Ravelingien Martin, "1st National Ace pigeon Grand Distance KBDB 2007 with U2"

Martin Ravelingien from Tiegem

World result from Perpignan intern. 15087p: 8-10-71 & (27/35)

Martin Ravelingien closed his 2007 season in an impressive manner. Dr. Martin Ravelingien from the West-Flemish Tiegem can really look forward to a certain race. For the last five years he has concentrated on the fine international races. Year in year out he shines in the races from Pau, Barcelona and especially from Perpignan. Last year he achieved the following from Perpignan: national 5-7-81-91…(24/46 reg). With this he won 1-2 provincial with a great advantage. From Pau national 22-75-101…and 7/7. This year he did well from Barcelona national 60-242-308…nationally 10/15. THE topper of the season was once again from Perpignan national 5.572p: 2-4-35-104-116-330-344-370-383-409-431-473-482…27/35.
The first pigeon from Barcelona and the first pigeon from Perpignan is one and the same pigeon, namely "U2": 3254025/02’. This 60th national Barcelona 12.612p and 2nd national Perpignan 5.572p (coefficient 0.51% ) 1st ace pigeon Grand Distance KBDB. A fantastic achievement from a loft full of good Extreme Long Distance pigeons.
Martin has for years concentrated on the Grand Distance races. Pau  and Perpignan are his favourites. Since he started racing from Pau in 1989 he has had incredible results. The first time he raced he attained the place of honour: 1e nat. Pau with the legendary “Ufo”.

2007: internat. 7218 p.: 655th , 758th, 1540th, 1605th (7 p.)
          nat.: 2157 p. : 177th,207th, 480th, 498th
2006: intern.: 6553  p.: 70th, 240th, 337th, 561st, 651st, 969th, 1517th (7p)
          nat. 2052 p.: 22nd, 75th, 101st, 183rd, 213th, 325th, 507th
2005: intern. 8438 p.: 109th, 598th, 721st, 1075th, 1395th (10 p)
          Nat. 2212 p. : 24th, 144th, 182nd, 290th,378th
2004: internat.: 8.270 p.: 107th – 259th – 575th
          nat.: 2.118 p.: 48th – 120th – 271st   
2002: internat.: 7.867 p.: 68th
          nat.: 2.192 p.: 41st
1998: internat.: 7.520 p.: 306th – 515th – 534th
          nat.: 2.294 p.: 56th – 106th – 111th – 373rd
1997: internat.: 6.689 p.: 364th
          nat.: 2.105 p.: 159th
1996: internat.: 6.494 p.: 512th
         nat.: 1.953 p.: 194th
1995: internat.: 6.783 p.: 532nd – 865th – 978th
          nat.: 1.953 p.: 194th – 315th – 357th
1994: internat.: 7.224 p.: 157eth – 513th – 569th
           nat.: 2.144 p.: 55th – 186th – 206th
1993: internat.: 7.760 p.: 54th – 541st – 784th – 908th
          nat.: 2.180 p.: 36th – 236th – 332nd – 370th  
1992: internat.: 6.865 p.: 283rd – 481st
          nat.: 1.958 p.: 130th – 199th
1990: internat.: 5.927 p.: 51st
          nat.: 1.609 p.: 9th
1989: internat.: 5.964 p: 4th – 29th
          nat.: 1.818 p: 1st – 20th

Apart from the last 3 years, Pau has always been raced with a maximum of 5 basketted pigeons. It is now 7.

