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Romein-Klein Combination (Rotterdam, NL) get phenomenal results with their Blue Shadow

Frank Klein and Cor Romein have been racing in a combination in Rotterdam since 2014, and they have been quite successful indeed. Their renowned Super 08 and Quicksilver bloodlines have been a guarantee for success, today and in the future.

Frank Klein (l) and Cor Romein (r)

Blue Shadow, a special bird at a young age

Racing bird NL19-1622040 rushed home to take a top result in three races already, which put a smile on the face of her owners. She has won quite a number of prizes at an early age, and she was the fastest bird on three occasions in Frank and Cor's loft. This resulted in the following palmares:

13-07-2019 Quievrain		1st prize in RMO M-H East against 1,227 pigeons
16-08-2019 Pt. St. Maxence	1st prize in province 5 against 15,064 pigeons
24-08-2019 Pt. St. Maxence	9st prize in province 5 against 13,509 pigeons
				2nd prize in Rayon Central against 3,923 pigeons

It is worth noting that the '040' claimed a first prize on 16th of August with eggs in her bowl. Another week went by, at which point she had been brooding for 23 days. It was decided to give her a youngster instead, and she promptly claimed another top result: a 9th provincial!

Blue Shadow after her 9th prize in the province against more than 13,000 pigeons, racing with a youngster that was put in the nest later on.

Daughter of Blue Tornado and granddaughter of Super 08 x Quicksilver

It was announced earlier this year that the sire of this Blue Shadow was the 3rd best pigeon in The Netherlands in the WHZB/TBOTB competition in the sprint category. And this bird in turn stems from Super 08 x Quicksilver. This hen from 2009 is already the dam of 10 first prize winners in big races, and Quicksilver is now starting to produce first prize winners against thousands of pigeons as well, spread across different generations.

Click here for the pedigree of NL19-1622040, also known as Blue Shadow.

Quicksilver, grandfather of Blue Shadow, among others

Super 08, now the dam of 10 first prize winners in big competitions!

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