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Auction weekend raises over 230,000 euro! Cipier of Willy Vanhoutte sold for 16,600 euro!

A total of 155 pigeons were sold today, raising 231,450 euro. We briefly discuss each of these auctions.

Willy Vanhoutte (BE) – 51 pigeons – 1,451 euro/pigeon
This total sale was the last chapter in the pigeon racing career of Willy Vanhoutte, an iconic fancier. Willy was forced to end his career due to health problems. Bidding really took off in the closing hours of the auction, with the sale prices tripling over the course of the last day. The most expensive bird was New Diplomaat, which was sold alongside top breeder De Cipier. He goes to China for an impressive 16,200 euro. The team's other top breeder, Primus, which was sold together with his son, went to China for 6,000 euro. In fact, more than 50% of all pigeons (27) are going to China. 9 pigeons went to a Belgian loft, and the remaining birds go to the USA (6), Taiwan (5), Qatar (3), The Netherlands (3), Germany (1), Portugal (1) and Romania (1).

Luc De Laere (BE)  – 16 pigeons – 1,547 euro/pigeon
Luc De Laere can look back on a very successful auction, where a son of Tiekes Bliksem was one of the eye-catchers. He was sold for 5,400 euro, and his nest sister had a sale price of 3,800 euro. Most of the bidders came from Taiwan; they obtained 7 pigeons in total. Another 5 birds will stay in Belgium, and the other birds went to China (2), Great Britain (1) and South Africa (1).

Gert Noels (BE) – 10 pigeons – 1,170 euro/pigeon
Next up was Gert Noels's auction. His most expensive birds were a half sister of Oliver, which was sold for 2,600 euro, and a son of top breeder Marceline, which had a sale price of 2,500 euro. We had 10 pigeons in auction, and 4 of them went to Denmark, 3 to Belgium, 3 to China and 1 to the Czech Republic.

Stanley Meyer (US) – 23 pigeons – 708 euro/pigeon
American fancier Stanley Meyler was notorious for his eye for talent. After his sudden passing earlier this year, PIPA was asked to pay their respects to Stanley and his favourite hobby by auctioning his unique collection in appropriate fashion. As such, we offered for sale a beautiful collection of Ad Schaerlaeckens & Bakker pigeons. The most expensive pigeons of this event were Halfzus Wonderduifje, sold for 2,200 euro, Brother Super 418, sold for 1,500 euro, and Inbred Daydream, sold for 1,400 euro. The pigeons were sold to fanciers from Taiwan (7), Belgium (6), China (4), The Netherlands (3), and one to Germany, Portugal and Romania.

Sangers Pigeons (NL) – 24 pigeons – 1,613 euro/pigeon
Superstar Marcel Sangers sold the best of the best of his Dirk van den Bulck & Stefaan Lambrechts breeders. This auction attracted a lot of interest from Great Britain in particular, with as many as 10 pigeons moving to the UK. The other birds were sold to fanciers from China (6) and Belgium (2), and to Bangladesh, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Morocco and the USA (one each). The most expensive bird was Unique, inbred to Kittel, which was sold for 5,600 euro. Its nest mate was sold for 3,200 euro. Cash Flow, which is another inbred Kittel, had a sale price of 3,400 euro.

Team Hooymans UK – 15 pigeons – 2,287 euro/pigeon
One of the big talents of Jan Hooymans is that he knows how to put the right people in the right place. For instance, he asked top fancier John Crehan to race the descendants of his Harry dynasty in Great Britain. This was a very successful collaboration right from the start. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a double grandchild of Harry, with a sale price of 4,600 euro. A half sister of New Harry and a grandson of Harry James proved rather popular as well, with a sale price of 3,200 pigeons. 50% of these pigeons moves to Taiwan (7), two birds are going to Great Britain (2), and the others go to China, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the USA (one each).

Carlo Gyselbrecht (BE) – 16 pigeons – 1,981 euro/pigeon
Carlo Gyselbrecht was honoured to close this auction day, and how! Carlo has a unique team of breeders that was able to breed an incredible three (inter)national winners last season! This is something many potential buyers had come to appreciate. The most expensive birds in this auction are two nest mates of Crack Ad x Granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona. They were sold for 3,200 euro and 3,000 euro respectively. Six pigeons are moving to Taiwan; the other fanciers come from France (3), China (3), Romania (2), Great Britain (1) and Japan (1).