Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) concludes fantastic season with not nominated loft championship middle distance in Province 2 Brabant 2000

Stef Bals clearly managed to join the ranks of the country's leading players in 2018. He had quite a successful season indeed, claiming two provincial victories and a title of 1st not nominated loft championship middle distance in province Brabant 2.

Stef Bals seizes power in province Brabant 2000 as 1st not nominated loft champion

Young and successful

At 25 years old Stef Bals is still a young fancier, although his achievements in recent years put him in the same category as some much older fanciers with much more experience. Stef is well on his way to become a leading player in the middle distance (his favourite competition) one day, as he went on to win a top prize in the provincial race from Sens in early July. He had four pigeons arrive home almost simultaneously, winning a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of 4971 pigeons. You can reread our race report here. This top result was the first of several achievements over the course of this season that eventually led to some remarkable championship titles, ranging from the sprint to the one day long distance. He even won a few national titles as well:

1st  Not nominated loft champion middle distance province Brabant 2000
1st  Loft champion middle distance rayon 2 (Blauwe Doffer) province Brabant 2000
1st  Loft champion one day long distance rayon 2 (Blauwe Doffer) province Brabant 2000
4th  Not nominated loft champion sprint Brabant 2000
5th  Nominated loft champion middle distance Brabant 2000
7th  Not nominated loft champion one day long distance Brabant 2000
7th  Nominated loft champion one day long distance Brabant 2000
13th National champion not nominated middle distance
20th National champion not nominated one day long distance

His best results

We did not want to include too many results in this article, so we picked only the team's very best achievements of the season:

26-05 Pt.St.Maxence  275 km  13240 p.  1-5-11-34-35-36-37-38-41-64-etc.(21/24)
23-06 NPO Montlucon  586 km   3762 p.  13-27-etc.(4/4)
30-06 Melun          344 km   5678 p.  3-4-27-33-42-44-52-77-etc.(17/22)
07-07 Sens           374 km   4971 p.  1-2-3-4-27-51-54-83-84-etc.(15/17)

NL10-2047584 NPO Men, the stock sire for Stef Bals

NPO Men, the stock sire of Team Bals

As with most other top lofts, Stef is fortunate to have an exceptionally gifted breeder by his side. His NL10-2047584 NPO Men, which he obtained from his good friend and top fancier Maarten Huijmans, has really left his mark on this pigeon loft. The provincal winner from Sens of 4971 p. (and the second prize winner), as well as the third prize winner in the provincial race from Melun of 5678 p. are direct youngsters of this fantastic breeder. NPO Men is a grandchild of Miss Universe, which laid the foundation for the Maarten Huijsmans pigeon breed. Miss Universe is the dam and grandmother of an extensive number of first prize winners, and NPO Men is the sire/grandfather of:

1st Sens            8503 p. (Middle distance teletext race Brabant 2000)
1st Sens            4971 p.
2nd Sens            4971 p.
3rd Melun           5678 p.
4th Melun           5678 p.
4th Sens            4971 p.
5th Pt.St.Maxence  13240 p.
7th St.Quentin     24121 p.
9th Souppes        14695 p.

We introduce you to a son and granddaughter of NPO Men that have both played a role in the team's title of not nominated loft champion in province Brabant 2000.

Golden Yearling 1st Sens prov. Brabant 2000

NL17-3720611 Golden Yearling, 1st Sens province Brabant 2000 of 4971 p.

Racing NL17-3720611 Golden Yearling was respsonsible for a coveted first prize in the race from Sens on 7th of July, adding a provincial win to his name. Golden Yearling, a fabulous blue coloured son of NPO Men, wins the following prizes in Brabant 2000 this season:

1st  Sens     of    4971 p.
3rd  Melun    of    5678 p.
13th Peronne  of   20806 p.

The dam of Golden Yearling, NPO Girl, originates from the Huijsmans breed, and she forms a stock pair with NPO Men. The pedigree of Golden Yearling can be seen here.

Blue 883 - winner of three top five prizes in Brabant 2000

NL17-1366883 Blue 883, one of the revelations of 2018

Another very talented bird saw the light of day in 2017, bred from a son of NPO Men x NPO Girl. Blue 883 wins three top five prizes in the provincial results of province 2 Brabant 2000 in 2018:

4th Melun          of     5678 p.
4th Sens           of     4971 p.
5th Pt.St.Maxence  of    13240 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Blue 883

Blue Pearl 1st Pt.St. Maxence prov. Brabant 2000

NL17-1366877 Blue Pearl, 1st Pt. St. Maxence prov. Brabant 2000 of 13240 p.

The next yearling to come to the fore in 2018 is NL17-1366877 Blue Pearl. She takes the win in Pt. St. Maxence in Brabant 2000 of 13,240 p. on 26th of May, and she takes another top result in Sens on 7th of July, finishing in third place. Instead of taking the win, she let two of her teammates finish in front of her. She came in third, resulting in Stef claimed the entire top three that day. Blue Pearl is closely related to Miss Universe, which is her grandmother. Click here for Blue Pearl's full pedigree. Let's take another look at her best results of 2018:

1st Pt.St.Maxence  of   13240 p. (Brabant 2000)
3rd Sens           of    4971 p. (Brabant 2000) (after two loft mates)

A promising future

Stef Bals has repeatedly demonstrated his potential, turning into one of the stars of 2018. Making it to the top is quite a challenge but maintaining your place is a lot more difficult. Stef is now facing the task of trying to match his results of 2018 next season. This reporter is confident that he will pull this off.