exception pigeons in their first nest namely

Figure 1The Lemmens Foundation Pair "Ongeringde and Leonie"

“Leonie and Bettini”. This bloodline was then crossed  with  the pigeons of “Frans Rondag and Paul Huls” and thus produced  then Lemmens line known as the “Gust-Line” which are proving year after year to be ever more successful. This “Gust-Line” then has served as the base from which Lemmens  is using to create an all round pigeon capable of competing at all distances and all conditions. This ambitious undertaking has required Lemmens to acquire exceptional pigeons from Jose Thone,  Peter Stakenborg, Jo Vangeel as well as the world famous  “De Rauw-Sablon” pigeons of Marcel Aelbrecht. Let me say that it certainly goes without saying that the “De Rauw-Sablon”  pigeons are expected to play a key role as the spark that will ignite the already potent “Gust-Line” .More on the “Sablons” later in the article.

Figure 2Named in honor of Ulrich's Grandfather "Gust".

I asked Ulrich why the emphasis on “The Gust”? Without Hesitation Ulrich responded  giving the following insights:

 “De Gust” is for many, one of the most complete pigeons ever seen, fanciers like Jos Thoné, Ad schaerlackens, Pascal Arien(-Verreckt), who have visited me, all picked him out to be the breeder of the future, what all top fanciers which handle “De Gust “have in common is that they say that he has the most “perfect wing”  imagineable.Interesting to note that several key fanciers with International reputations have purchased brothers and sisters of “De Gust” and these include , amongst others, Jos Thone, Pascal Arien-Verreckt, Peter Stakenborg and others.

Because we have such overriding confidence in Gust  and even though 2010 was his 1st year in the  breeding loft, we immediately started an inbreeding  program. This is necessary to build a strain that can last 50 or more years !! If we do not follow this plan we can not hope to remain top fanciers for anymore than 10 years ! … “De Gust”has been  paired to “TEMPTATION” which is a super hen, and a full sister to Gust’s mother “LEONIE” so this pairingis of great importance for the future. WE  have already bred 2 from Gust x his mother exclusive for PIPA and also another inbreed pair of GUST x GITA (his granddaughter) but these pigeons were bred exclusively on request of PIPA…  In 2011 I have beautifull youngsters from Gust x Gena (the niece of De Gust)  as well as from Gust x Leonie (his mother). That this inbreeding program works, the 6234454-2010 proves, this WONDERFULL hen is bred of  son "De Gust" paired to sister "De Gust".

Results 6234454-2010 "JULIA"
Candidate West-European Ace Pigeon "All Round" with 10,71% (lower coefficient as the previous winner)

1° Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2011 MFC
96° National Bourges 20646 pigeons 500km
1 - 37 Bourges III 500km
2 - 333 Montlucon 570km
5 - 591 Bourges I 500km
5 - 254 Bourges II 500km
7 – 54 Vierzon 500 km
8 – 86 Soissons 250 km
10 - 474 Vierzon
12 – 239 Momignies 145 km
13 – 270 Soissons
14 – 1220 Pithiviers 400 km
15 – 435 Soisson
15 - 376 Argenton 575km
20 – 728 Soissons
22 - 425 Chateauroux 545 km
24 - 6043 Bourges II 500km
28 - 146 Nevers 490km
37 - 645 Argenton II 575km
55 – 1539 Momignies
100 – 1182 Momignies
121 – 1495 Momignies
1337 - 21180 La Chartre 560km
3324 – 30748 Bourges 500 km
1488 – 22442 Argenton 575 km
526 – 17017 La Souterraine 615 km
1819 – 13885 Gueret  605 km
72° Best Bird Of Belgium On The 4 Nationals Races For Young Birds !

