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Auction weekend has total revenue of 390,000 euro – Gino Clicque raises almost 100,000 euro for 39 youngsters

Sunday was the closing day for 10 different auctions, in which 215 were put up for auction. They raised 389,725 euro together, with an average sale price of 1,812 euro per bird. We briefly discuss each individual auction below.

February Auction – 55 pigeons – 2,161 euro/bird
We offered for sale a group of pigeons from previous PIPA auctions that had not been paid for. The auction was a major success, with most pigeons' sale price being just a few hundreds of euros short of their original sale price. The most expensive bird was a daughter of Rudy of Gaby Vandenabeele; she goes to China for 15,000 euro. The 55 pigeons were sold to the following countries: China (14), Japan (7), USA (7), the United Kingdom (6), Belgium (5), Taiwan (4), Germany (3), Austria (2), Romania (2), Canada (1), the Czech Republic (1), Ireland (1), Italy (1), Malta (1), and The Philippines (1). The 55 pigeons raised 118,850 euro together.

Marc de Cock – 7 pigeons – 1,729 euro/bird
This was a smaller auction with seven young birds from the best Marc de Cock bloodlines. The auction was quite a success, raising 12,100 euro for 7 youngsters. The most expensive youngster was sale 1, a daughter of Rockefeller. She goes to China for 3,800 euro. The second most expensive bird is a half sister of Rockefeller; she was sold to a Chinese fancier for 2,000 euro. The 7 pigeons went to China (2), Romania (2), Taiwan (1), The Netherlands (1) and Belgium (1).

Kees Nijeboer – 13 pigeons – 819 euro/bird
Kees sold two racing birds and 11 youngsters. The most expensive bird was sale 1, which he sold to a Dutchman for 1,300 euro. The 13 pigeons raised 10,650 euro in total, and they were sold to fanciers from China (4), The Netherlands (4), France (2), Belgium (1), Qatar (1) and the United States (1).

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede – 8 pigeons – 1,594 euro/bird
A group of just 8 youngsters of the Vandenheede brothers from Zingem were offered for sale; they raised 12,750 euro together. All eight pigeons stem from their Limoges bloodline. The most expensive bird was sale 1, a granddaughter of the famous Limoges. This bird was sold to a Belgian fancier for 3,200 euro. The 8 pigeons will be transferred to Belgium (3), Taiwan (1), China (1), Japan (1), Poland (1) and Thailand (1).

Hardy Kruger – 6 pigeons – 2,050 euro/bird
Super class hen "Miss Black" came into prominence for the first time through this auction. She is the fantastic new one loft racing breeder for Hardy Krüger. Two youngsters and four grandchildren of Miss Black were sold in auction, and they raised 12,300 euro in total. The most expensive bird is a direct youngster of Miss Black (sale 1); it was sold to Taiwan for 3,200 euro. The six pigeons are moving to Qatar (2), Morocco (2), Taiwan (1) and Belgium (1).

Leo & Gerry Dockx – 10 pigeons – 1,260 euro/bird
Father & son Dockx are running one of the few satellite lofts of Gaston van de Wouwer. They had put together a few breeding pairs specially for this auction, with breeders closely inbred to Gaston's best bloodlines. The 10 youngsters were sold for 12,600 euro, and the most expensive bird was an inbred youngster to Kim, which goes to China for 3,200 euro. The 10 pigeons were sold to fanciers from China (5), the United States (2), Taiwan (1), Japan (1), and Belgium (1).

Gino Clicque – 39 pigeons – 2,523 euro/bird
Gino Clicque sold a large collection of youngsters on PIPA for the second time this season. His second auction of the season was a major success as well, with an overall revenue of 98,400 euro. The most expensive young bird is a direct youngster of Golden King x First Lady, two 1st national ace pigeons that Gino Clicque put together in 2018. This youngster went to Germany for 13,400 euro. The second most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Golden Princess; it was sold to a Chinese fancier for 7,800 euro. The 39 pigeons will be moving to China (14), Belgium (8), Germany (7), Japan (4), the United States (2), France (1), Taiwan (1), the United Arab Emirates (1), and Switzerland (1).

Jos Martens – 11 pigeons – 2,359 euro/bird
After what turned out to be another very successful 2018 season, Jos Martens has opted to sell his pigeons exclusively through PIPA as of early 2019. His first auction with 11 youngsters was an instant success, with an overall revenue of 25,950 euro. The most expensive bird was a direct youngster of Helios, 1st Int. Perpignan 2018; it was sold to a Dutchman for 5,200 euro. The second most expensive bird is a full sister of Helios, and she was sold to a fancier from India for 4,200 euro. The 11 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (4), The Netherlands (2), France (1), India (1), Japan (1) Trinidad & Tobago (1) and Taiwan (1).

Jespers-Van der Wegen – 8 pigeons – 731 euro/bird
Eight youngsters from the best breeders of Jespers-Van der Wegen were sold in auction, and the most expensive one was a youngster of top breeder Poupou; it was sold to a Chinese fancier for 1,200 euro. The 8 youngsters raised 5,850 euro in total, and they will be moving to Belgium (4), Taiwan (3) and China (1).

Extreme Long Distance Auction – 58 pigeons – 1,384 euro/bird
For the last auction of the day, we had a number of extreme long distance fancier sell a selection of young birds in a so called Extreme Long Distance auction. The most expensive pigeon was a son of Romee of Jelle Jellema, which goes to the Czech Republic for 5,600 euro. The second most expensive bird is a daughter of Joyce, again from Jelle Jellema. She goes to the United Kingdom, raising 4,000 euro. The 58 pigeons were sold for 80,275 euro in total, and they will be moving to Taiwan (16), Belgium (12), Japan (6), The Netherlands (6), the United Kingdom (5), France (4), Germany (3), Romania (2), China (1), the Czech Republic (1), Hungary (1) and the United States (1).