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C.J. de Heijde (Made, NL) winner in Dax Sector 1 Rayon A

He specializes in races for long-haul pigeons: Cor de Heijde from Made. His pigeons have been winning early prizes on a regular basis for years, and 2019 is no different. His Klamper dynasty has been highly successful over the years.

And he is not alone; we take a look at what other fanciers have achieved with the help of the Klamper bloodline in 2019.

Cor de Heijde (r) and Bert van Beek (l)

NL17-3731019 shines in Dax with a 1st prize of 1,819 birds in Sector I, Rayon A

The pigeons were released in Dax on 12th of July at 12:30, including six birds of Cor's team. A total of 9,057 pigeons were released in sector 1R, and racing bird '019 was basketed as third nominated after 12 days of brooding. On the day of the release Cor decided to add a two days old youngster to the nest. This, in combination with the bird's excellent fitness, resulted in a victory in Rayon A of Sector 1. 

Racing bird 019 after his victory

At national level the '019 fell just short of winning a first prize; he finished in 4th place of 9,057 pigeons!

A breathtaking Klamper pedigree

It is no surprise that the '019' is a descendant of the world famous Klamper. This cock from 1984 still forms the basis for tens of very talented long distance birds today. This year's winner from Dax stems from a pairing of 'son Don Michel' x a granddaughter of Don Michel. Don Michel won two international top 60 prizes from Perpignan, and you can tell from his pedigree that Don Michel is in turn a grandson of this famous Klamper.

Click here for the pedigree of NL17-3731019.

The references from 2019 with Klamper descendants

In order to keep things concise we will only look at a few of the best 10 references from 2019. These prizes were all won with pigeons closely related to the Klamper bloodline. 

1st International Barcelona hens
1st Barcelona sector 2
1st Barcelona province 3
1st St. Vincent province 7
1st St. Vincent province 11
1st St. Vincent provincial in Belgium
1st Dax Groene Hart
5st St. Vincent province 2

Still playing a crucial role, 35 years after his birth