Had to do more than 8500 racing kilometers in 2010 !!
Bred from Son "De Gust" x Sister "De Gust" --> CLOSE  INBREEDING !
The Lemmens Foundation pair is much in demand for a number of reasons that Ulrich Lemmens points out :

Because “De Gust” has several brothers, sisters and half-brother/sisters which have also won, we get a lot of request for children from “De Gust”s parents and because we can only breed a few each year, we decided to only sell brother/sister of “De Gust” exclusive on PIPA, this way, every person has a chance to purchase a child of the DIAMOND PAIR. Clearly these requests continue to grow . With “De Gust” the same story, more and more people are getting to know “De Gust” and see the perfect ingredient in him to complete their own strain.  Last year children from De Gust moved for example to the loft of “Arien-Verreckt, Tessenderlo” the best loft in Belgium 2009-2010. For 2011 we have to make a pairing of De Gust with his mother on special request for Hans-Peter Brockamp, which believes he can use the”De Gust” line  to improve his middle distance team, but also strongly believes that De Gust-line will be an important factor in the rebuilding of his super overnight bloodline. JosThone also has several half-brothers and sisters of De Gust and children of De Gust in his breeding loft for his future use.

“De Gust” has an impressive performance record having won amongst other the following:

1st  Provincial Bourges 2,009 pigeons. 
6th  National Bourges 16,023 pigeons.
1st  National C Limoges 2,569 pigeons.
16th  National Limoges 11,995 pigeons.
1st  National C Limoges Derby 1,000 pigeons.
11th  National Derby Limoges 6,016 pigeons.
2 - 273 Momignies
7 - 155 Nanteuil
9 - 307 Momignies
6 - 930 Pithiviers
6 - 200 Chateauroux

 “Gust Ever” (Raced by Etienne Everaerts)

1 - 209 Sens 340 km 
5 - 99 Argenton 570 km
7 - 130 Gien 420 km
14 - 346 Bourges 490 km
21 - 415 Montlucon 561 km

First son "De Gust" ever raced.

“Gitta” (synonym for “strength”)

Raced by Gunter Geysen

78th    National Bourges 37,357 pigeons.
45th    Provincial Blois 1,537 pigeons.
171st   Provincial Salbris 1,080 pigeons.
239th   Provincial Bourges II, 2312 pigeons.
2058th  National Gueret 14,245 pigeons.
4073rd  National Argenton 23,900 pigeons.
In 6 weeks times over 3000km prize as a youngster ! 

Granddaughter  "De Gust"

“Fever” (nest-brother “Gitta”)

2nd  Ecouen 637 pigeons.
553rd  National Bourges 37,357 pigeons.

The Lemmens line of pigeons out of  his “Diamond Pair” and their highly successful son “De Gust” breed  highly attractive racing pigeons with special wings that are well ventilated and plenty of very soft silky feather, wonderful muscle. Lemmens “Ongeringde” is probably one of the softest pigeons on this planet. The Lemmens pigeons are  an ideal medium to small size.

In 2007 three sons from this “Diamond Pair” raced with distinction all three being in the top 100 Nationals

" Shung " was 85th  National Bourges against 9,021 pigeons.
" Rocky " Orange  was 60th National  against 6,036 pigeons , 
  Momignies 1-273 (3 min apart ) , 9 -156 Montelimar ,Momignies 3-307 , 
  3-201 Momignies , all in 2007 !
" De Gust " was 1st  Provincial Bourges

Personally as an  outside commentator and observer I would suggest that Ulrichs biggest achievement  is the fact that he has created , in a very short span of time, a line of birds that can win from 100-900 km in such a small time. Lemmens openly admitted that he started with zero knowledge about pigeons and clawed his way to the top in only 3 years time and  has managed to stay at the top.  He deserves to be  very proud of that achievement as well as the team that comprises his partnership!

To put power to Ulrich's statement of "ALL ROUND PIGEONS" here is the prove:

In the weekend of 9+10/10/2011 the partnership wins:

1° Prize Brive 725km, 78° National with "UNLUCKY GUST" (Son "De Gust" x Sister "Tito"
1° Prize Momignies 145km with "THOR" (Son "De Gust" x Sister "Super Spy" Jo Vangeel)


And to make a final statement, "Unlucky Gust" wins a few weeks after his top performance on Brive the first prize on Momignies 145km !!!!!

