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Ending auctions: F. & N. Norman, R. & D. Pierre, Nico van Noordenne, Frans Bungeneers, Luc de Laere, Gebroeders Raets, Romein Klein, Bart Geerinckx, Best of USA, Philippe Dobbelaere & Riddersclub van België

Sunday the 3th of March, these auctions will end: F. & N. Norman (BE), R. & D. Pierre (BE), Nico van Noordenne (P-B), Frans Bungeneers (BE), Luc de Laere (BE), Gebroeders Raets (BE), Romein Klein (NL), Bart Geerinckx (BE), best of USA, Philippe Dobbelaere (BE) & Riddersclub van België.

Filip & Nicolas Norman (BE)
Florian Special - Youngsters of the best breeding & racing birds

The pigeon breed from the 'Mas Palomas' loft in Knokke-Heist is more successful than ever. Filip and his son Nicolas have repeatedly shown their potential over the years, with a racing team that is particularly tough to beat. The two fanciers have a solid foundation for their pigeon breed with the Zorry dynasty, with Florian (a grandson of Zorro) being a fantastic stock breeder. Among this team's leading birds of today are Gazpacho (Olympiad Pigeon), Magic Florian (4th Nat. Souillac and 2 x 1st interprov.) and Glamour (2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB). A select group of pigeons related to these invaluable bloodlines are put up for auction on PIPA.

Roger & David Pierre (BE)
Youngsters of their best breeders

Father and son Pierre are one of Belgium's top-tier pigeon lofts, with several provincial and interprovincial victories to their name. They were also successful in national championships, and they have won Olympiad pigeon titles and numerous top results in regional, provincial and interprovincial championships. This team gained prominence with the help of such super class birds as Ashley, Virginie, Shaina, Keisha and Messina, which have all won a number of championship titles. For instance, Ashley and Shaina were both a 1st Int. Olympiad Pigeon in 2015 in Budapest. PIPA is now selling some of the best bloodlines of this team.

Nico van Noordenne (NL)
Top class racing birds & youngsters of the best breeders

He was a golden boy in The Netherlands for many years, and he is now a household name, competing at the highest level with pigeons that have excellent references across the globe. His fantastic Torero dynasty has led to countless fantastic results, and the introduction of a group of Ludo Claessens breeders has further raised the bar for this team of champions from South Holland. Nico is now selling some collector's items on PIPA: a selection of breeding and racing birds with a proven record straight from the best bloodlines of Team Van Noordenne, including some highly exclusive birds: the last youngsters of Torero, Super 45, Witje 975, Amazing 402, Chanel 555, etc.

Frans Bungeneers (BE)
Bred exclusively for this auction: youngsters from his best Barcelona birds, closely inbred to "Queen Tony"

Anyone who takes a good look at Frans Bungeneers's achievements in Barcelona will agree that Frans is indeed the one and only Barcelona King. He was able to achieve his dream in 2005 when Queen Tonny claimed a 1st Nat. Barcelona, and it was in fact the start of quite a success story! Unfortunately most of his best bird were stolen but Frans did not throw in the towel. He made it his mission to develop a new pigeon family that could lead to new top results! And he did succeed. Frans is now selling a group of youngsters from his best breeding and racing birds.

Luc De Laere (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders
Luc De Laere was able to claim another top result, even outside of the racing season: Italian champion Rolando Fabriani will be representing his country at the upcoming Olympiad in the allround category with a 50% De Laere pigeon. This fantastic racing bird became 1st National Ace Pigeon both in the middle distance and allround! As you know, Luc De Laere has been outstanding at provincial level in West Flanders for many years now. His Tieke bloodline combined really well with the pigeons of none other than Gaby Vandenabeele, and Luc has excelled with their descendants since. Luc is now selling youngsters of his best breeding and racing birds on PIPA.

Gebroeders Raets (BE)
Gaby Vandenabeele collection

The two brothers Jean-Marie and Arnold Raets and his son Kenny from Vliermaal repeatedly imposed their will in the Long Distance club in Limburg. And they had some remarkable results at national level as well, with for instance the title of Golden Pigeon in Belgium in 2017. The bloodlines that played an crucial role in this team come from the legendary Gaby Vandenabeele: they obtained descendants from Rudy and Mister Magic, among others. Their most valued Vandenabeele birds will now be sold on PIPA, along with their best youngsters and a selection of young birds.

Romein Klein (NL)
Top class racing birds and youngsters of their best breeders

The combination of Cor Romein and Frank Klein has won quite a number of top prizes since it was founded in 2014. They claimed dozens of first prizes in major competitions, including more than ten victories in Province South Holland. And they have been quite successful in the different national competitions as well. Their pigeon breed is based mostly around pigeons of Danny van de Vrede (Bergschenhoek, NL). The combination also obtained pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE), Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen, NL) and Leo Heremans (Vosselaar, BE) through Anton Ruitenberg (Zwolle, NL).

Bart Geerinckx (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders

The fancier who gained the most prominence in recent years is probably Bart Geerinckx. If he was not winning races himself, there were always plenty of other lofts that excelled with pigeons from the Geerinckx breed. Bart is one of those fanciers that always resisted the temptation to make big money. In other words, his most successful pigeons were rarely sold, which resulted in an exceptionally talented group of breeding birds. Bart is now selling a group of youngsters of his best breeders in a fantastic PIPA auction.

Best of USA
For the first time on PIPA: the best fanciers from the USA in a single auction

PIPA is introducing a brand new concept this season with its Best of USA auction. It is for the first time that an auction house brings together the best pigeon fanciers from the USA, selling their best birds in a top level pigeon auction. American fanciers have been selecting pigeons mainly in one loft races for many years now, and several of them have gained an international reputation over time. Some of the leading fanciers from the USA are now selling their very best pigeons on PIPA.

Philippe Dobbelaere (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders

Philippe Dobbelare continued to get very strong results in 2018, winning an astounding 31 first prizes. This pigeon breed is mainly centered around the bloodlines of some top class stock breeders: Brigitte, Cleo, her nest brother Keizer, and her grandaughter Evita. These breeding birds, which are either paired to each other or to new introductions, have given several talented newcomers and race winners that can excel in all conditions. Philippe is now selling an interesting selection of youngsters from his best breeders!

Riddersclub of Belgium (BE)
Gifts to support the Riddersclub

The Belgian Riddersclub is a high status club in Belgium, which is not unexpected from a Knights club. In this auction a number of sympathisers and renowned fanciers are giving away a pigeon to support the non-profit organisation vzw Riddersclub. This is a rare opportunity to obtain something truly special.