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Sangers Pigeons (NL): 56,300 euro for 21 young birds, Tom van Gaver (BE) 2,455 euro/bird, Jutla Brothers (UK) 2,225 euro/bird

Despite the world being heavily impacted by the coronavirus, the following fanciers can look back on a successful pigeon auction: Kas & Karel Meijers (NL), Ivan Baetens (BE), Roger Mylle (BE), Jutla Brothers (UK), Sangers pigeons (NL), Tom Van Gaver (BE), Francis Franssen (BE) & Kristof Mortelmans (BE).

Kas & Karel Meijers (NL) - 13 pigeons - 1,277 euro/bird
Kas & Karel selected a number of pigeons from the best lines of their Olympiad family for a PIPA auction. These were sold for 16,600 euro, and Nikkie was their most expensive bird. She goes to Iraq for 3,200 euro. The other pigeons were sold to fanciers from Taiwan (4), China (3), Belgium (3), The Netherlands (1) and Poland (1).

Ivan Baetens (BE) - 16 pigeons - 1,111 euro/bird
Ivan Baetens started his auction with a direct daughter of Rudy of Gaby Vandenabeele. This beautiful hen attracted several fanciers and she was eventually sold to a Belgian fancier for 4,600 euro. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of Red Ace, 1st national ace pigeon KBDB extreme long distance 2016, which went to Taiwan for 2,100 euro. The other pigeons are moving to Belgium (7), Taiwan (3), China (2), Germany (1) and Turkey (1).

Roger Mylle (BE) - 8 pigeons - 881 euro/bird
Roger put together a small selection of direct descendants of his national ace pigeon bloodlines, to be auctioned off on PIPA. These eight birds were sold for 7,050 euro to fanciers from Belgium (3), Taiwan (2), China (1), France (1) and Japan (1).

Jutla Brothers (UK) - 6 pigeons - 2,225 euro/bird
The auction of the English Jutla Brothers was centered around two breeders with a proven record: a direct daughter of Rudy of Gaby Vandenabeele and Fyther 74. These two birds have bred several first prize winners, and they were also the most expensive birds of this auction, with a sale price of 7,000 and 3,800 euro. They will be moving to Taiwan and China. The remaining four pigeons were sold to China (2), Germany (1) and Great Britain (1).

Sangers Pigeons (NL) - 21 pigeons - 2,681 euro/bird
A terrific group of young birds from the Van Den Bulck collection of Marcel Sangers made for quite a spectacular event last Sunday, which started with the auction of Golden Glow. This young bird was specially bred from Gold Dust, Kittel's sister, paired to a son of Kittel called Skittel. Golden Glow was the most expensive bird and will soon be moving to Great Britain. The overall revenue for this auction amounted to 56,300 euro, and the new owners come from China (6), Germany (4), Poland (4), Great Britain (1), Macau (1), The Netherlands (1), Qatar (1), Slovakia (1), Taiwan (1) and the United States (1).

Tom Van Gaver (BE) - 11 pigeons - 2,455 euro/bird
Ricky, Little Ricky, Finn, etc. These birds were offered for sale in an exclusive young birds' auction from Tom's greatest birds. Marnik's favourite bird, Ricky's Eye, was the most wanted pigeon, with a sale price of 5,000 euro. The 11 pigeons were sold for 27,000 euro overall, to fanciers from Belgium (4), Germany (3), China (1), Great Britain (1), The Netherlands (1) and Taiwan (1).

Francis Franssen (BE) - 27 pigeons - 881 euro/bird
Francis Franssen auctioned off something very special: a 1st National St. Vincent from 2014. This proven racing & breeding bird was also Francis's most expensive pigeon. He moves to Taiwan for 6,400 euro. This group of 27 pigeons is moving to Belgium (11), China (3), Iran (3), Japan (3), Taiwan (3), France (1), Hungary (1), The Philippines (1) and Romania (1).

Kristof Mortelmans (BE) - 8 pigeons - 713 euro/bird
A full sister of Red Ace was sold for 1,400 euro to a Chinese fancier, as the most expensive bird of the lot. This remarkably red coloured auction of Kristof had a total revenue of 5,700 euro, with pigeons moving to Belgium (2), China (4), Iraq (1) and The Philippines (1).