6086242-2010 "UNLUCKY GUST"
“Unlucky Gust”

1 - 84 Brive 725 km
1 - 159 Brive Union Antwerp 725km
1 - 78 Momignies 145km
11° Provincial Brive
78° National Brive 725 km
4 – 89 Momignies
7 – 391 Momignies
8 – 204 Pithiviers
8 – 382 Momignies
13 – 827 Pithiviers
16 – 460 Momignies
20 – 213 Momignies
25 – 419 Momignies
26 – 299 Momignies
29 – 308 Soissons
35 - 612 Vierzon
100 – 1257 Marne

Ulrich Lemmens is refreshingly honest and forthright. When asked what results gave him the greatest pleasure he responded as follows :

“I’m a money racer and I enjoyed most on NATIONAL BRIVE + SOUILLAC to win the most money on the results of whole Belgium and that with in total ONLY 3 BIRDS (2 at Brive and 1 at Soulliac) if your race for money, you maybe don’t have the best results in Belgium, but the pigeons that fly for the money are the BEST ONES which are in real super condition, so those 2 days my pigeons were the best of all  the favorites of the classic national race.”

Agbar wins ao:

1 - 72 Aurillac '06  725 km
1 - 215 Brive '08  725 km
1 - 78 Argenton '07 575 km
3 - 109 Brive '06    725 km
4 - 82 Montauban '07 845 km
5 -  176 Momignies '08 145 km
6 - 307 Momignies 145 km
7 - 237 Brive '07 725 km
7 - 182 Quievrain 130 km
9 - 170 Noyon 235 km
10 - 730 Quievrain 130 km
8° Provincial Argenton ‘07
9° Provincial Brive ‘08
25° National Argenton  ‘07
80° National C  Brive ’06
80° National C Aurillac ‘06
141° National Brive ‘08
279° National Brive ‘08

Father ao: 89° National La Chatre 560km

Wins in 2008 on Brive + Souillac over 7000 EUR prize money !!

Halfbrother "Leonie" (= Mother "De Gust)

So winning the money races gives him a great deal of joy , and why not I think it would give me a great deal of joy as well. However all kidding aside Lemmens has every right to be ecstatic of his results at National Limoges after all one pigeon was shipped and it was 1st, talk about picking them!

“I also enjoyed winning 1st  NATIONAL  C. LIMOGES (De Gust) with only 1 pigeon in the race”

It seems to me that Lemmens is trying hard  to specialize in the national races  and a lot of that is clearly due to his location. His location is far from optimal however at the Nationals he always has the opportunity to score top results:

 “With WEST -WIND I’ve a chance to win 1st  NATIONAL and with East Wind I have a chance to win the Semi-National result. This way I’ve a chance to compete on a level playing field and thus attain excellent results against a large number of birds.”

But clearly Lemmens has a dream and his dream is so create a bloodline that can win at every race  station he  competes in .I think that he is well on his way to achieving his goals. Why do I say this? Well because the Lemmens  pigeons demonstrate an enormous strength and recuperative resilience. Hens like “Abba”, “Anastacia”, “Gita” etc, are top class because of their inherent strength often being raced twice in a single weekend. I am not sure but I don’t think that there are many other fanciers in Belgium who can point to their pigeons and demonstrate comparable mileage on this limited time frame . The Lemmens pigeons not only win prizes but additionally they achieve “top results” week after week. Additionally as if this were not enough they manage to win from 100-900km in any weather condition and all with the same pigeons.

An example is in order, Lemmens has a racer called “Rocky” who wins  9th  at 750km week later 3rd  at 145km week later 1st  730km and 1week later 1st  at  145km a full 3minutes ahead. These type of results are not often but clearly this is exactly the type of pigeon that would be a prime candidate to be entered in the multi-million dollar one loft races around the world. The ability to race week after week for months on end is a unique ability that gives one an enormous advantage. The ability to recover quickly is an enormous advantage and it is in fact a trait that Lemmens has selected for. Only the very best survive under these rigorous conditions. I am very familiar with this concept and have in fact followed precisely this plan of action within my own lofts. Many people in Europe and North America achieve their results with volume requiring  many entries both in domestic events as well as in one loft races others have developed lines with such regenerative or recuperative abilities that  they require only a few specimens to achieve compare-able results.

