Velghe Lucien wins Vierzon interprovincial old birds

Lucien Velghe

For years Lucien Velghe belongs to the top of the pigeon fancy in East Flanders. Over the years he scored several big interprovincial wins. On May 22, 2004 he added one to his already rich palmares.

Lucien started in the sport as a boy together with his father, some 60 years ago. Today he is 72 years old.

Lucien flies classic widowhood and has a very samll team of 7 widowhood cocks, 4 old ones and 3 yearlings. His victory is even more impressive by the fact that he scored several top prices: with the old birds he won 1°, 16° and 23°, with the yearlings he starts with position 8.

De winner is a blue 3 year old cock. A very quiet bird with a medium build. Last week this cock won 11th position from 300 birds from Dourdan. It is not the first top placing for this bird, in the past he scored 17° national Bourges, 22° provincial Chateauroux and as a youngster he scored 10 times.

Origine of the Velghe birds:
The Velghe strain is based on the following families: Jules Ryckaert, Sint Amandsberg, Jef Verheye, Waregem and Gilbert Meire, Zingem. The father of the winner is from his old strain and won a first interprovincial Argenton, the mother is a pure Gaby Vandenabeele, via Tony Ravenstein. An halfbrother (from fathers side) won also a first interprovincial from Vierzon from 14000 birds. Once more from good you breed good.

Flying method:
Lucien flies classic widowhood with cocks only.
He always shows the hens before basketing, bur for a very short time, like one minute. The cocks are not allowed to mount the hens. Lucien couples his widowers by the end of November and they are allowed to raise two youngsters. The hen is removed before she layes again. On April 1, the birds are mated again, this time the hens are removed when they are breeding 3 days on the eggs..

3 different brands are used for the food. In the beginning of the week 50% depurative and 50% breeding mixtures is given. The last 3 days just breeding mixture. Feeding happens individual in the box (2-3 soupspoons), leftovers are removed with the next feeding time.