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Auction day comes to a close with 373,000 euro – Samuel Mbiza 11,900 euro/bird – Mike Ganus 4,600 euro/bird

The auctions that closed on Sunday 28th of April raised 373,075 euro in total with 186 pigeons, resulting in an average of over 2,000 euro per bird.

Youri Deblanc – 4 pigeons – 1,013 euro/bird
This promising young fancier had a PIPA auction for the first time, and he promptly sold three of his four pigeons to China. His most expensive bird was sale 3, a youngster of the best racing bird from Brive in 2016-2018 paired to a daughter of Porsche, which was sold for 1,200 euro. The 4th pigeon goes to the United States. He sold his 4 youngsters for 4,050 euro in total.

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw – 7 pigeons – 1,121 euro/bird
Father and son Platteeuw sold 7 youngsters in auction, after what turned out to be a fantastic 2018 season. They had a total revenue of 7,850 euro, and the most expensive bird was a youngster of top pair General x Ina Scot. It was sold for 2,100 euro and it went to a Belgian fancier. In fact, 6 out of 7 birds were sold to a Belgian loft, with the 7th pigeon moving to Taiwan.

Ben de Keijzer – 14 pigeons – 966 euro/bird
A few of the last grandchildren of Jonge Supercrack were sold in auction, and the 14 pigeons raised 13,525 euro in total. The most expensive bird was sale 8, a bont grandchild of Jonge Supercrack that was sold for 1,700 euro to a Chinese fancier. The 14 pigeons are moving to China (6), Belgium (4), the USA (2), Kuwait (1) and Taiwan (1).

Rik Cools – 5 pigeons – 2,300 euro/bird
This auction too focused on quality rather than quantity. We had just five youngsters on offer, but each one of them was quite special. The most expensive youngster was a full brother of an 8th National La Souterraine and a grandchild of Schoone Bliksem, which goes to China for 3,800 euro. The remaining four pigeons will be transferred to Taiwan. The overall revenue for the five pigeons was 11,500 euro.

W.D. Van Tuil – 57 pigeons – 1,142 euro/bird
After the passing of Wim van Tuil, PIPA was honoured to host his total auction, which included many top quality breeding and racing birds. The most expensive bird was a 7 year old son of Di Caprio, which goes to Japan for 4,400 euro. The 57 pigeons raised 65,075 euro in total, and they were sold to fanciers from across the globe: Taiwan (11), the USA (10), China (9), Japan (7), Qatar (4), Hungary (3), Belgium (3), The Netherlands (2), South Africa (2), Kuwait (1), the United Arab Emirates (1), Argentina (1), Germany (1), Iraq (1) and the United Kingdom (1).

April Auction – 30 pigeons – 1,875 euro/bird
A number of birds that had not been paid for over the past few months were sold in this non-payers auction on PIPA. The most expensive bird was a double grandchild of Hilde of Jan Hooymans, which went to Taiwan for 6,400 euro. The overall revenue for 30 pigeons was 56,250 euro, and they will be shipped to Taiwan (8), China (6), Belgium (5), The Netherlands (2), the USA (2), South Africa (2), Germany (1), Egypt (1), Japan (1), Morocco (1) and Malasia (1).

Samuel Mbiza – 7 pigeons – 11,943 euro/bird
After the sale of Golden Prince to the PIPA Elite Center a few months ago, it was the logical next step for Samuel to auction the two hens that were paired to Golden Prince as well, along with five beautiful youngsters. The overall revenue for the 7 pigeons amounted to 83,600 euro. The most expensive bird was Mother Prince Rudy, which goes to China for 25,000 euro. The remaining fanciers went to Taiwan (5) and Belgium (1).

Eddy van der Pijl – 15 pigeons – 1,227 euro/bird
Eddy van der Pijl is a Dutchman and he has been one of the leading names in Italy for years. He sold his best pigeons in auction, for a total of 18,400 euro. The most expensive bird was sale 2, Olympic Friendship, which was sold to a Dutch fancier for 4,200 euro. The 15 pigeons were spread across China (3), Taiwan (3), The Netherlands (3), Saudi Arabia (2), Italy (2), Canada (1) and Iraq (1).

Olivier Carlier – 16 pigeons – 1,548 euro/bird
A number of top class breeding and racing birds of Olivier Carlier were put up for auction. The most expensive bird was Olympic Patron, which goes to Taiwan for 9,200 euro. The overall revenue for the 16 pigeons was 24,775 euro; they were sold to fanciers from Taiwan (5), Belgium (4), the USA (3), Japan (2), France (1) and China (1).

Mike Ganus – 12 pigeons – 4,658 euro/bird
Like we said in earlier auction reports, there is a high demand for pigeons that are successful in One Loft Races. Apparently, many fanciers have turned to Mike Ganus for strong OLR birds. He has as many as five Million Dollar Race winners in his collection, as well as several Golden Algarve winners, winners in the Victoria Falls, etc. In this auction we had 12 young birds from his best breeders on offer, and they were sold for 55,900 euro in total. The most expensive youngster was a full brother of Laura Is A Big Winner Today (winner of the 2016 SAMDPR); he goes to Kuwait for 13,800 euro. The second most expensive bird was a full brother, which goes to Germany for 8,200 euro. The 12 youngsters will soon be on their way to Germany (2), Ireland (2), India (2), Kuwait (2), Canada (1), Malta (1), the USA (1), and South Africa (1).

Marc de Cock – 7 pigeons – 1,957 euro/bird
This was a smaller auction consisting of 7 young birds, including sale 1, a full brother of Superstar Rockefeller. He was sold to Taiwan for 4,400 euro, as the most expensive bird of the lot. The 7 youngsters were sold for 13,700 euro in total, and they will be going to Taiwan (1), Belgium (1), Argentina (1), The Philippines (1), Malasia (1), Romania (1) and China (1).

Alfons & Helmut Klaas – 12 pigeons – 1,538 euro/bird
Alfons Klaas auctioned 12 young birds of his best OLR breeders; they were sold for 18,450 euro in total. The most expensive youngster was sale 4, a half sister of a 2nd place winner in the Victoria Falls One Loft Race in Zimbabwe. She goes to Canada for 2,400 euro. The pigeons were sold to fanciers from the USA (6), Singapore (2), Germany (1), China (1), Canada (1) and the United Kingdom (1).