Stefaan Lambrechts (Nijlen, BE): Pigeon racing at top level

Just a couple of years ago, we referred to Stefaan Lambrechts as a talented newcomer who was on the fast lane to the top. Today, this talented newcomer is a full-fledged pigeon fancier racing in a league of his own.

Stefaan's pigeon loft in Nijlen is home to a world class breed indeed. They were outstanding again in 2019, claiming for instance a 1st Nat. Zone. He also had 15 (!) pigeons in the top 108 in Chateauroux!


The latest edition of Chateauroux took place on 6th of September 2019, and this race was clearly the icing on the cake for Stefaan, who had already had a very strong season, with a double (!) zonal victory from Chateauroux. And he continued to overpower/outperform/crush his opponents in the following weeks - call it what you want. The results do speak for themselves.

Chateauroux 6/9/2019

3-11-23-24-25-36-43-44-46-52-53-78-98-102-108-...of 19,539 young birds
(53 per 10, 17 per 110 and 73 prizes of 101 basketed pigeons

We cannot think of many fanciers that have the potential to claim so many great results. This is a combination of dedication, passion, craftsmanship, experience and a top class breed. And that is what Lambrechts stands for!

Blauwe Gert

Does the leading name of team Lambrechts (BE07-6337270) need an introduction at all? This great-grandfather of Kittel (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon) and Olympic Kittel (1st substitute Olympiad Brussels), and grandfather of Rosita (1st Olympiad Pigeon Nitra) and Greipel (6th Nat. Ace Pigeon sprint) does have an impressive reputation both at home and abroad. And he demonstrated his potential in his own loft as well, through BE19-6107526, a 17th Nat. Bourges, and through BE19-6107421, winner of a 25th Nat. Bourges of 28,569 pigeons. Meanwhile, a full sister of Blauwe Gert bred the 3rd best young bird in the PIPA ranking across two races in 2018. Stefaan is delighted to see so many references come in, for instance from the ALP race team of Simon Wolf through team Eijerkamp: they claimed a 1st International championship FCI. In addition, Team Eijerkamp has won a 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB and a 3rd national Melun 2019 with a youngster of 'Steady', which is a grandchild of Blauwe Gert.

The phenomenal Blauwe Gert, a thoroughbred stock breeder

Lincia and Venus...

And Blauwe Gert is not the only pigeon to leave his mark on this team; Lincia and Venus are developing into fantastic breeding birds as well. This is not really a surprise; they were both very successful racing hens with an ace pigeon title to their name. This season, a direct daughter of Lincia was raced for the first time. And she delivered almost right away, winning a 2nd Melun of 2442 pigeons and a 33rd Melun of 2043 pigeons. This pigeon does have an excellent pedigree indeed, and she was quickly transferred to the breeding loft.

Ace Pigeon Lincia...

Ace Pigeon Venus...

A talented lot

With so many talented breeders in your collection, all you have to do is wait for the next talented newcomer to come to the fore. Take for instance BE18-110778 (pedigree), another descendant of Blauwe Gert x Van Loock-duivin. This pigeon was 4th in the PIPA ranking for best yearling across 7 national racesClick here for the final results of this ranking.

Meanwhile, BE19-107489 went on to win a 10th national ace pigeon young birds shorter middle distance 2019 (for the pedigree, click here). The team from Nijlen does have a promising future indeed. Will they be just as successful in 2020? Quite likely!

And lastly, we asked Stefaan how he looks back on missing out on a national championship title. "Missing out on a championship title because of an administrative error is quite disappointing of course. There is no denying that. However, every sport has a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed; I have accepted the decision. Still, there is no going around the results that we submitted, and I am still proud of them (click here for the results). What's done is done. I am already looking towards the new season." Some nice words from a true champion!