Comb. Verweij-de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) ends a beautiful marathon season with a bang

Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan close the marathon season as it started: in style. On both national flights Bergerac and Perpignan they were again ranked in the top 10.

Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan enjoyed a nice closing weekend

The start

The season started with nice performances on the ZLU flights on Pau and Agen. On the latter flight, the combination already showed itself with a 13th national (old pigeons) and an 18th national (yearlings) place. Click here to read the report that appeared on PIPA again.

The closing weekend

During the final weekend of the marathon season, the international flight from Perpignan was programmed. On the flight calender of NPO a national race with an afternoon release from Bergerac was scheduled for which a record number of pigeons appeared at the start. The kick off was planned on Friday at 13h30. In Perpignan, the pigeons were released on Saturday at 07h30, with a delay of 1 day. Especially Bergerac turned out to be a difficult task for many pigeons so the competition started with some difficulties. Comb. Verweij - de Haan scored with a top ten ranking in the national results of both Perpignan and Bergerac. We would like to introduce you to the pigeons to which Michel and Peter owe these great results.

Sky, the revelation of the season, wins 5th national Perpignan

NL17-1129744 Sky, 5th National Perpignan 4287 p.

On Sunday morning at 09h45, the two year old hen Sky, finished her job for 2019. She arrived after 1077 km from Perpignan and thus took the 5th place in the national results. Sky is the revelation of the season for Michel and Peter. She achieved succesful results in 2019 at Pau, St. Vincent and Perpignan (>1060 km). You can see the results of Sky in below:

Perpignan        1st   Fondclub North-Holland   507 p.
                 2nd   S.N.Z.H.                1351 p. (North- and South Holland)
                 5th   National ZLU            4287 p.
                 38th  International          12752 p.
Pau              105th National                3785 p.
                 16th  Fondclub North-Holland
St. Vincent      188th National                2692 p.
                 9th   Fondclub North-Holland

With these beautiful results, Sky leads the ranking of the pigeon championship ZLU flights S.N.Z.H. North-South Holland. In the pedigree of Sky, which you can see here, we see his grandfather Superkweker Stet (NL04-1855578), which we will come across again later in this report. His offspring is ranked 25 times in the top 100 of a national competition.

Frenkie, 20th national Perpignan

NL17-1129694 Frenkie, 20th national Perpignan 4287 p.

Frenkie, NL17-1129694, provides the connection in the national results. Only half an hour after Sky, he arrived at 10h16 in Mijdrecht. With this result, Frenkie ranks himself with a 20th place among the top pigeons of Perpignan 2019. Frenkie was played twice in 2019 at the ZLU races with a morning release. On Agen he did it even better than on Perpignan with a 13th national place. His performances in 2019:

Agen      13th National ZLU   5214 p.
          37th International 12111 p.
Perpignan 20th National ZLU   4287 p.
          71th International 12752 p.

Ancestor "De Toon" plays a substantial part in the pedigree of Frenkie. Frenkie's grandfather Kopie Toon is coupled to a daughter of his brother and ancestor Toon. The mother of Frenkie is NL12-1106780 dtr. Miss Gijsje 780. She is a full sister of the superbreeder 430 from Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL).

Top ten national Bergerac (Sector 2)

NL18-1750868 Donny, 10th national Bergerac sector 2 against 4545 p.

The national flight with a midday release was included in the training program for the yearlings of Comb. Verweij-de Haan. The pigeons gave the very best of themselves. They flew with a.o. 3-24-38 at the head of the arrivals (11/26) in the yearling competition of S.N.Z.H. In the national results (sector 2) we find Donny at the 10th place (4545 p.). Donny (like Sky) is a grandchild of Superkweker Stet. Click here to see the pedigree of Donny.


On the last marathon flights of the season, some extra work needs to be done in order to prepare the pigeons for a promising start. In the morning, the lights went on between 5 and 7 and this was repeated in the evening between 21 and 23. When possible, the pigeons were played with small youngsters in order to slow down the moult. In spite of that, most of the pigeons had lost 3 to 5 feathers. Sky left for Perpignan after having laid fresh eggs, which didn't seem to be an ideal situation according to Michel and Peter. But it did not prevent her from reaching a top performance and a 5th national place.


It is clear that Michel and Peter will not be bored during the winter. They will be able to take place on the stage on several championship days. It is not entirely clear what the performances of Sky and Frenkie have been worth but it is certain that they have a good chance of winning various ace pigeon titles.