Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) had some great results with the yearlings in 2018

The Scheele Brothers had a marvellous generation of young birds in 2017, and these continued to deliver as one year olds in the 2018 season. The pigeons from this renowned breed did not disappoint, they performed really well this year.

Jaap and Adriaan Scheele look back on yet another fantastic season

The youngsters of 2017

We reckon the Scheele Brothers really enjoyed their 2017 young birds' season: Jaap and Adriaan finished in second place in Province 1 Zeeland '96 in the middle distance competition, with a fantastic generation of young birds. The overview of top 10 prizes in the pigeon championships young birds middle distance/long distance was nothing short of impressive: the father-son combination from Zeeland had the entire top four, and an astounding seven young birds in the top 10.

A reassuring provincial championship middle distance

The level of quality in this team of yearlings showed again in 2018. In fact, a one year old from this team came out the fastest in Province 1 both in the middle distance race from Pontoise and the sprint race from Pont St. Maxence. The achievements of the yearlings' team eventually led to a 1st prize in the middle distance championship in the province of Zeeland '96 overall. And the old birds had some solid results this year as well: they win a provincial first prize from Melun, and they claim a top result in the PIPA Ranking for 2018, which we talk about later on. We will  be discussing the stars of the team, but first we take a closer look at some of the best results of 2018:

5  May       Fontenay  365 km   2519 p. 2-5-7-10-11-12-14-17-18-20-21-22-23-24-etc.(57/75)
19 May       Melun     309 km   1457 p. 1-2-4-9-11-12-14-15-18-19-20-27-33-34-35-etc.(38/69)
             Prov. Zeeland ’96  5425 p. 1-2-7-etc.
10 juni      Pointoise 277 km   1134 p. 1-2-4-6-9-10-12-16-etc.(21/42)
             Prov. Zeeland ’96  3970 p. 1-2-4-6-etc.
26 mei       Issoudun  503 km   1219 p. 1-2-5-10-14-19-24-26-46-etc.(21/27)
             5x top ten province Zeeland ’96 in the one day long distance
18 augustus  Melun YBs 312 km    931 p. 1-2-3-4-6-7-9-14-24-39-40-47-49-50-etc.(24/44)
             Prov. Zeeland ’96  2788 p. 1-3-4-10-etc.
1 september  Gien YBs 410 km     584 p. 1-3-9-16-21-38-etc.(15/33)
             Prov. Zeeland ’96  2166 p. 1-4-etc.   

Here is an introduction to some of the champions of the Scheele Brothers that have made a difference in 2018. We begin with a few old birds, followed by the team's best yearlings and young birds of 2018.

Katie, provincial winner from Melun

NL14-3416370 Katie, provincial winner from Melun                   

The first provincial victory in the 2018 middle distance competition was won by NL14-3416370 Katie. She took the win against a large group of 5425 pigeons. About a month later, she had to settle for 2nd Provincial of 2688 pigeons in the race from Gien (she was 7th of 23,171 p. Sector 1 National). Katie is a granddaughter of NL10-3056436 Fast Boy, winner of three teletext prizes, including a 1st NPO Argenton. The other grandfather of Katie is NL10-3056365 Kleine Darco, which gained a reputation with provincial first prizes from Morlincourt (8754 p.) and Sens (6650 p.). You can browse through Katie's pedigree here.

De 413, 15th Best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands 2018 3 prizes PIPA Ranking

NL16-3615413 De 413, 15th best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands 2018 3 prizes PIPA Ranking

Arguably the best one day long distance bird of team Scheele this season is NL16-3615413 De 413. He is a son of Brother Magic's (a direct Erik Limbourg) and a grandson of Geeloger of Koen Minderhoud, and he finished in 15th place in the PIPA Ranking for best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands with three prizes, based on the following results:

Châteauroux     523 km   5 - 1954 p.
Argenton        551 km   7 – 2761 p.
La Souterraine  590 km  20 – 8600 p.

In addition, he demonstrated his breeding potential as the sire of NL17-3711262 Speed (the fastest in Pont St.Max Province 1 of 9257 p.). Click here for the pedigree of De 413.

Annika, provincial winner from Pointoise

NL17-3711254 Annika, 1st Pointoise province Zeeland '96 of 3970 p.

