Team Rien van Oss (Velddriel, NL) wins 1st, 2nd, 4th NPO from Chateauroux

Rien van Oss, Irving van Oss, Diny van Oss and Erik van de Laak are the fanciers behind Team Rien van Oss. Erik is the caretaker of this loft, organizing the training flights and the cleaning of the lofts.

Rien and his son Irving on the other hand take their pigeons on training flights, they pick the races and they select pigeons for each race. Lastly, Diny offers moral support to the team.

1st, 2nd & 4th NPO Chateauroux of 3,243 pigeons!

The team opted to race only their cocks for the one day long distance race from Chateauroux, because they had done really well two weeks earlier, when they claimed a 5th and 10th NPO Issoudun of 4,286 pigeons. But they upped the pace even more: 35 pigeons were basketed on 6th of July, and 31 of them were able to claim a top result. This is a phenomenal achievement indeed!

The pigeon lofts of the Oss family in Velddriel

NL18-5197705, 1st NPO Chateauroux Province 7 (3,243 p.)

The winner of this 1st NPO is NL18-5197705, a blue-band cock bred from 'Kromsnavel'. He is in turn a grandson of Harry, and the sire of a first prize winner of 2,399 pigeons and a first prize winner of 1,873 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL14-1055536, herself 1st of 13,906 pigeons and now the grandmother of two winners NPO

NL18-5140874, 2nd NPO Chateauroux Afdeling 7 (3,243 p.)

The team's number two arrived home about one and a half minutes behind racing bird '705'. This '874' was a successful young bird, winning a title of 11th pigeon champion young birds region C. The '874' is related to Harry from his father's side: he is a grandchild. Click here for the full pedigree.

Harry 608. He is the sire of several top prize winners, and now of a 2nd NPO Chateauroux as well

NL18-5197685, 4th NPO Chateauroux Province 7 (3,243 p.)

The third pigeon of team Van Oss to take a top result is '685'. He is a grandson of the famous Argenton of Jos Goessen. The '685' is a successful racing cock and winner of three top 20 prizes NPO as a one year old. We take a look at his best three results so far:
NPO Nanteuil             4 / 14,422 p.
NPO Chateauroux      4 / 3,243 p.
NPO Issoudun           20 / 14,084 p.

Quality upon quality

The attentive reader has probably noticed how NL12-1799908 appears in every pedigree. This hen comes straight from Dick van Oort. A pigeon's most important trait according to the fanciers from Velddriel is the ability to take the lead in a race. They are always looking out for good pigeons, and they have come across pigeons of Dick van Oort, Snellen & Son, Jos Goessen and Jan Hooymans, among others. They have no one trick ponies in their loft but rather a collection of proven breeding birds that have bred several talented youngsters over the years. 

One of the best breeding hens for team van Oss is NL12-1799908, a direct Dick van Oort

They claimed an excellent result in the sector as well: a 3rd, 5th and 9th of as many as 10,300 pigeons! The team sends out a clear warning to their rivals, with another one day long distance race scheduled next week.