Martin has performed even better from Perpignan:
2007 national 5.572p: 2-4-35-104-116-330-344-370-383-409-431-473-482…27/35.
2006 provincial 1.091p : 1st – 2nd – 20th – 23rd – 42nd – 67th – 75th – 78th – 87th – 92nd – 112th …
         National 6.765p: 5- 7- 81- 91 – 197 – 338- 391- 411-476- 507- 614 – 721- 748- …
2005 prov. : 1434p.: 57th, 64th, 110th, 121st, 122nd, 148th, 198th, 227th, 242nd, 260th,290th, 291st, 293rd, 307th, 312th, 330th, 338th, 353rd, 358th, 366th, 391st, 393rd, 424th, 433rd, 443rd, 447th, 467th
         nat.: 7611 p. : 234th, 251st, 529th, 564th , 566th, 683rd, 986th, 1131st, 1207th, 1283rd, 1400th, 1416th, 1419th, 1510th, 1518th, 1612th, 1659th, 1721st, 1734th, 1762nd
         internat.: 17653p.: 611th, 650th, 1321st, 1396th, 1401st, 1706th, 2388th, 2748th, 2911th, 3132nd
2004 reg.: 218 p.: 2nd – 4th – 5th – 8th – 10th – 11e – 17e – 21e – 22e - …
         nat.: 6.489 p.: 16th53rd69th – 120th – 141st – 203rd – 298th – 318th – 340th – 441st – 502nd – 612th (23/44 p.)
         internat.: 17.570 p.: 44th – 121st – 150th – 263rd – 307th – 431st – 637th – 690th – 736th – 987th – 1136th – 1413th – 1742nd (= 13 pigeons per 10-tal and in total 23/44 p.)
2003 reg.: 155p.: 3rd – 4th – 5th – 7th – 9th – 11th – 13th – 14th (22/46 p.)
         nat.: 7.537 p.: 85th – 118th – 206th – 235th – 316th – 345th – 369th – 384th – 471st – 575th –   619th – 627th – 632nd – 648th – 674th (= 15 pigeons per 10-tal and in total 22/46 p.)
         internat.: 16.800 p.: 193rd – 262nd – 456th – 529th – 704th – 761st – 812th – 849th – 1046th – 1250th – 1354th – 1365th – 1378th – 1413th – 1467th (= 15 pigeons per 10-tal and in total 22/46 p.)
2002 reg.: 149 p.: 1st – 6th – 7th – 8th – 13th – 18th - … (15/34 p.)
2001 reg.: 168 p.: 3rd – 4th – 6th – 9th – 13th – 16th - … (16/33 p.)
2000 reg.: 127 p.: 3rd – 14th – 17th – 19th – 20th -… (15/30 p.)
1999 reg.: 107 p.: 1st – 3rd – 8th – 9th
         internat.: 17.574 p.: 25th214th – 726th – 749th
1998 reg.: 103 p.: 3rd – 5th – 8th – 9th
         internat.: 16.025 p.: 341st -…
1997 reg.: 1st – 2nd – 5th
         internat.: 12.367 p.: 4th86th – 401st
1996 internat.: 12.551 p.: 76th – 334th – 381st – 515th - …
1995 internat.: 14.252 p.: 175th
1994 internat.: 14.283 p.: 697th – 719th - … (8/14 p.)
1991 internat.: 13.573 p.: 466th – 485th – 756th – 1106th - …
1990 internat.: 10.444 p.: 401st – 499th – 527th – 879th - …
1989 internat.: 10.892 p.: 20th – 407th – 791st – 840th – 955th
1988 internat.: 11.614 p.: 471st – 660th – 821st (7 p.)
1987 internat.: 6.812 p.: 74th – 473rd – 508th – 664th - … (13/21 p.)
1986 internat.: 6.700 p.: 14th – 312th – 469th – 604th – 674th -…
1985 internat.: 5.574 p.: 268th – 399th (3yl.)
1983 internat.: 3.587 p.: 9th43rd – 157th – 292nd

Martin Ravelingien was born in 1949 in Deerlijk in South West Flanders. His father, a good Middle Distance fancier, passed away at the beginning of 1972. Martin became a companion of the father and son duo Vandendriessche-Benoit from Deerlijk, who were known as the best Long Distance fanciers in Belgium.

Their best breeders were moved to Martin’s family home. He bred a lot of good pigeons including their famous “Wittepenne” in 1977. This pigeon flew 1st national Perpignan in 1982.
In 1981, after finishing his medical studies and getting married, Martin started for himself in the East Flanders town Wannegem-Lede. He left the very strong basis of Vandendriessche-Benoit. Their stock was formed from the following pedigrees: Cattrysse Gebroeders, Pol Bostyn, André Lietaer, Jozef Huysentruyt, Noel Peiren and Marcel Desmet Waregem from the line 1st international Barcelona (Stichelbaut x Brusseel) as well as their old grey pedigree.

