Reijnen-Bolton-Hoogh (Baarle-Hertog, BE) are on a winning streak: 1st National Châteauroux (BE), 1st & 2nd Morlincourt Brabant 2000 (NL) and 1st Estremoz Great Derby Algarve (Portugal)

The Reijnen-Bolten-Hoogh combination has claimed victory in Chateauroux III, the last national showdown of the 2019 season. And the team was also successful in The Netherlands in the race from Morlincourt, and they struck again in the Great Derby Algarve, with a first prize from Estremoz.

From left to right: Brian Bolton, Erik Reijnen and Gert-Jan de Hoogh - winners of a 1st national Châteauroux III


The combination, which consists of Erik Reijnen, Brian Bolton and Gert-Jan de Hoogh, has a long history in pigeon racing. Erik Reijnen started racing pigeons in 1976 at the age of 13, working together with his father until his passing. The racing team was called Hok M. Reijnen as of 2005. In 2016, Erik started working together with Brian Bolton, and the team was renamed Hok Reijnen-Bolton. A third fancier joined the team in 2019: Gert-Jan de Hoogh is now involved in the caretaking of the pigeons, hence the combination's current name: Reijnen-Bolton-Hoogh. They race pigeons from two different locations: a Belgian loft in Baarle-Hertog, and a Dutch loft in Alphen (province of Brabant) in Brabant 2000.

A coveted national win in Châteauroux III

BE19-6065829 Noe, winner of National Châteauroux III - the fastest of more than 22,000 pigeons

The last opportunity for a national first prize this 2019 season was the race from Châteauroux III. Due to the unfavourable weather forecast it was decided by the KBDB, the organiser of this national race, to have the race take off one day earlier. Just over 19,500 young birds and 2850 old birds were released in Châteauroux at 8:30am in near perfect conditions. The winning hen of Reijnen-Bolton-Hoogh covered 565km with a velocity of 1418 m/min, which resulted in a first prize. This was a major result for racing hen BE19-6065829, which is now called Noe.

The race winner is quite an appealing bird


The winner is a beautiful looking blue coloured hen and her pedigree features a number of pigeons that have played a defining role in the development of the pigeon breeds in Alphen and Baarle-Hertog. Noe's grandfather, one of the eye-catchers, is NL11-3021704 Zagato. This cock stems from the old lines of Wout Spierings. Zagato was himself a 2nd ace pigeon in Rayon 4 in Brabant 4000. Noe's other grandfather is NL05-0567327 Zoon Generaal, which comes from Johan & Ronnie van Belzen. This bird has clearly earned his stripes in the breeding lofts. Click here for Noe's pedigree.

NL11-3021704 Zagato, grandfather of Noe, 1st national Châteauroux III

1st and 2nd Morlincourt province Brabant 2000 of 12467 pigeons

Last weekend's race was a day to cherish for Reijnen-Bolton-Hoogh, and it appears the team was still full of energy after their national win in Châteauroux III. The provincial race from Morlincourt was scheduled to take place the following day in The Netherlands, and the Reijnen-Bolton-Hoogh combination delivered another brilliant result, racing against a field of 12,000 pigeons (including the 83 birds that the combination had basketed) in Brabant 2000. It led to an impressive series of top prizes, starting with a first and second prize. They had 62 prize winning birds that day.

Morlincourt 12467 p. 1-2-12-13-14-44-45-46-48-49-50-60-75-76-77-78-90-92 (18 x 1:100)

The first prize went to NL19-3923028 Miss Sprint. Her pedigree illustrates that the team successfully introduced pigeons of the van Wanrooij combination (Geffen, NL). Click here to browse through Miss Sprint's pedigree. The first successor to Miss Sprint is NL19-1001978 Fast Morlincourt. This pigeon is another grandchild of Zagato, crossed with the pigeons of John van Wanrooij and his loft caretaker Henri van Doorn.

Victory in the Algarve Great Derby

The Reijnen-Bolton pigeon loft has an excellent reputation in one loft races across the globe, which they demonstrated again with a first prize in the Algarve Great Derby on the day we wrote our article. A pigeon of Reijnen-Bolton claimed victory against 1935 pigeons in the third race from Estremoz (200km). In addition, they finish in second place in the Sevilla Pigeons Race from Almendralejo (150km) against 603 pigeons. Click here for an overview of their best results in the OLRs in 2018. The combination was quite successful in a few other OLRs in recent weeks as well:

1st Europa master Pigeons      421 km of  707 p. (Semi final)
1st Costa del Sol              260 km of 1233 p.
2nd Superstar OLR Super Derby  450 km of  100 p.
4th Romania Golden Pigeons     430 km of  914 p. (Final)
5th Derby Costa del Sol               of  883 p. (FCI Final)

Sectoral race Orléans coming up

The last opportunity for Dutch fanciers to race at national level is coming up next weekend, with the classic from Orléans taking place. If the team is able to keep up the good form, we think they might be up for another celebration on the Dutch side of the border.