Annick Goeteyn (Deinze, BE) has an excellent early season, starting with a 2nd Prov. Orleans

We are four weeks into the new season, and Annick Goeteyn has consistently been in the lead group. It resulted in a first prize from Clermont, as well as three second places from Arras and Clermont. She yet again settled for second place provincial in the first provincial race of 2019.

The team of Annick Goeteyn is having a promising start to the season. Those of you that have been following Annick in recent years have probably noticed that she is targeting the provincial and national classics of the longer middle distance and the light long distance. In other words, the Goeteyn pigeons are really getting up to speed now, with the national opening classic from Vierzon coming up. This is their moment of truth.
We reckon the outstanding results of team Goeteyn in the preparatory races has left Annick with a sense of confidence.

She did well in the very first race from Arras (92km) on 20th April, claiming a 2-3-7-... of 210 old birds. And we saw similar results in the following weeks as well. In fact, the team was victorious just one week later, winning a 1-3-7 of 130 yearlings from Clermont (196 km). The old birds settled for second place of 266 old birds. The same happened on 5th of May, with the team claiming another second place from Clermont of 127 old birds. These weekly top results clearly show that the racing team was in great health and in great form.

The first provincial race of the season took off in Orleans, on the weekend of 12th of May. This was yet another very successful race, although they finished in second place in both categories: a 2-8-9-11-... of 338 old birds and a 2-3-... of 269 yearlings. And they claimed another podium spot at provincial level: a 2nd Provincial Orleans of 3,826 old birds. They did great overall:

12/5 Orleans (358 km) Provincial 3,826 olds:
2-22-24-33-125-320-377-403-446-547… (17/31)
12/5 Orleans (358 km) Provincial 2,721 yearlings:
12-18-168-205-229-245-309-367-395-401-489-496-506-577 (14/24)

Fenna claims 2nd Prov. Orleans

As you know, Annick Goeteyn has two world class breeding pairs in her collection with Tsaby x Kim and Orlando x Nicofelia. The hen that won a 2nd Prov. Orleans is Fenna, a fantastic racing bird and a granddaughter of stock pair 1, Tsaby x Kim (through her dam Last Kim BE14-4033169, which was paired to Adel BE10-4275193, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele).

-Fenna BE16-4072014

 2nd Prov. Orleans 3,826 p. ’19
 1st Bourges         341 p. – 33rd Nat. Bourges 20,210 p.
 1st Chateauroux      91 p. – 20th Prov. 4,067 p.
 1st Clermont        274 p.
37th Prov. Chateauroux 2,714 p.

Click here for Fenna's pedigree

Last Kim: the dam of Fenna, winner of a 2nd Prov. Orleans 3,826 p.

The third old bird in the race and winner of a 24th Prov. Orleans is Kimy, another super class racing hen with quite a list of achievements:

-Kimy BE17-4177040

 3rd Fontenay       335 p.
 4th Orleans        800 p.
11th Issoudun       291 p.
16th Fontenay     1,082 p.
17th Prov Orleans 6,375 p.
24th Prov Orleans 3,826 p. ’19
37th Prov Orleans 2,480 p.

Kimy is a granddaughter of Tsaby x Kim as well: she stems from Kimi BE13-4035420 x Wilma BE13-3074421 (from Chris Debacker's stock breeder Nick).
Click here for Kimy's pedigree

The hen that claimed a first place in the yearlings' race, as well as a 12th Provincial from Orleans, is called Phara. She stems from a full brother of Kimy, namely Son Kimi BE17-4177099. He was also bred from Kimi x Wilma, and he was paired to Daughter G-Power, which in turn stems from G-Power BE11-4245866 (a super class son of Tsaby x Kim) x Oreley BE14-4033200 (a daughter of stock pair 2: Orlando x Nicofelia). Phara was basketed as first nominated, having already won a first prize from Clermont two weeks earlier:

-Phara BE18-4092118

1st Clermont 130 p.
2nd Clermont 266 p.
2nd Orleans  269 p. – 12th Prov. 2,721 p. ’19
8th Orleans  338 p. – 22nd Prov. 3,826 p. ‘19  

Click here for Phara's pedigree

We also introduce you to another two year old hen called Tsaris, winner of an 18th Prov. Orleans. She too stems from a son of Tsaby from her father's side, paired to Oreye (a daughter of Orlando x Nicofelia). That son is Son Tsaby BE16-4246481, and he was paired to Leontine, a hen from the loft of De Jonghe.

-Tsaris BE18-4092159

 3rd Orleans 269 p. - 18th Prov. 2,721 p. ’19
 5th Tours   305 p. – 21st Prov. Tours 2,835 p. ’18
11th Orleans 338 p. – 33rd Prov. 3,826 p. ’19

Click here for the pedigree of Tsaris

Tsaby: the golden stock breeder of this pigeon breed, and one of the cornerstones in Annick Goeteyn's current generation of pigeons

As you can see, the pigeon breed of Annick Goeteyn is still in full swing, with the help of her two fabulous breeding pairs. They are invaluable breeders, which the many great results in recent seasons, and in the first few weeks of 2019, are based upon. Keep in mind that the two stock pairs happen to be closely related as well (Kim is a daughter of Lieske, which is in turn a full sister of Orlando). This is a solid foundation that is guaranteed to deliver for years to come. The team has had another very successful leadup towards the 2019 classics season, and a good start is half the battle. We look forward to the next few weeks, to see if they continue to score spectacular results.

Golden stock pair 2: Orlando x Nicofelia