Further, pigeons from his friend Jozef Huysentruyt Deerlijk (line 1st national Montauban and the pedigrees Maurice Delbar Ronse and Julien Matthijs Vichte) and from Marcel Demeyere Tiegem (line 1st national St.-Vincent, mainly pedigree Robert Lefebure, Hector Desmet and Roger Vereecke). Also the red pigeons from Charles Van Der Espt and Maurice Vandevelde were bought .
He started with the best there was in Flanders and it was a direct hit.
In 1982: 1st prov. Argenton 457 pigeons with “Nero”
In 1983:- 1st prov. Poitiers 2.845 pigeons with “Tobi”

Perpignan internat.: 3.587 pigeons: 9th – 43rd – 157th – etc. with “Petito” and “Blok” at the top.

It was the first time he had taken part in an international race and the internationals became his real passion. Perpignan has been a success story for 20 years. But also in the races from Pau and the other internationals he belongs to the international top. See above.
In 1984 the move to Tiegem became definite. No pigeons were moved and so it was a whole new start in 1985.
Once again he hit the mark and in 1989 he won the 1st national Pau with his legendary  “UFO” as well as multiple victories provincially.
Since 1990 there has been some breeding with the pigeons from Luc Vancoppenolle Ouwegem where he had bought some birds with the Florizoone pedigree (including Virus 1st provincial Montauban and 9th national in 1999).

In 1990 the best from the pedigree André Vanbruaene were also bought via Dr. Antoon Lenaert. It was a serious reinforcement (including Witte UFO-93: 4th internat. Perpignan 1997 -  Di Rupo-93 – Turbo-94 – Annan-2000 -. UFO creone I and II –bolleke-2003 etc…) I can safely say that the ‘Witte Ufo’ the stock breeder is from his current successes.

Starting in1995 the pedigree Noël Peiren-Andre Pintelon was obtained through breeding with the pigeons from his friend André Verhoest Waarmaarde until his death in 2003.
The cross breeding of the old strong stock with the pedigree André Vanbruaene and Noël Peiren-Andre Pintelon was very successful and these crossings form his current stock.
In 2000 he gained a valuable addition with 2 pigeons from the ex-duo Staelraeve-Peeters: one was a pure Van de Wegen hen and the other a daughter of the famous Narbonne (Deschamps-Vanhasten  Lauwe) x the nest sister of the kleine Didi Etienne Devos

In 2002 they were joined by pigeons from Harinck-Poelmans. The Barcelona winners 2007 brought success with their pedigree here.
In 2003 a sister from the supercrackArmstrong from Marcel Vanpamel-Demulder. This pigeon flew the 1st internat San Sebastian in 2001 and the 1st  nat Bordeaux in 2004 and has bred very successful youngsters.

Last year he obtained pigeons from Jozef  Vandenberghe from Landegem, firstly via his brother-in-law and debutant Martin Desmet, then directly.

Martin explains his method of racing the pigeons in detail:
“The racing pigeons are paired at the beginning of February and are allowed to brood for 5 days – at the end of March they are put together again for 3 days and then they start widowhood. Only cocks are raced on widowhood and only the large international races are aspired to. At the end of April they are assigned twice and then they race 1x arras-75 km and 2x clermont-175 km –then 1x chartres-300km and 1x tours-430 km. Afterwards they go to Pau or Barcelona, but only the pigeons who are four years old or older. From this group a few go to Marseille, or last year Carcassonne, and the majority are raced from Perpignan. This year, because of the bird flu, the two year-olds raced 2x Tours (430 km) , then Irun (nat. 5252p: 132-176…) and then Perpignan with the super result.
Before Pau last year my pigeons only raced 2 x Quievrain-47 km -2 x Clermont-175 km and 1 x Tours-430 km and they raced a magnificent Pau with 7/7. I thought it wouldn’t be enough kilometres for their training. I think that they have to have about 1000km in their wings. The pigeons from a lot of fanciers have to have 2000km training before they are entered for a national race.
The three year-olds fly 2 x tours and then race Dax and Perpignan.

Nearly all my pigeons are entered for Perpignan. I have a few weeks holiday so that I can look after everything properly. It is the only time in the year that they train 2 x per day.
There are no separate eating of drinking dishes. For the whole of the racing period the pigeons are given a light mixture with only a small amount of pod vegetables (legumes). I don’t increase the food as a race approaches and I don’t think it’s important for races with 3 to 5 days basketting.

