2nd national champion grand distance KBDB 2009 : Luc van Coppenolle - Ouwegem (BE)

Luc began in the 80’s. At the time Luc raced with his father Leon Van Coppenolle. In 1986 this dup reached their absolute peak; they were general champion of Belgium.


THIS is a real top fancier in Belgium, a topper in 2009 but a real topper when I look back over the last 10 years grand distance internationally. His performances in 2009 are phenomenal:
1° National Marathon
1° Europamarathon Euskirchen
1° Bony SGR Cup from Long Distance club Middle Limburg
1° International champion of the International Long Distance club
1° champion Gr. Long distance 4 day Zwalmvallei
1° champion Gr. Long distance Ghent
1° Klokke Roeland Ghent

2° Nat. Champion Grand distance K.B.D.B.
2° International Champion I.F.C.4000
2° champion  Grand distance F.V.O.V. ( East-Flanders )
2° Internat. Champion in Stolberg
2° Barcelonamasters
3° W.E.S.M. 1°  or 2° nominated
3° W.E.S.M. 1° and 2° nominated
3° Nat. Superprestige  
When I set down the most important championships, national and international, I come to the following exceptional results:

National Championship KBDB
2nd national Champion Long distance KBDB 1999
2nd national Champion Grand distance KBDB 2009
3rd national Champion Grand distance KBDB 2006
5th national Champion Grand distance KBDB 2003
6th national Champion Grand distance KBDB 1993
6th national Champion Grand distance KBDB 1994
8th national Champion Grand distance KBDB 2007

1st in 2004
2nd in 2008
3rd in 2009
International Championship of Stolberg (Germany)

1st in 2005
2nd in 2007
1st in 2009

Europamarathon Euskirchen (Germany)
1st in 2004
2nd in 2007
1st in 2009
This is just a selection of the many championships.

The most important results of 2009 are:
Pau national 1984p: 43-88-98-360-445 (5/5)
Barcelona national 13.503p: 76-265-738-970-1666-1749-2131 (7/9)
Tarbes national 4812p: 134-163-182-744-1116(5/8)
Marseille national 3586p: 596-629-814 (3/5)
Narbonne national 7156p : 54-453-845-1099 (4/10)
Perpignan national 7364p : 39-373-406-988-1481-1515 (6/11)
In the international championship KBDB this year it was second place behind Bernard Demeire. Luc could produce the following results with 1st and 2nd nominated:
Barcelona  national 76 (1st ) and 2131 (2nd )
Tarbes national 134 (1) and 182 (2)
Narbonne national 453 (1)  and 54 (2)
I will describe these pigeons later.

Luc  has been forced to race for the first under his own name from the current address in the Landegemstraat in Ouwegem.  Only 10 breeding couples have remained and he is once again building everything up.
In the 90’s Luc decided to completely concentrate on the grand distance and only race with the yearlings and old birds. The own sort crossed with the best of Roger Florizoone. The basis pigeons were obtained by joint breeding with his best pigeons, including ‘Blauwen Barcelona 4404142/9’1 and the ‘Blauwe Narbonne 4626276/94’.
Up until 2000 only a few pigeons were raced (only 14 pigeons in total). The prize percentage achieved was very high and due to the few free places in the widowers loft the selection was very tough. This limited number of widowers means that Luc can’t take part in many championships. In 2000 Luc decided to keep more widowers so that he could take part in more championships.
Only a few ‘strange’ pedigrees were allowed in the stock. The old racing stock still performed best and the best racing pigeons were put into the breeding loft. The most success was crossed with Harinck-Poelmans (direct out stock pigeon ‘Narbonne’), Joost De Smeyter (direct out ‘Joost’ and mother ‘Joost) and Maurits Verscheure via P. Vercamst.
Luc regularly joint bred with the late Florizoone. This produced a.o.: “Stock mother 2” : 4448276-96 and “Stock mother 3” : 4448277-96 : ‘Blue Barcelona X daughter ‘Primus Inter Pares from Roger Florizoone. ’Blue Barcelona ‘91’ (33rd nat. Barcelona) was 50% Florizoone and 50% Ravelingien “Blue Narbonne” 4626276-94 ,won 10th national Narbonne and 35th national Barcelona and is 100% Florizoone, are the parents of “4584333-97” who in turn is mother of super racer “Blue White pen Perpignan”4241711-01. The PAU ’92 (3rd nat. and 9th nat. Pau)  gave the Pau-line : The St. Vincent, the Bl. Marseille, the Beziers (5th and 6th nat. Pau) , the Favoriet, Rambo and Blauwe As.
 The ‘Beziers’ and the ‘Red Barcelona’ (successful from Barcelona five years in a row, including 62nd and 98th national) ended their racing career at the end of 2006 and have been put into the breeding loft. They turned out to be excellent breeding pigeons.

