Crowley & Green: UK national winner Barcelona

After the previous International victories in 2011 for U.K. fanciers, Barcelona due to the weather conditions was always going to be another story. This though should not diminish the performances of the gallant 18 pigeons which made it home by the end of the second day.

How valiant are these birds which conquer the race from the Catelonian capital city as they have to face a 100 kilometre sea crossing on the final leg of their homeward journey which after all must be a truly daunting task. Without a question of doubt only the very best long distances bloodlines will face the challenge of this ultimate marathon event.

The winning bird is a 4 year old chequer hen and she was timed just after noon by her over joyed owners Anna Crowley and Richard Green. She is called ‘Minx’ and her breeding is Van der Wegen x Jan Aarden. So it is clear as day that ‘Minx’ is bred for the job. Her sire is ‘Young Boris’ and he contains the lines of Martha Van Geel’s famous ‘Boris’, ‘Sampras’ and ‘De Stefan’. This game hen has previously won 3rd Open British Barcelona Club from Barcelona and 12th open British International Championship Club from Perpignan in 2009.


Young Boris (father of Minx)

Early in the season ‘Minx’ was nearly the meal of a hawk whilst returning from her first training flight of the year. After time to re-grow missing feathers she was put back in training and had three short cross channel races to prepare for the ‘big one’ and then paired and sent to Barcelona sitting 10 days on eggs. She homed to record a velocity of  999 ypm for her 724 mile journey. This realising a dream come true for this successful partnership who only moved up to Ultra Long distance racing three years ago. Many congratulations from all U.K. fanciers and Long distance enthusiasts world wide.

pedigree Minx