The hens aren’t shown before the race, but  for about 5 hours after the cocks come home.  Before the internationals they get to see their hen while the other pigeons are training. For Perpignan they are given their hen at 14h00 with straw in the loft. For the two year-olds it is the first time that they get to see their hens before they leave and normally speaking they do just as well as the old pigeons who are used to the routine. When they return from the big races they don’t usually get their hens but on a calm weekend all the cocks get to see their hens.
14 days after Perpignan  they get their hens and they are allowed to brood once with artificial eggs and lay eggs twice. They hens are then placed in the aviary and the racing pigeons stay in the loft. After Perpignan the pigeons don’t leave the loft until March the following year –mainly due to lack of time.

For me the breeding period starts after Perpignan because my breeding pigeons only come together for the first time at the end of June until November. None of the youngsters train before the 1st of September, but for the whole of the winter they train 2 to 3 hours a day. 3 or 4 rounds are bred in the autumn. The 5 best breeders have 2 hens and from these I have 7 rounds. They are allowed to chose when they breed, but there is no time limit as this works best in my system.

The following year the cocks are trained 2 or 3x 300 km . The number of times they are entered is more important for me than the distance. If the pigeons are trained gently in this way the loss of pigeons is minimal. During the summer the late youngsters train at eight o’clock in the evening after the widowers, otherwise the group will go to the land. At the end of August the youngsters are placed in the empty widower boxes. They go outside for the first time in March the following year.

A novel system, but one doesn’t have much work in the winter period and it is then that my wife looks after the pigeons. The winter is for me the resting time for both the pigeons and the fancier. For feed I use healthy grain, but light food. Peas are given to the breeders and youngsters younger than 3 months.
During moulting I feed the pigeons moulting mixture and gradually add 50 tot 80 % barley as the moulting comes to an end..
During the racing season I feed them Vanrobaeys-much Casaert-up to 80 %- this is without pod vegetables. The hours prior to basketting for an Extreme Long Distance race they receive as much fine seed as they can eat.

Good performances from the Extreme Long Distance races are dependant on the right pigeons who have a good condition at the right moment. In the spring I take things easy, that will say no Brive or Angoulème, just 1 or 2 prov 400 km races and then the tough races. They only race 2 international competitions per year.”

Medical supervision

 “This year they are given plenty of brewers yeast from the brewery, but not in the warmer racing season. Further apple vinegar-naturaline-aviol – and vitamins in the moulting period –during the breeding and after intense racing.

In the autumn of 2005 my old pigeons received their primo vaccine after the racing season –so twice in three weeks –against paratyphoid –after a period of 10 days amoxicillin. I carried this on for the following years and it suits me.

Mother U2

The racing pigeons are vaccinated against paramyxo (NCD) and the breeders and hens, if I don’t forget, once every two or three years.
After the New Year all the pigeons from the previous year are vaccinated with the brush with  Qvoperisterin against smallpox and diphtheria. Up to now they have only been vaccinated once. This may change in the future through the smallpox epidemic this year.

The vet visits four times a year -3 x during the season and 1x in the resting season forthe normal check-ups —they always test negative for worms, but bought pigeons are  given  an Avicas once or twice. Coccidiosis is usually negative or slightly positive and when necessary – but rarely- Baycox is given for 1 or 2 days, but the racing pigeons only receive an Appertex a couple of days before the large races.

The breeding pigeons are given a 6 day cure once a year against trichiomanasis by the first brooding and the racing pigeons 3 or 4 days after an international race. All the pigeons have to drink it because I don’t have any separate drinking dishes.
They are usually cured for 5 days in the run up to Pau-Barcelona and Perpignan for the airways.
My medical system hasn’t changed in the last 20 years and it still functions perfectly. I follow the advice of a vet, but one who is specialised in pigeons and I don’t do any more or any less than he says.
His principle is as little medicine as possible, but this is not easy during the season.

