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Roger Mylle (Bellegem, BE) excels in yearlings' race Libourne

Five yearlings were basketed for Libourne, and four of them finished in the national top 50, with the first two nominated taking the lead. This is an impressive result!

A loft steeped in tradition

The achievements of Roger Mylle and his partner Jeanine (who is mainly responsible for caretaking) in recent seasons have made a lasting impression. Their palmares now consists of several first prizes at provincial and zonal level, a few top prizes in the national classics (2 x 2nd National), national championship titles and ace pigeon titles, even at national level. This is a top class breed indeed.
We have noticed repeatedly that the Mylle pigeons become stronger and stronger as the season progresses. Could this be down to the loft, the caretaking, their training regime, or perhaps the breed itself? Well, pigeons for the long distance and the extreme long distance tend to perform better the more kilometers they cover over the course of the season. Some pigeons need to clock up the miles before they are in top form, and that applies to the pigeons of Roger Mylle as well. Super class bird St.Vincent BE11-3047804 is one of the team's stars: he was the Best bird of Belgium over 3 yearlings in St.Vincent 2014-2016, and the best pigeon from St.Vincent at international level from 2015 to 2016. Roger had another great racing bird in his team in 2018 with Pau Joël BE13-3004108. This champion was the best pigeon from Perpignan in Belgium from 2017-2018. And Ata BE17-3031346 was 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance YLs KBDB 2018. These are all highly renowned birds that have turned the Roger Mylle breed into an internationally renowned pigeon family.

1-2-6-7… club, 12-13-41-46… National Libourne

The Mylle team is having a very strong racing season in 2019, claiming victories and top prizes in the long distance and extreme long distance even at national level. A first major highlight in their racing career was without doubt a 1st prize from Barcelona of 121 old birds. Pretty much every extreme long distance fancier dreams of winning a first prize in Barcelona one day. The yearlings have been in great form as well, just like in 2018. And that is important for future seasons: these talented young birds can develop into great stars in the long distance later on. The strong team of yearlings from 2018 seems to be just as strong in 2019, and meanwhile we see another generation of newcomers step up. It shows that this team has an excellent breeding strategy.

The team scored a brilliant result in Limoges on 5th of July, the entry exam for the long distance: they took a 10 out of 21 at national level, starting with a 7th national Limoges of 10,783 yearlings. Part of the team was basketed for Libourne, and these birds did equally well, winning the following prizes at national level:

Libourne Club 214 yearlings: 1-2-6-7-42 (5/5)
   National 4,354 yearlings: 12-13-41-46-405 (5/5)

Their second and first nominated took the lead; they arrived home almost simultaneously at 16:49'32" and 16:49'54". The second pigeon to get clocked was the same bird that also won a 7th Nat. Limoges of 10,783 yearlings two weeks ago. This bird now holds a 4th place in the preliminary ranking (after 21/07) for the National Ace Pigeon Championship Long Distance KBDB, with two more races to go.

-Bagatelie BE18-3071236

 7. Nat. Limoges 10,783 p. ’19 – 3. Prov. 2,133 p.
13. Nat. Libourne 4,354 p. ’19 – 6. Prov. 726 p.
4. Best Yearling of Belgium Long Distance - 2 races (candidate for Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB)

Sire: Zaaf BE16-3006913
Winner of a 38th Nat. Angoulême 4,525 p. ’18, 168th Nat. Libourne 3,176 p. ’18… He is himself a son of Dirk BE13-3004132 (half brother of Pau Joël: best pigeon from Perpignan in Belgium over two years 2017-2018) x Elientje BE13-3004094 (half sister of St. Vincent: best pigeon from St.Vincent in Belgium over 3 years 2014-2016, and best pigeon from St.Vincent international 2015-2016).
Dam: Chantal BE14-3005037
She comes from the successful bloodline of that other superstar of Roger Mylle, Erik. She is a daughter of Brian BE12-3040918 (a crossing of the lines of Majoor of Gaby Vandenabeele x Dax of Rene Verborgt) x Julietje BE11-3048206 (a full sister of Erik, winner of a 1st Poitiers 324 p., 2nd Prov. Argenton 3,448 p., 6th Nat. Limoges 19,373 p., 25th Nat. Limoges 10,448 p., etc.).
Click here for Bagatelie's pedigree

The successful bloodlines of the superstars of Roger Mylle - Pau Joël and St.Vincent - form the basis for this new star Bagatelle

The other one year old cock that was basketed as second nominated and who walked passed the antenna just a few seconds before Bagatelie, has top prizes from Poitiers and Vierzon to his name. We take a look at his best results:

-Blauwe Crack BE18-3071278

12. Nat. Libourne  4,354 p. ’19 – 1. Club 214 YLs – 5. Prov. 726 YLs
43. Prov. Vierzon  1,473 p. ’19
63. Prov. Poitiers 2,371 p. ’19

Sire: Tienne BE14-3004115
A direct Etienne Devos. He was bred from Son Stijn BE11-3002338 (from 1st Ace Pigeon Stijn x Prinses Stanics, a daughter of supercrack Stanics: 1st Nat. Limoges 10,737 p.) x Fientje BE14-3005111 (a granddaughter of Witpen Rivaldo: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2012).
Dam: Annick BE14-3132071
A daughter of supercrack Erik BE06-3174055 (winner of a 1st Poitiers 324 p., 2nd Prov. Argenton 3,448 p., 6th Nat. Limoges 19,373 p., 25th Nat. Limoges 10,448 p., 51st Nat. Tulle 5,124 p.) x Marie BE09-3136606. Marie won a 4th Prov. Blois of 2,969 p., and she is a sister of Mathieu Pau (himself the sire of Pau Joël, the best pigeon from Perpignan in Belgium in 2017-2018).
Click here for the pedigree of Blauwe Crack

Towards the last few weeks of 2019 with good morale

And the old birds scored a 100% prize percentage in the national long distance race from Libourne:

Libourne Nat. 4,605 olds: 180-302-351-383-415-538-572 (7/7)

The pigeons of Roger Mylle are clearly in excellent form, and there is a good chance that they will continue to deliver in the closing two weeks of the national and international long distance competition. Keep in mind the Mylle pigeons did great in the closing races from Perpignan, Tulle and Angoulême in recent years. As a fancier you have every reason to have high hopes; could they do it again in 2019? Highly talented pigeons in great form can always push their own limits. We look forward to the upcoming races, and we are keeping an eye on the team from Bellegem, where Roger and Jeanine are eager to take another top result. They have a genuine chance for sure!