The team of yearlings was led by NL17-3711254 Annika, a chequered hen with excellent origins. She wins the provincial race from Pointoise of 3970 pigeons in 2018, and she is the 18th best national ace pigeon yearlings in the Allerbeste competition. Annika is a daughter of NL08-3856813 Ablis Boy, 3rd National Ace Pigeon one day long distance 2012, paired to NL09-3951653 Ace Girl, 2nd National Ace Pigeon one day long distance WHZB 2012. Both Ablis Boy (grandson) and Ace Girl (daughter) are descendants of the stock pair Superboy x Daughter 666. Click here for Annika's full pedigree.

Speed: the fastest pigeon in Pont St. Maxence province Zeeland ‘96

NL17-3711262 Speed, the fastest pigeon in province Zeeland '96 Pont St. Max of 9257 pigeons

NL17-3711262 Speed has clearly been one of the stars of the season for the Scheele Brothers, as the fastest pigeon in province Zeeland '96 in Pont St. Maxence of 9257 pigeons. And he was close to winning a first prize in two other races as well, finishing in 2nd place from Pontoise (3970 p.) and in fourth place in Orléans (4883 p.). Speed is a son of the aforementioned De 413, which shows that he has what it takes to achieve great results. His pedigree (click here) features stock sire Superboy x his daughter Ace Girl. Speed delivered the most memorable performance of 2018 for Jaap and Adriaan, although it was not the result in itself that was memorable. Speed took off for the last-but-one race of the pigeon championship middle distance in province Zeeland '96 with a considerable lead over the second. However, he arrived home as many as two days after the release on a Monday morning, being heavily wounded. Jaap and Adriaan were just thrilled to see their pigeon finally make his way back home. It was no doubt the biggest moment of the season for them.

Rico, 6th Olympiad Pigeon The Netherlands yearlings

NL17-3711295, 6th Dutch Olympiad Pigeon category yearlings

One of the young birds of 2017 that really excelled in 2018 was NL17-3711295 Rico. His 2018 palmares resulted in a sixth place in the final results of the Dutch Olympiad Pigeons yearlings. This title was based on the following results in the Entente Midden in province Zeeland '96:

Pont St. Maxence 240 km 1 – 1487 p.
Roye             194 km 2 – 2101 p.
Peronne          166 km 3 – 1586 p.
Fontenay         365 km 3 –  700 p.

Rico is a son of NL15-3509909 (brother of Timo, 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon YBs WHZB 2014) x Eline, which is in turn a daughter of top pair Sonny x Cher. For the full pedigree of Rico, click here.

Kiki, 1st NPO Melun

NL18-3828072 Kiki, 1st NPO Melun 2788 p.

The young birds had been awaiting the big classics to really start to deliver: they claimed not one but two provincial first prizes in the young birds' competition. One of the team's provincial winners is blue coloured hen NL18-3828072 Kiki. She was the fastest in Melun of 2788 pigeons. You can tell from her pedigree that she is also related to stock breeder Superboy, which was paired to his own daughter Ace Girl.

Cento, 1st Gien province Zeeland

NL18-3828078 Cento, most eye-catching young bird of the Scheele Brothers in 2018

The eye-catcher of the Scheele young birds' team of 2018 is without doubt NL18-3828087 Cento. This chequered cock was not only the fastest from Gien in the province overall of 2166 pigeons, he also claimed the following championship titles:

1st  Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs province Zeeland ‘96
11th Best young bird Middle Distance in The Netherlands PIPA Ranking
15th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs WHZB

Cento is a son of top bird NL08-3856795 Darco (1st Peronne 5776 p.) x Orléanswinnares (3967 p.) Ashly. Click here for Cento's pedigree.

Scheele pigeons in excellent form

We would like to conclude with a closer look at some of the best pigeons currently flying around in Zeeland: NL16-3615271 De 71, raced by Simon van Hoeve. This De 71 is the best all-round pigeon in Zeeland from 2017 to 2018: he was 2nd Ace Pigeon Allround in province Zeeland '96 in both seasons. And in 2018 he wins a 3rd NPO Chateauroux of 1954 p. His pedigree shows that he is closely related to the bloodlines of Jaap and Adriaan Scheele. The dam of De 71 is Juli, which stems from the renowned breeding pair Sonny x Chair. This bird shows once again that the Scheele pigeon family is quite a talented breed. Click here for a detailed palmares of the Scheele racing birds.

A promising 2019

The young birds of 2017 were almost invincible in 2017 and they pretty much continued to deliver in 2018: this generation was able to stand out again this season in Zeeland. If all goes well, we assume that 2019 is going to be another fantastic season for this team. They will have a group of racing birds at the start line that will be on top of their game. We reckon their opponents will have to work hard to try and keep up.