Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) have become one of pigeon racing's most prestigious brands

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw have become the face of modern-day pigeon racing. They were able to produce brilliant results and claim important titles at provincial and national level almost uninterruptedly.

Raf & Kurt Platteeuw showing a few of their many national trophies

Total domination

All it takes is a brief look at their list of achievements to understand that the Platteeuw family is pretty much dominating the national competition. How about their list achievements from 2019: their old birds and yearlings were basketed for 9 national long distance races, in which team Platteeuw claimed 3 national first prizes, while taking a national top ten in 7 out of 9 races! Additionally, they claim 7 victories in nine weeks' time at provincial level.

And if we take the results from 2018 and 2019 together, we get some staggering numbers: 4 times first national, 13 national ace pigeons KBDB and ... 211 national top 100 finishes! And they claimed a double national victory in an important classic in both seasons as well: a 1st & 2nd national Tulle 2018 and a 1st and 2nd national Limoges 2019.

And that adds to an impressive list of national victories over the course of the decade:

 national Chateauroux 29,591 p. in 2016
 national Gueret      13,885 p. in 2010
 national Limoges     16,569 p. in 2019
 national Tulle        5,323 p. in 2018
national Argenton     4,782 p. in 2012
 national Souillac     4,056 p. in 2019
1° national Aurillac     3,586 p. in 2019 

We were not surprised to see this loft claim so many national victories, especially because team Platteeuw had already won an impressive 32 top tens in national races since 2016. 

Kurt Platteeuw is all smiles

Team Platteeuw has an impressive series of national ace pigeons KBDB in their collection, as well as in this upcoming auction. Keep in mind these are all national ace pigeons KBDB! This makes their pigeon family the cream of the crop at international level. We have never seen such a collection of world class athletes before, since only team Platteeuw could come up with such a fabulous group of champions. The following list only includes their top ten winners in these particularly difficult championships:

1° nat. ace pigeon KBDB sprint 2017 with Cannibal
2° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2018 with Ace 038 Adele
3° nat. ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2019 with Catoo
3° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2019 with Catoo
3° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2018 with Lady Ozo
4° nat. ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2018 with Julia
5° nat. ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2018 with Notting Hill
5° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2018 with Sea Surfer
5° nat. ace pigeon KBDB middle distance 2012
6° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2019
6° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2018 with Mountian
7° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2018 with Money Maker
8° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2018 with New Frits
8° nat. ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2013
9° nat. ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2018 with Moby
9° nat. ace pigeon KBDB All-Round 2018 

A brief selection of the many trophies of team Platteeuw

The Nabrina bloodline

Besides the Cannibal bloodline, the Nabrina line is proving another invaluable strain for the Platteeuw pigeon family. We already talked about the tremendous potential of the Cannibal bloodline in an earlier report. This time, we zoom in on the Nabrina bloodline, which proved exceptionally valuable as well.

Nabrina (BE15-3115471) claimed a 1st National Limoges of 13,569 pigeons, which was one of Kurt and Raf's most beautiful victories ever. And she claimed numerous other top results in national races as well: a 122nd nat. Brive, a 196th nat. Jarnac, a 427th nat. Bourges, etc. The sire of Nabrina is Billy (BE11-3011204), which scored quite well in the provincial ace pigeon championships. And he was able to breed several top class descendants for team Platteeuw as well, which proved just as talented. The dam of Nabrina is none other than the world famous Adele (BE11-3011390). This exceptional bird claimed four ace pigeon titles in as many seasons: 2nd prov. ace pigeon 2012 and 2014 + 3rd prov. ace pigeon in 2011 and 2013. As you can tell, Nabrina stems from some high quality bloodlines. She is in fact related to several prestigious pigeon breeds, such as G. Vandenabeele, W. Vandemaele, Y. Billiet and E. Vermander. (For Nabrina's full pedigree, click here). Nabrina is obviously a highly talented pigeon with many qualities. To be honest, we cannot think of many fanciers with such a gifted bird in their collection.

Nabrina: a star in the lofts of Platteeuw

Another pigeon that was born in 2015 is Mountian (BE15-3115261). This super class hen was for instance a 6th National Ace Pigeon KBDB All-Round, based on the following results: 41st Nat. Gueret, 51st Nat. Tulle, 69th Nat. Bourges, 74th Nat. Limoges, 80th Nat. Argenton, 100th Nat. Limoges, etc. In fact, Mountian claimed national top 100 finishes seemingly with ease, making her the big favourite of team Platteeuw's loft caretaker. And this is not really a surprise, given her impressive palmares and her pedigree (for the impressive pedigree of Mountian, click here). She is another youngster of Billy (BE11-3011204), making her a half sister of the aforementioned Nabrina (BE15-3115417)! And her dam Linda Jr. (BE10-3100523) is a pigeon with a great palmares as well, including a 61st National Chateauroux of as many as 16,479 pigeons, and other top results in Ablis, Montluçon, Argenton, Blois, etc. Mountian has developed into an outstanding breeding hen, having already bred several top class descendants.