Apart from with trichiomanasis it is forbidden to experiment. You have to have an experienced vet who knows your colony- and follow his advice without  trying to be cleverer by experimenting. A lot of fanciers lose the vitality from their colony by giving too much medicine, but also by buying pigeons from too many different lofts.
I prefer to buy from colonies that have performed well without too much hassle and if possible pigeons that can race top prizes in really bad weather. I’m talking about 800 and 900 m/min in races further than 900km.
If they can achieve this then you don’t really need to look at the pedigree because a good pedigree can disguise the poor performance chances of the pigeon.

The lofts are simple garden lofts with not much isolation and roofing slates. I have heating plates, but they are not used very often and not really necessary because I only race international races. I prefer the natural condition from the summer. If you look for too much condition in the spring, you will be a loser at the end of the season and that is when the best races begin for the Extreme Long Distance fanciers.”


Ace pigeon Grand Distance KBDB 2007 3254025/02 that is U2
2004 Perpignan national 6.489p-612
2005 Dax national 4.534p-411
2006 Perpignan national 6.765p-1625
2007 Barcelona national 12.612p-60
         Perpignan national 5.547p-2

The father of ‘U2’ was 3054509/89 and comes from A. Verhoest (Waarmaarde)(deceased) who had a loft full of  Peiren-pigeons. It was the nest brother of his ‘Pau 208/89 who flew, amongst other things 25th national Pau 1993. Verhoest bred from these top pigeons. The father was ‘Vale Daniël 642/88. He came from the ‘Daniël’ (Bourges x Rost P. Houfflijn) x ‘Karel duivin Peiren 943/84’ (Kleine Karel Peiren 345/79 x Kapoen hen Peiren 379/71 who was a sister of the 2nd nat. Cahors 1973). The mother was ‘Rost Peiren 650/88’, bred from ‘Zoon Marathon 949/87’ (Marathon Peiren 833/83 x Rebecca hen Peiren 885/81) x ‘Rost Peiren 880/87’ (Lourdes Pintelon 152/88 x Petra Peiren 104/84)

The mother of ‘U2’ is ‘Grijze duivin 3274632/00’. She is a daughter of the well-known ‘Witte Ufo 990/93’ from Martin. A line that breeds well and produces top pigeons. This stock pigeon UFO won, amongst other things 3rd national and 4th international Perpignan 1997 and 225th  national Barcelona 1997. He was bred by Martin from the ‘Grijs 063/90’ (from UFO 231/84 1st nat. Pau ’89 x 146/89 Frans Harinck Desselgem) x Dr. Lenaert ‘759/92’ (pure Van Bruaene Lauwe). The mother of ‘Grijze duivin 632/00’ was ‘Rost 151/94. She was from the ‘555/93’ (son Pau A. Verhoest x Imbrecht Bornival) X ‘087/92’, a direct sister of ‘Artiest Barcelona Peiren’ (4th intern. Barcelona from Noël Peiren from Zedelgem).


Other real toppers
Bono 3236521/04
Perpignan ’06 national 6765p-476
Irun ’07 respectable prize
Perpignan ’07 national 5547p-4   
                       International 15.158p-10

Father of this young topper is Ruben:‘3249796/97’. He won in 2000 Dax intern. 11.807p-27th. He was bred from -‘203/84’ (son Tobi 1st prov. Poitiers 2845p x Crusson x Witslag Desender) x ‘dochter Pipo 477/96’ (Pipo x Florizoone via Luc van Coppenolle). ‘Pipo 549/87 won 20th intern. Perpignan and 82nd intern. Marseille.
Mother is a full sister from the mother of ‘U2’. It is ‘3263349/01’ from ‘Witte Ufo 990/93’ x ‘Rost 151/94’ (chiefly blood Noël Peiren from Zedelgem)

Ufo Créoné 3254108/02.Won from 6 internat 6x early with lastly
Perpignan ’05 national 7611p-234
                       International 17.653p-611
Pau ’06 national 2052p-22
             International 6553p-70
Pau ’07 national 2157p-177
             International 7218p-655

After these results this beautiful cock was used for breeding. It is once again a son of ‘UFO 990/93’. The mother is ‘3274680/00’ from ‘ Dromer from Bruaene 769/97 via A. Lenaert’ x ‘756/97’, a daughter of ‘Blok 270/80’ (43rd intern. Perpignan ’83 Ravelingien) x 496/95 Peiren Pintelon.