What follows is the composition of the Lemmens racing loft in 2008:

1 of 2003
1 of 2004
2 of 2005
5 of 2006

So each year we could keep more old birds, because quality went up … this is just because of selection !!!!

Figure 3Partners Jo Vangeel and Ulrich Lemmens

.Jo’s pigeons are mainly Soontjes pigeons and they are generally regarded as the fastest pigeons in the world. Ulrich’s  “Gust-Line”  as I have already outlined is known as  a bloodline which can win from 100-900km and in any kind of weather. The coming together of this partnership will lead to a crossing of these two great lines and the emergence of an even superior new all round line. The first pigeon born out of this partnership is "THOR" a super yearling in 2011!

"THOR" won ao:

1 - 89 Momignies
1 - 100 Momignies
1 - 49 Momignies
1 - 105 Momignies (3' ahaed)
1 - 183 Momignies
4 - 260 Momignies
5 - 380 Momignies
6 - 313 Momignies
6 - 92 Momignies
9 - 254 Momignies
10 - 157 Momignies
12 - 139 Momignies
16 - 433 Momignies
41 - 562 Momignies
51 - 1323 Marne
74 - 1154 Pithiviers

4/4 on the young bird nationals !

I think the partnership coudn't have wished for a better start.

The crossing power of this "Gust-Line" is really unbelievable, this I only saw before with real worldclass breeders like Kanibaal, Kleine Dirk, Johny Boy, James Bond, Bak17,  ...

So believe me when I say that we haven't seen the last thing of this bloodline !! All the stats support this statement, the list of people winning with Ulrich's birds is incredible. Remember we are speaking about a small loft, that in 2011 only raced 2 old birds!

Hereby I give you a final overview to support the fact that "De Gust" will come in the "Pigeon Hall Of Fame"

6234815-2010 (Theo Janssens-Boen)

4 - 814 Pithiviers 400 km
7 - 270 Soissons 240 km
8 – 1154 Pithiviers 400 km
10 - 499 Momignies 145 km

Theo bred this bird out of the only daughter "De Gust" he has true breeding together.

6234456-2010 "RIHANNA"

2° Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2011 MFC
6 - 54 Vierzon '10
7 - 92 Momignies
14 - 474 Vierzon '11
15 - 254 Bourges II 500km
16 - 376 Argenton
16 - 146 Nevers 490km
20 - 183 Moulins
22 - 591 Bourges I 500km
21 - 409 La Chartre
103° Provincial Moulins 1240 pigeons
474 - 21180 La Chartre National

Granddaughter "De Gust"

“Kenji’s Best” (Kenji Schmitt)

1 – 380 Pithiviers 385 km
1° Fastest 5000 Pigeons Pithiviers
11 – 291 Pithiviers
12 – 228 Pithiviers II
18° National C Gueret 3084 pigeons 586 km

Kenji bred this bird out of the only daughter "De Gust" he has true breeding together.

2182131-10 (Kenji Schmitt)

1 - 121 Soissons

1° FASTEST 4000+ P.

Kenji bred this bird out of the only daughter "De Gust" he has true breeding together.

6234577-2010 (Enrico Doldersum, NL)

1° Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2011
1 - 125 Pithiviers 561km
4 - 111 Orleanbs 597km
6 - 136 Bourges 660km
10 - 393 Peronne 375km
10 - 782 Pithiviers

Halfbrother "De Gust"

“Brother Gust” (Peter Stakenborg, bought on

Father ao:

1 – 583 Chimay
1 – 395 Chimay
2 – 689 Chimay
2 – 852 Chimay
4 – 344 Chimay
5 – 662 Chimay
5 – 810 Chimay
6 – 554 Chimay



2 – 433 Momignies
3 – 157 Momignies
10 – 562 Momignies
19 – 499 Momignies

Late Bred Grandson "De Gust"

6171246-2011 (Verreckt - Ariën, Tessenderlo)

84° National Argenton 20383 pigeons

Bred from a sister "De Gust"

6171298-2011(Southern Lofts, Ireland)

1 - 300 165 Miles

Bred from a brother "De Gust"

“Gena” (Marc Vanhaute)

1 – 422 Angerville
1 – 180 Orleans


2 – 473 Orleans
11 – 752 Angerville
13 – 167 Noyon

Marc bred this bird out of the only sister "De Gust" he has.