Mountian: 6 x top 100 national, etc.

As her name suggests, Daughter Mountian (BE17-3117171) is a daughter of the aforementioned Mountian (BE15-3115261). And this daughter of one of the great stars in Rumbeke claimed a 1st provincial and 21st Nat. Aurillac, as well as a 41st Nat. Limoges, a 43rd Nat. Gueret, a 60th Nat. Souillac, etc. (= 4 x top 60 national!) For the pedigree of Daughter Mountian, click here. The sire of Daughter Mountian is Brother Harrison (BE15-3115235), which is another national top 100 finisher, as well as the sire and grandfather of several renowned racing birds.

Daughter Mountian: 4 x top 60 national + 1st prov. Aurillac

Another very successful racing bird from Rumbeke closely related to Nabrina is Ace 148 Adele (BE16-3116148). Her palmares includes for instance a 21st Nat. Souillac, a 45th Nat. Bourges, a 75th Nat. Vierzon, an 82nd Nat. Limoges, etcAnd as you can tell from her pedigree, she is a full sister of Nabrina! This bloodline is among the best pigeon strains you can find these days. This line produces generation after generation of top quality racing birds, and many consider this to be one of the very best bloodlines today.

Ace 148 Adele: excellent racing hen and a full sister of Nabrina

Racing bird Ace 038 Adele (BE17-3117038) does measure up to her fellow teammates. She has the palmares of a great athlete, with a long series of great results to her name. Ace 038 Adele is winner of a 1st Interprovincial Blois, as well as a 7th Nat. Jarnac, a 12th Nat. Tulle, a 65th Nat. Souillac, etc., and this resulted in a title of 2nd National KBDB All-Round. She also claimed prominent results in Tours, Fontenay and Blois. This is another bird that can be considered one of the great stars of her generation. She claimed a 126th National in her last race of 2018, the overnight long distance race from Narbonne. Next up was the first big race of 2019 from Blois, where Ace 038 Adele promptly took an interprovincial victory with a lead of over three minutes. You can tell from her pedigree that she is an authentic Platteeuw pigeon: invaluable bloodlines combined with outstanding achievements, in some of the most important competitions.

Ace 038 Adele: 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon All-Round

Another pigeon that should not be left out when discussing the Platteeuw pigeon family is Moifaa (BE17-3117438). She is another fantastic champion that lives up to the reputation of Platteeuw, as 6th National Ace Pigeon in the PIPA Ranking for the best two national results: a 10th National Tulle and an 11th National Limoges in a single season. She has also won an 11th Nat. Jarnac, a 42nd Nat. Gueret, etc. She can look back on two absolutely fantastic seasons, and she is for sure one of the best racing bird that Kurt and Raf Platteeuw have ever seen. In fact, some of Belgium's most renowned fanciers are particularly fond of this bird! Her pedigree shows that she is related to numerous race winners and ace pigeons.

Moifaa: 3 x top 11 national

Staggering results

Spectacular results or impressive overall performances? These terms tend to be used too lightly sometimes, especially when we want to accurate describe the enormous achievements of Kurt & Raf Platteeuw. Keep in mind that they always deliver in major competitions against many opponents. It happens regularly that a fancier dominates a race at club level but dominating a race at provincial or national level is a different story altogether. This has been the number one challenge for father and son Platteeuw. By selecting only their best birds and pushing their team to the limit, they managed to develop a pigeon family that can excel in major competitions in an unprecedented way.

It would be almost impossible to run you through all of their most impressive overall results, so we we will only discuss the race from Aurillac in 2019, where team Platteeuw claimed the following results with the yearlings: 1-2-3-5-6-7-11-12-13-14-15-18-20-24-25-27-...  / 408 pigeons (40 prizes with 65 birds). And they did as follows against 491 old birds: 1-2-4-12-13-17-24-25-26-27-.. This was an unprecedented achievement; fanciers could not stop talking about it. And against all odds, the team also claimed victory at national level. After all, the location of their loft and the weather conditions made it almost impossible for them to take the win against the more easterly provinces. But they did the impossible: a victory and a world class overall performance1-21-24-38-65-118-122-124-125-129-... of 3,584 pigeons at national level. This victory march of almost 700km between Aurillac and Rumbeke makes it all the more obvious that only the Platteeuw pigeons would be able to pull off something like this.

Raf Platteeuw flanked by their loft caretaker and by Kurt, who sets out the strategy for the team

It is fair to say this is a pigeon auction of unprecedented magnitude. Thanks to the terrific Platteeuw-Cannibal and Nabrina bloodlines, combined with many other noble breeds, PIPA was able to bring together an impressive group of 70 different top ten finishers in national races in Belgium, still the mecca of pigeon racing. This is quite a feat. As if that was not enough, we are also selling 10 superstars with a national ace pigeon title KBDB to their name, besides a long list of other successful racing birds with a proven record both in both the breeding and the racing loft.