: 3243634/03
Perpignan ’05 national 7611p-564
Perpignan ’06 national 6765p-5
                        International 14812p-20
Dax ’06 national 5189p-229

Was in 2007 used for breeding due to his good descent and performances. Father is ‘661/02’ (from Obelix x 561/96 mainly van der Wegen). The mother is the same as ‘Ufo Créoné’ namely ‘3274680/00’ from ‘ Dromer from Bruaene 769/97 via A. Lenaert’ x ‘756/97’, a daughter of ‘Blok 270/80’ (43rd intern. Perpignan ’83 Ravelingien) x 496/95 Peiren Pintelon.

Gonzo: 3243602/03
Perpignan ’06 national 6765p-7                      
International 14812p-31
Dax ’06 national 5189p-215
Pau ’07 national 2157p-207
Perpignan ’07 national 5547p-35
International 15.158p-62

This pigeon was twice at the top from Perpignan. His father ‘707/98’ is a nest brother of the 68th intern. Pau 2006 . He is a full brother of the mothers of “U2” and “Bono” (Witte UFO x Peiren). The mother is ‘5023168/99’, straight from the new Barcelona winners in Belgium, Harinck –Poelmans from Genk. Harinck –Poelmans has a loft full of pigeons from the famous Nouwen – Paesen.  She was bred from their ‘799/92 Superkweker’ (direct Nouwen Paesen) x ‘138/91’ Barcelona pigeons Nouwen Paesen.

Results  2007

PAU  (881 km)
Nat.   : 2157 p:  177th, 207th, 480th, 498th
Intern.:7218 p.: 655th, 758th, 1540th, 1605th
BARCELONA  (1056 km)
Reg. 203 p.: 4th, 6th, 7th, 15th, 20th, 34th, 39th, 43rd, 48th, 55th, 62nd, ( 15 p.)
Prov. 1718 p.: 8th, 30th, 37th, 95th, 125th, 262nd, 290th, 325th, 364th, 417th, 484th
Nat.  12612 p. : 60th, 242nd, 308th, 852nd, 1031st, 2020th, 2190th, 2322nd, 2625th, 2936th
TARBES(IRUN) 14-07-07  (925 km)
Reg.: 189 p. : 4th, 8th, 9th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 30th, 34th, 44th, 45th, 46th, 51st, 55th, 56th  ( 39 p.)
Prov.:1478 p.: 47th, 98th, 116th, 128th, 142nd, 155th, 164th, 185th, 187th, 219th, 242nd, 311th,       328th, 331st, 390th, 437th, 438th
Nat.:  5252 p.: 132nd, 276th, 328th, 360th, 410th, 438th, 477th, 565th, 570th, 729th, 821st, 1024th, 1055th, 1063rd, 1205th
MARSEILLE (IRUN) 22-07-07 ( 921 km)
Nat. : 5846 p.: 485th, 502nd, 570th (4 p.)
Intern.: 15627 p.: 856th, 894th, 1030th
NARBONNE  (852 km)
Reg.: 163 p.: 21st, 32nd, 33rd, 38th  (10 p.)
Prov.: 873 p.: 114th, 165th, 171st, 190th
PERPIGNAN  (903 km)
Reg.: 203 p.: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 11th, 13th, 22nd, 23rd,25th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 32nd, 34th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th,  48th, 49th, 56th, 65th, 68th  (35 p.)
Prov.: 1065 p. : 2nd, 3rd, 18th, 45th, 50th, 107th, 110th, 114th, 120th, 125th , 129th ,140th, 143rd, 160th, 166th, 171st, 173rd, 203rd, 206th, 236th, 290th, 309th, 314th, 342nd
Nat. : 5547 p.: 2nd, 4th, 35th, 104th, 116th, 330th 344th, 370th, 383rd, 408th, 431st, 473rd, 482nd 536th, 556th, 568th, 577th, 693rd, 699th, 789th, 1011th, 1072nd, 1094th, 1195th, 1277th, 1315th, 1325th   (27 prizes from the 35 p.)!!!
Internat.: 15158 p.: 7th, 10th, 62nd,   etc. probably once again 27 prizes from 35 pigeons !