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Auction weekend hits 338,500 euro – Son New Laureaat 16,800 euro – Golden Algarve winner 17,600 euro – Krzysztof Szkolny 3,779 euro/bird

Five auctions came to a close last Sunday, in which 185 pigeons were sold for a total of 338,500 euro, with an average of 1,830 euro/bird. We briefly discuss each individual auction below.

Krzysztof Szkolny – 19 pigeons – 3,779 euro/bird
This Polish champion sold a fantastic collection of breeding birds, and the most expensive one was a youngster of Beauty Harry (Jan Hooymans); it was sold to Taiwan for 10,000 euro. A son of Golden Prince (Gino Clicque) goes to China for 9,400 euro, and a son of Devil Prince (Gino Clicque) goes to China as well, with a sale price of 8,200 euro. The 19 pigeons raised 71,800 euro together, and they were sold to China (9), Taiwan (3), the USA (2), Belgium (1), Kuwait (1), Morocco (1), The Netherlands (1) and Libya (1).

Collectors Items – 36 pigeons – 1,586 euro/bird
The eye-catcher in this Collector's Items auction was sale 1, a second handed youngster of New Laureaat, which goes to Taiwan for 16,800 euro. The 36 pigeons were sold for 57,100 euro in total, and they are going to Taiwan (15), Belgium (8), China (3), Germany (2), the United Kingdom (1), The Netherlands (1), The Philippines (1), Poland (1), Romania (1), Saudi Arabia (1), Turkey (1) and the USA (1).

Ivan Baetens – 9 pigeons – 839 euro/bird
A couple of young birds from the best breeders of Ivan Baetens were sold in auction. The most expensive youngster was bred from a young bird from Rax, paired to a half sister of Armando; it was sold to Iraq for 1,600 euro. The 9 youngsters were sold for 7,550 euro, and they are going to Belgium (3), China (2), South Africa (2), Taiwan (1) and Iraq (1).

Roger Debusschere – 87 pigeons – 1,121 euro/bird
Roger Debusschere has a feel for bringing together special pigeon collections, which he regularly auctions on PIPA. The eye-catcher in this sale was the sire of Golden King, a 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance for Gino Clicque. This almost nine year old cock was sold to China for 8,000 euro. The buyers have paid 97,550 euro for 87 pigeons, and they come from the following countries: Belgium (28), China (17), Japan (9), Germany (4), France (4), Mexico (2), The Philippines (2), Poland (1), Portugal (1), Romania (1) and the USA (1).

Golden Algarve One Loft Race – 34 pigeons – 3,074 euro/bird
Every year, we aution the top 30 of the final of the Golden Algarve Race on PIPA, as well as the the top five ace pigeons. This year's auction proved another major success, with a total revenue of 104,500 euro.The race winner was also the most expensive bird; it goes to the Middle East for 17,600 euro. The fanciers that purchased these 34 pigeons come from China (12), the USA (9), Belgium (3), Bulgaria (2), the Czech Republic (1), Germany (1), Iraq (1), the United Kingdom (1), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1), Portugal (1) and Romania (1).