Excellent start to the season for Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE): 1st National Zone A2 Bourges 4,277 yearlings

Tom & Marnik Van Gaver were very strong in 2018, and they are having an excellent early 2019 season as well, claiming excellent results over the past few weeks. Their best result so far was a 1st national Zone A2 Bourges yearlings.

Marnik & Tom Van Gaver

Along the same lines as in 2018

Tom Van Gaver and his father Marnik had a fantastic 2018 season, in which they claimed a national first prize from Brive and a title of Best Belgian Yearling in the long distance with 5 prizes (PIPA Ranking). They were able to compete at the highest level, even though they had only just made their comeback. This is not an easy feat. We wrote an article about their incredible 2018 season just a few months ago. We are now about a month into the new season, and they appear to be continuing their winning streak. You can tell from their results in the preparatory races that 2019 is promising to be an excellent year for this team as well. Tom's solid and intensive approach continues to show results season after season, also in the loft in Moortsele.

Some of this year's achievements:

Bourges (25/05)
  National zone A2 - 4,227 YLs: 1-22-28-34-68-124-138-178-363-413-... (18/46) 
  National - 17,944 YLs: 5-106-133-163-284-541-587-806-1645-... (17/46)
Vierzon (18/05)
  National - 11,572 YLs: 54-86-114-167-222-303-352-386-724-1004-1084-1148-... (19/46)
  National - 20,912 olds: 181-297-453-532-1065-1271-1348-... (10/16)
Orleans (18/05)
  Prov. - 2,712 YLs: 13-15-29-53-56-76-110-122-124-127-206-208-239-242-...(26/42)
  Prov. - 3,826 olds: 25-28-53-94-95-103-138-200-211-214-223-239-308-378-380-381-... (34/58)
Noyon 165 km (29/04)
  608 pigeons: 1-4-6-7-8-26-28-... (23/52)
Noyon 165 km (21/04) 
  603 pigeons: 3-7-8-16-17-20-21-24-25-26-39-41-43-46-47-48-... (36/51)
Quievrain 62 km (15/04)
  265 pigeons: 1-11-12-13-14-15-25-26-...(20/34)

Little Ricky - BE18-4070849 - 1st National Zone A2 Bourges 4,277 yearlings

The first major achievement in the early 2019 season comes from Little Ricky. As his name suggests, he is a son of the great star of team Van Gaver, called Ricky.

Besides his 1st National Zone A2 of 4,277 yearlings, Little Ricky also took the provincial first prize of 3,633 yearlings, while finishing in 5th place national of 17,944 one year olds.

Tom showing Little Ricky - 1st National Zone A2 Bourges I Yearlings 2019

His sire Ricky was himself a great racing bird, with an excellent palmares:

9th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014
1st Guéret Provinciaal  -  2,027 p. 2014
   6th National         -  9,815 p. 2014
8th Bourges I nat zone  -  4,055 p. 2014
28th Limoges I National - 15,009 p. 2015
32nd Limoges I National - 14,937 p. 2017
50th Jarnac National    -  4,167 p. 2016
88th Jarnac National    -  3,879 p. 2015

Ricky is now the grandfather or sire of several prize winners, including for instance his grandson Ricky 77:

7th Best yearling in the long distance with 5 prizes in the PIPA Ranking
1st Limoges II reg     -   267 p. '18
    9th Provincial     - 2,138 p.
    26th National      - 7,236 p.
1st Blois regional     -   170 p. '18
    43rd Provincial    - 2,480 p.
3rd Tulle regional     -   263 p. '18
    23rd Provincial    -   923 p.
    86th National      - 5,323 p.
173rd Brive National   - 4,384 p. '18
21st Noyon regional    -   567 p. '18
25th Vierzon regional  -   282 p. '18
29th Bourges regional  -   350 p. '18

The dam of this zonal and provincial winner is a half sister of Charlie (Sam Bostoen - from the lines of Steveninck's Chipo and Geerinckx's Sylvester) x the renowned lines of Djefa (Saja Brothers) and Dees (Frederik Leliaert). These are tremendous bloodlines indeed, that have bred many renowned descendants, including for instance the winner of a 13th Provincial Blois 2016 (of 3,800 pigeons).

Interestingly, the youngsters of this dam have delivered in several other lofts as well. Take for instance racing hen BE17-4077400 of Davy Neirinck (Gavere, BE), Tom's brother-in-law. After two national races this season, this half sister of Little Rocky currently holds a 16th place in the PIPA ranking, with a 1.5806 coefficient. And she claimed a top result from Argenton in 2018 as well:

The full pedigree of Little Ricky, winner of a National Zone A2, can be found here.

Other successful youngsters of Ricky

Like we said, Tom Van Gaver has an excellent breeder in his collection with Ricky. There is of course our race winner Little Ricky, but he has bred several other youngsters that have excelled this season. We zoom in on two of his most successful youngsters:

Ricky meets Rivaldo - BE18-4070811

A crossing of the golden Ricky bloodline and Witpen Rivaldo, one of the iconic birds of Etienne Devos (Deerlijk, BE). This half brother of Little Ricky claimed the following prizes:

15th prov. Orleans (2,721 pigeons) - 2019
7th Etampes (217 pigeons) - 2019
6th Noyon (608 pigeons) - 2019 - fastest of 1,401 pigeons
33rd Noyon (604 pigeons) - 2018
29th Noyon (387 pigeons) - 2018
17th Blois (287 pigeons) - 2018
37th Argenton (373 pigeons) - 2018
132nd I.Prov. Orleans (3,498 pigeons) - 2018
172nd I.Prov. Blois (1,635 pigeons) - 2018

Click here for the full pedigree.

Ricky 900 - BE18-4070900

A fabulous crossing of the golden Ricky bloodlines with the best of Bart Geerinckx: a granddaughter of Gladiator, Miss Magic, Eenwitpen Willyke and Blauwe Ijzeren.

1st Quievrain (268 pigeons) - 2019
22nd Noyon (205 pigeons) - 2019
239th Prov. Orleans  (2,721 pigeons) - 2019
997th Nat. Zone Bourges (4,277 pigeons) - 2019
7th Noyon (344 pigeons) - 2018

The future

The season has only just started, and we are already using superlatives. Still, we are fairly convinced that this will not be their only major feat this season. The racing team is clearly in great form, and they are a group of top class birds. We have the other national races still coming up, and the young birds cannot wait to get involved in the action. In other words, we would not be surprised to see another great result from this team of dedicated fanciers soon.