Best of 2009
Groten Blauwen Narbonne 4258945/06

Limoges nat. 6016p-90 in ‘08
Narbonne nat. 6801p-9 in ‘08
Brive nat. 17456p-774 in 2009
Pau nat. 1984p-98 in ‘09
Tarbes nat. 4812p-134 in ’09 (Championship KBDB)
Perpignan nat. 7364p-988
He comes out ‘son Blue White pen Perpignan ‘01’ x stock mother 2 and the mother is a crossing of he lines Pau ’92, Blue Narbonne ’94, Blue Barcelona ’91.
Blesse 4258998/06
Narbonne nat. 6801p-62 in ‘08
Barcelona nat. 13.503p-265 in ‘09
Narbonne nat. 7156p-54 in ’09 (Championship KBDB)
Comes out Blue White pen Perpignan ’01 with ‘mother Joost’.

The Vechter 4348970/05
Brive nat. 16007p-435 in ‘08
Perpignan nat. 7603p-177 in ‘08
Pau nat. 1984p-43 in ‘09
Tarbes nat. 4812p-182 in ’09 (Championship KBDB)
Perpignan nat. 7364p-406 in ‘09
5th Ace pigeon international extreme long distance ‘09
This cock comes out ‘Blue Narbonne Roger ‘97’ and mother comes out ‘Blue Barcelona ’01.

The Bonten Boomzitter 4379912/03
2004 Beziers 650/6702
2006 Aurillac nat 653/6611, Albi nat. 151/5063,  Carcassonne intern. 380/10448,  Perpignan intern.  255/14900
2007 Barcelona national 12.612/645
2007 Perpignan national 5547/497
2008 Barcelona national 11.484d-370
2009 Barcelona national 13.503p-76 (Championship KBDB
2009 Narbonne 7156p-453 (Championship KBDB)
He is once again a successful combination old pedigree Van Coppenolle  x Florizoone. The father is son Perpignan ‘93’ with daughter ‘Bonte Wittekeele’ Florizoone)

Bonten San Sebastian 4368794/04
2007 Barcelona national 443
2008 Barcelona national 281
2009 Barcelona national 2131 (Championship KBDB)
The cock returned home severely injured from the last Barcelona. Yet he still won a prize. Comes out the ‘San Sebastian’ with granddaughter 1st nat. Barcelona Florizoone.

The lofts currently hold 35 old pigeons, 35-40 yearlings and 100 youngsters which are not raced, only trained.
The season ended for Luc after Perpignan. His widowers are allowed three weeks rest before they are paired and allowed to raise 1 youngster. The hens are removed on time to prevent a second laying and also to prevent the widowers from chasing after the hens.
Then the moulting period begins. The widowers stay in their loft and are given a check-up by the veterinary surgeon. After all, they have to be healthy to get through the moulting. They receive plenty of sedochol – Biochol, sometimes for a whole week. Once a week they are given vitamins and they also receive a 14 day tea cure. They are fed a combination of Beyers and Versele IC mixture. They train a few times per week.
The winter rust starts after the last feather is fully grown. The pigeons are fed 50% depurative/ 50% moulting mixture until the beginning of February. They are then paired and are allowed to breed for 8 days. The eggs from the old pigeons are put under the yearlings, which also raise the youngsters.
Around the 1st of April they are paired for the second time. This time they are only allowed to brood for three days. Once again, the eggs from the best racing pigeons are moved. The old widowers who have had their eggs removed are then paired with the best hens. It is only after the first race that they get to see their old widow hens again. The first weeks they are trained according to the weather. During the week Luc takes his pigeons to Doornik himself. If it was bad weather on the Sunday, he even dares to take the pigeons twice. Up until the 250 kilometre races the pigeons are fed 1/3 corn and  2/3 depurative. After that they are fed a basic feed of 1/3 corn +1/3 depurative+1/3 sport Champion Versele, up until the 600 km races.
The season really begins for Luc with the races above 600km. Qua feed they now receive the basic feed until 3 days before basketting. The final 6 feeds are sport mixture, half Champion Versele and half Beyers. Once a week the pigeons are given Omniform vitamins and before and after the races they are given Fortalyt.  Mondays they receive Sedochol or Biochol.
Before a trainings race, only the dishes are shown, not the hens. The hens are shown before the large races. When the cocks arrive home they are put in a loft with their hens so as not to disturb the pigeons which stayed home.

There is nothing special medically: tricho every 3 weeks and a 10 day spring treatment in March for paratyphoid. Prior to the Brive race, the pigeons receive treatment for the respiratory system. This is repeated if the condition of the pigeons deteriorates. The youngsters are only given a preventive treatment for tricho, but also receive plenty of apple vinegar.
As mentioned, the youngsters are not raced, but trained well.
The team of yearlings is split in two: the group with the least experience is entered for races as far as Limoges and Angoulème, the group that as youngsters returned on time from races further than 200km are entered for St Vincent.
Before the season starts the old widowers are divided into 3 teams. The right training is important for achieving good results in the Extreme Long Distance races. At the beginning of the season Luc draws up a plan for the pigeons, which is altered if and when necessary.

Luc is going to attempt  the nest game with a few hens. He raced 3 hens from Barcelona and Perpignan. The same two won prizes per 10 and 20 . Objective for the future is to select a small team ( 10 ) for Barcelona.  Preferably basketted at the end of the brood or with youngsters of 1 or 2 days old.
The yearlings race Argenton, Limoges and then Libourne or Tulle. Those with excellent results are left home.