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Great auction weekend on PIPA closes with 442,275 euro! Jelle Jellema (NL) 85,500 euro for 25 young birds, Wendela Wiersema (NL) 3,375 euro/bird

The following auctions closed on Sunday 12th of April: Wilfred Sebens (NL), Frans Belleter (NL), Wendela Wiersema (NL), Derek Rooney (UK), Hardy Krüger (DE), Pieter Veenstra (NL), Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK), Rudi De Saer (BE), Collectors items, Jelle Jellema (NL) & Etienne Meirlaen (BE).

Wilfred Sebens (NL) - 10 pigeons - 1,528 euro/bird
The twenty year old hosted his first PIPA auction with an average of 1,528 euro and a 15,275 euro overall revenue. Wilfred's most expensive pigeon was Miracle Lady; this chequered hen moved to America for 3,200 euro. The remaining nine birds are moving to Taiwan (3), China (2), The Netherlands (2), Hungary (1) and Romania (1).

Frans Belleter (NL) - 15 pigeons - 2,190 euro/bird
A unique opportunity for buyers on PIPA, as Frans Belleter kicked off his auction with Olympic Theodooor. A fancier from Japan was the happy new owner of this bird, with a winning bid of 12,200 euro. The auction had an overall revenue of 32,850 euro, and the pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (4), Taiwan (4), France (3), China (1), Japan (1), The Netherlands (1) and Poland (1).

Wendela Wiersema (NL) - 8 pigeons - 3,370 euro/bird
Wendela has had a successful season, and she had a fantastic pigeon auction as well. She sold two racing birds and six young birds, and the most wanted pigeon was Noortje. This hen from 2019 finished first in the PIPA ranking for young birds this season. Unsurprisingly, many fanciers were eager to place the winning bid for this chequered hen, which was eventually sold to a Dutch fancier for 19,200 euro. The other birds went to Belgium (2), Germany (2), China (1), France (1) and Poland (1).

Derek Rooney (UK) - 15 pigeons - 1,163 euro/bird
Derek surrounded himself with pigeons from the best of the best bloodlines, and these birds proved a fantastic foundation. Derek Rooney sold a group of young birds on PIPA, all closely related to Harry. This auction did not go by unnoticed, as the 15 pigeons, born in 2019, were sold for 17,450 euro. The buyers come from the following 7 countries: Taiwan (7), Belgium (3), China (1), Egypt (1), The Philippines (1), Singapore (1) and the United States (1).

Hardy Krüger (DE) - 12 pigeons - 1,892 euro/bird
Many fanciers were particularly interested in a fantastic inbred black hen, and it was a fancier from Germany who became the proud new owner. He paid 5,000 euro for one of the few daughters of Black Pearl. The other buyers were quite happy as well, as they placed the winning bid on one of the other 11 birds in this auction. They come from Germany (3), Great Britain (3), Mexico (2), Taiwan (2) and Poland (1).

Pieter Veenstra (NL) - 27 pigeons - 1,639 euro/bird
This was a mouth-watering pigeon auction of Pieter, Aant Arjen and Gerrit Veenstra. Together they have a fantastic team of breeders, which in turn produced a magnificent group of young birds for this PIPA auction. Almost all of the 27 pigeons come from the greatest stars from Drachtstercompagnie, and these were sold for 44,250 euro overall. The two most expensive birds were youngsters of Shamrock Ike; they went to Singapore and Kuwait for 2,800 euro and 2,700 euro. The pigeons were sold to 13 different countries: Germany (5), The Netherlands (4), Egypt (3), Kuwait (3), Belgium (2), China (2), Great Britain (2), Argentina (1), France (1), Portugal (1), Saoudi Arabia (1), Singapore (1) and Taiwan (1).

Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK) - 12 pigeons- 1,500 euro/bird
The stars of this loft are 1st Int. Bordeaux Farmer George, 1st Int. Pau Wollolong, 2nd Int. Bordeaux Shiraz, 1st Int. hens St. Vincent Farm Ivy and 2nd Int. hens St. Vincent Farm Evie. Youngsters of each of these stars were sold in a top class PIPA auction. The most expensive bird was Next Solo, a full brother of Farm Solo. He was sold to another fancier from Great Britain for 2,000 euro. The other 11 pigeons are moving to Belgium (3), Taiwan (2), Great Britain (2), China (1), Ireland (1) and The Philippines (1).

Rudi De Saer (BE) - 13 pigeons - 1,027 euro/bird
The 10 year old Antonio produced one of the eye-catchers of this auction: Sale 1, an inbred daughter of Antonio. She was the second most expensive bird in this Antonio Special, and she is about to move to Taiwan for 2,200 euro. And she will be travelling to Taiwan alongside the most expensive bird in this Rudi de Saer auction: a son of New Tours called Star. The auction had an overall revenue of 13,350 euro. The buyers come from Belgium (4), Taiwan (2), Canada (1), China (1), Germany (1), France (1), Poland (1), and Portugal (1). 

Collectors items - 56 pigeons - 2,388 euro/bird
Youngsters of great champions or pigeons from prestigious bloodlines that developed into fantastic breeding birds. PIPA has made it their mission to trace these collector's items and to sell them in auction. Fanciers hoping to obtain something special had to look no further: sale 1 was exactly that. This direct son of New Laureaat was also the most expensive bird of the lot. This blue white coloured pigeon was sold to a Chinese loft for 12,800 euro, and the collectors were sold for 133,700 euro in total. The auction attracted fanciers from 20 (!) different countries!

Jelle Jellema (NL) - 25 pigeons - 3,420 euro/bird
Jelle's collection of high quality bloodlines is nothing short of exceptional, and it goes without saying that this was a rather spectacular event, right at the end of our auction weekend. Jelle sold 25 young birds for an impressive 85,500 euro. A terrific result. A blue coloured hen called Romy was the most expensive pigeon, with a sale price of 7,200 euro. She was sold to a fellow Dutchman. The other 24 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (5), Romania (5), China (3), Great Britain (3), The Netherlands (2), Taiwan (2), Ireland (1) and Japan (1).

Etienne Meirlaen (BE) - 18 pigeons - 1,789 euro/bird
This Yelena special had some beautiful and extremely talented birds on offer. The majority of these pigeons were young birds inbred to the world famous Yelena. Yelena proved a fantastic breeding hen that produced great birds both for Etienne and for other fanciers. The most expensive bird in this auction was an inbred grandchild of Yelena, which goes to Taiwan for 3,400 euro. The pigeons were sold for 32,200 euro overall, to fanciers from Taiwan (7), Belgium (5), The Philippines (3), Germany (2) and China (1).