Team Hooymans UK (Salford, UK) pushes athletes to new heights

John Crehan and Jan Hooymans, the fanciers behind Team Hooymans UK, and racing as Crehan & O'Conner, can look back on another highly successful season. They won for instance a 1st National Carentan with Lilly Bear, and that was just one of many highlights for Team Hooymans UK.

The team claimed an impressive 24 first prizes in the lofts in Salford last season. And all of these successes can be traced back to such top breeders as Harry, New Harry, Beauty Harry and numerous other pigeons from the breeding lofts of Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL).

John Crehan (Team Hooymans UK)

Top fancier John Crehan and Jan Hooymans have been close friends for years. They are racing together in Great Britain, and they have enjoyed quite a bit of success. At the start of 2019 their collaboration led to a new name: Team Hooymans UK. John now has a magnificent racing team based around Jan Hooymans birds at his disposal, and some new introductions from the "Harry" bloodline are transferred from Kerkdriel to Salford every season to be added to the mix. This collaboration has been a successful undertaking indeed, judging from their results in recent years. They claimed 24 first prizes this year alone. They were off to a great start this season, with a first prize in the district (Federation) three weeks in a row. Speaking of a head start:

20/4 Worcester 768 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6 (1st pr NL18-305 from brother Blue Brave x dr. Harry x New Stareye)
29/4 Worcester 779 p.: 1-2-8       (1st pr NL17-709 from son James Bond x dr. Harry)
4/5 Tewkesbury 968 p.: 1-5-8       (1st pr NL17-561 from brother Harry x dr. Dream Pair Mevr.Snellen)

And let's not forget that John has had a considerable talent drain, with the transferring of sprint champion Prodigy, national winner Solo Warrior and 2nd National Ace Pigeon Blue Rose to the breeding lofts of Jan Hooymans in Kerkdriel. He also sold two Olympiad Pigeons the year before. These were all direct Hooymans birds. However, his young birds' team did not hesitate to take over.

We introduce you to some of the champions from recent years that have proved pivotal in the team's many successes:

NL19-1022668 Lilly Bear, 1st National Carentan 1,947 pigeons

The national race from Carentan, France, took off on 14th of September. We saw Lilly Bear claim a national first prize over a distance of 480km. The sire of Lilly Bear is a son of super class breeder New Harry. The dam is a sister of Carnival Wonder (the best pigeon ever at the Carnival One Loft Race South Africa). Click here for Lilly Bear's full pedigree.

And the team did extremely well in the provincial race from Portland (320km) as well, which took place the week before: they claimed a 1, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 etc. against 772 pigeons.

The first prize went to a youngster of Prodigy, which was a terrific racing bird in John's team, and who is now a proven breeder as well. Prodigy is a full brother of Olympic Jan, and he stems from Zoon 800 x Zuster Harry.


In addition to this national and provincial winner, the team relies on a few other birds that have been very successful lately:


One of the eye-catchers of last season was without doubt NL17-1410559. His sire is The 400 (a 1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance 2015). The dam is a daughter of the phenomenal Harry, as you can see here. He wins the following prizes in big races alone:

1st Tewkesbury   162 km 1,701 p.
2nd Hullavington 215 km 5,633 p.
3rd Yeovil       283 km 9,975 p.
7th Hullavington 215 km 2,282 p.

NL17-1410562 Cease Fire

The sire of Cease Fire is a son of James Bond, which has bred several talented birds. The dam is a half sister of the phenomenal Harry (click here for his pedigree). Cease Fire has won the following prizes:

 1st Carenton            4,406 p.
 2nd Nat. Messac  627 km 4,084 p.
 1st Chalet       735 km
 5th Hullavington 215 km 5,633 p.
10th Hullavington 215 km 4,509 p.
 2nd Worcester             779 p.
 2nd Wollaston             127 p.
30th Tewkesbury   162 km 2,569 p.

NL17-1410709 Grandson Harry

The sire of Grandson Harry is another son of James Bond, which was paired to a daughter of Harry at the time, as you can see here. Champions breed champions, as Grandson Harry demonstrates with the following palmares:

 7th Tewkesbury   162 km 4,209 p.
 3rd Tewkesbury   162 km 4,259 p.
18th Tewkesbury   162 km 1,178 p.
22nd Hullavington 215 km 1,066 p.
 8th Tewkesbury   162 km 2,569 p.


The last pigeon that deserves an introduction is the talented young 651. This 651 is a grandchild of Beauty Harry, which is also the sire of top breeder New Harry. The 651 has already won a 1st Hullavington of 1,974 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of the 651.

Double win with grandchildren of New Harry in a single week

Like we said, John wins a 1st National Carentan with a grandchild of New Harry (Lilly Bear). And the week before that we saw Ace Loft (Khan & Malik) claim a 1st and 2nd National Coutances (300km) with the young birds in Great Britain. This national first prize was also won by a grandchild of New Harry. The pigeon that won a 2nd national was also bred from a Hooymans bird.

Pedigree GB19-N50038

Pedigree GB19-N50033

Jan Hooymans and John Crehan