PIPA & Les Green organize the most successful auction ever in Blackpool - 4,650 EURO on average for 27 youngsters

On Saturday evening, according to annual tradition, the public auction of PIPA & Les Green (Northern Premier Auctions) took place during the exhibition in Blackpool. Every year a special group of young pigeons is sold there. Again this year it was a great success, it became the most successful auction ever in Blackpool, with a total of no less than 125,000 EURO (107,100 GBP), 4,650 EUR / pigeon (3,962 GBP), for 27 youngsters.

The auction started immediately at a high level, with a direct daughter Romee from Jelle Jellema on sale 2, perhaps the last ever sold because Romee has not yet been able to lay this year. This went for EUR 9,350 (GBP 8,000). A total of 20 of the 27 pigeons were sold for 2,500 EUR or more. The 2 most expensive youngsters were the last 2 to buy, a child Best Kittel X Shakira, was sold for EUR 19,800 (17,000 GBP) to Krzysztof Szkolny (Poland), a child Junior X Mother Best Kittel was sold for 15,200 EURO (13,000 GBP) to SangersPigeons BV (NL).

Krzysztof Szkolny on the left with the son Best Kittel X Shakira, Brian Sangers on the right with the son Junior X Mother Best Kittel.