Wout Spierings (Waalwijk, NL) is able to excel in his favourite competition every season, the one day long distance, thanks to a world class breed

Wout Spierings has managed to deliver in the one day long distance, his favourite competition, for quite a number of years now. This is mainly thanks to a collection of very strong one day long distance birds that have produced great results across many generations, both in national and international competitions.

Wout Spierings showing his NL18-3816237, New Prince

Wout has been a household name in the one day long distance in The Netherlands for a few decades now. And that is not an exaggeration, just look at some of his past highlights:

2002 Best young bird WHZB
2004 National Champion young birds
2004 Best young bird WHZB
2005 1st and 2nd Nat. Sect. South Le Mans 12,000 p.
2007 National Champion one day long distance

Every season again, he has been able to breed one or more top class racing birds. There is Golden Prince, New Prince, as well as Brother Golden Prince (3rd NPO Argenton of 2,621 p.), Special Prince (24th best one day long distance bird provincial) and Princess Alexia, the 4th best young bird in The Netherlands in 2015. And these are just a few of the many top class racing birds that Wout has bred over the years. It goes without saying that this would not be possible without a sound strategy. Many of his strongest birds are related to his tried and trusted Blue Prince bloodline. And the Harry bloodline of Jan Hooymans has also proved quite valuable; Wout had particularly strong results with a daughter of Alexia (a full sister of Harry). We will be talking in closer detail about the origins of several of Wout's greatest stars.

Blue Prince NL09-3954587, (grand)father of many great racing birds

Daughter Alexia NL12-1783985, (grand)mother of quite a number of champions

NL17-3728901 Golden Prince

The big star in recent years is of course Golden Prince. He is without doubt an incredible gifted bird, as you can tell from his impressive list of achievements:

 1st Golden Crack one day long dist. Brabant 2000        2018
 4th National Ace Pigeon one day long dist.  WHZB/TBOTB  2018
 4th Best one day long distance bird PIPA ranking        2018
 4th Best middle distance bird PIPA ranking              2018
 1st NPO Chateauroux      604 km 1,303 p.                2018
 3rd NPO Chateauroux Parc 593 km 3,431 p.                2018
10th NPO La Souterraine   659 km 3,087 p.                2018

The sire of Golden Prince is Lethal Weapon (M&D Evans), which was obtained through PIPA. The dam is Supertje, and she is a daughter of top pair Blue Prince (NL09-3954587) x Daughter Alexia (NL12-1783985). For Golden Prince's impressive pedigree, click here. During the PIPA auction with all the old birds from 2017 and older, Golden Prince was sold to China for an incredible 45,500 euro.

NL18-3816237 New Prince

New Prince is a phenomenal bird indeed. He is a summer youngster of 2018 and he was raced in the natour competition. He had a 100% prize percentage that season (a 6 out of 6). He excelled in the one day long distance, winning as many as three top fives in the NPO. It made him the 2nd best one day long distance pigeon in the PIPA Ranking 2019, and 3rd FCI World Best Pigeon 2019. We run you through New Prince's full list of achievements:

  1st NPO La Souterraine 660 km 4,122  p. (and 1st Nat. 11,959 p.)
  3rd NPO Issoudun       572 km 7,183  p.
  4th NPO Chateauroux    594 km 2,558  p. (and 12th Nat. 7,423 p.)
  7th Peronne                   2,352  p.
 12th Melun                     2,064  p.
 65th Sens                      2,908  p.
 83rd Morlincourt               1,403 YB.
153rd Montlucon                   727  p.
179th Pont st. Max                968 YB.
185th Argenton           620 km 2,621  p. (and 235th Nat. 4,240 p.)
235th Peronne                   2,748 YB.
314th Bierges                   3,139 YB.
444th Quievrain                 2,604 YB.
513th Morlincourt               2,579 YB.

The sire of New Prince is Prince Future, and he is a grandson of the aforementioned superstars Blue Prince (NL09-3954587) and Daughter Alexia (NL12-1783985). The dam of New Prince comes from the line of Peter (1st National Ace Cock WHZB/TBOTB). Click here for the fantastic origins of New Prince.

New Prince and Golden Prince are just a few of the many successful crossings of Wout's own bloodlines with descendants of the phenomenal Harry. Besides Daughter Alexia (NL12-1783985), which we already talked about, Wout's breeding loft is home to many other direct Harry descendants, including:

Click here for the pedigree of NL16-1664056, Daughter Alexia

Click here for the pedigree of NL16-1663925, son New Harry x Cape

Click here for the pedigree of NL19-1023529, New Jonge Harry

A new challenge

As you have already seen, Wout Spierings and Jan Hooymans will be forming a combination in West Flanders (click here to read all about it). Wout is about to compete against some of Belgium's leading pigeon families in West Flanders, with the help of descendants of New Harry and Harry Junior, as well as New Prince, which Jan Hooymans obtained just recently, together with his parents.