“Nero” (Jo Vangeel)

1 – 966 Reims
1 – 3344 Reims
2 – 431 La Ferté
10° Prov. La Ferté 5374 p.

Halfbrother "De Gust"

"Beauty" (Jo Vangeel)

3 - 1480 Vervins
4 - 4151 Vervins

Nestsister "Nero"

6395726-2006 “Temptation”

Mother ao:

1° Provincial Chateauroux 2179 p.
1 - 1255 Pithiviers
7 - 707 Melun
3 - 221 Momignies
6 - 442 Bourges
7 - 270 Montlucon

All won in 6 weeks time !


8° Provincial Libourne 810 km

Full Sister "LEONIE" = Mother "De Gust"
Fellow sportfriends, I don't have to tell you how impressive this list is, the fact the people are winning with birds of Ulrich's "Gust-Line" is one, but please have a closer look on the breeding percentage. Most people have only 1 bird from Ulrich's loft and are breeding winners. And mostly they cross it were their own strain, look at Peter Stakenborg (brother Gust), Kenji Schmitt (daughter Gust), Marc Vanhaute (Sister Gust), Gunter Geysen (Son Gust), Jo Vangeel (Brother Gust), Verreckt-Ariën (sister Gust). Which pigeonbloodline has done that before, been crossed with at least 6 different strains in 2 years and all are having first prize wins and top results on national level. Believe me this Gust-Line is exceptional !!!

But this is not all. Lemmens was also included in the soon to be released book of the most successful strain “De Rauw Sablon” called “Kingmaker”. Lemmens moved quickly and aggressively into  these outstanding pigeons and has acquired veritable jewels some 50 or so in total.

When I inquired as to his reason for purchasing “De Rauw- Sablon”stock he answered as follows:

“My ultimate goal in the pigeon sport is to breed a pigeon that can win at every race (every distance, weather, wind ...).With my own “De Gust-Line” bloodline.I create pigeons that can win from 100– 900 km (same day home), so I was looking for the final piece of my puzzle.... my search lead me to that one special bloodline, De Rauw-Sablon/Marcel Aelbrecht. I found so many top lofts winning with these birds, it couldn’t be luck. What I also learned while studying

the De Rauw bloodline is that they cross very well, if you have a good bloodline of your own (like my own Gust-Line) the De Rauw-Sablon/Marcel Aelbrecht bloodline is the perfect cross. I am extremely confident in this bloodline, I’m sure it will show me the way to even bigger successes”

To sum it up Lemmens not only believes that the “De Rauw- Sablons” cross well, he further believes that they are all round birds, that do exceptionally well on all days but most especially on hard days with hot weather and distances of 500-1000km. Additionally they

demonstrate that every year the breeding results of this bloodline are more and more successful with bigger and bigger wins. No one can dispute the great number of National wins and National Ace Pigeons this strain has amassed .

Ulrich is convinced that “De Rauw- Sablon” strain is in fact thefuture of the pigeon sport with more and more top pigeons originatingfrom this bloodline every year. This then is the most dominant bloodlinein the world today and that is why he is betting his future success on this

strain crossing exceptionally on his own pre-potent “De Gust Line!.

Lemmens has amassed an enviable collection of “De Rauw Sablons” and will thus be in a perfect position to not only breed his large collection straight but will also work to cross his Gust Line with the Sablons in search of ever more success. It is wonderful to see such a young fancier succeed at this level. We will hear a lot more of Lemmens and his dream time, of this I am sure.