Most-read articles of 2018: Best Kittel, Newcastle disease (bis) and three times Gaby Vandenabeele (part 2)

It has become an annual tradition for PIPA to bring you an overview of the ten most-read articles (all languages included) of the past year, right before the start of the new year. We do not take into account the race pages, the club pages or the rankings. We present you the top five for 2018!

5. Best Kittel, the discovery of a new world class pigeon

Best Kittel (BE15-1029362) became 4th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB in 2016, and he did perhaps even better the following season, claiming the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB, with the lowest coefficient ever in the history of pigeon racing in Belgium: 0.89%. It was the discovery of a new super class bird!

Sprint champion Best Kittel won the following prizes:

1st Ecouen 1.082 p.
1st Ecouen 841 p.
1st Pont 623 p.
1st Pont 548 p.
2nd Pont 1.166 p.
2nd Pont 1.154 p.
2nd Pont 639 p.

These fantastic results were won in the lofts of Daniel and Mee Hae Dehon-Demonseau (Thulin, BE), and we wrote a report about his achievements. It was this report that turned out to be the fifth most-read article of 2018.

With his fantastic palmares, Best Kittel drew the attention of the PIPA Breeding Loft of Thomas Gyselbrecht, who could not have dreamt of a better bloodline to start his new sprint and middle distance breeding project with. Best Kittel is the stock sire and a proven world class breeder for the sprint and the middle distance, and he was a big step forward for this breeding loft.

4. This just in: Gaby Vandenabeele total auction

Health problems forced Gaby Vandenabeele, the iconic fancier from Dentergem, to put an end to his fantastic career. The Vandenabeele pigeons featured in the pedigrees of some of the biggest winners in Belgium, The Netherlands and other pigeon racing countries over the year. We were not surprised that our news item on his total sale turned out to be this year's fourth most-read article on PIPA!

The news item in which we announced that Gaby was about to sell his entire pigeon family on PIPA had more than 25,000 reads. It was of course something that caught many fanciers be surprise.

3. Newcastle disease: racing ban around Haaltert lifted

Thsi year's racing season had quite a number of extremely demanding races due to the historic drought and the hot spring and summer months. However, the Newcastle Disease outbreak has marked the 2018 season as well, with several Belgian fanciers being sidelined for an extended period of time due to an outbreak of the disease in the vicinity of their pigeon lofts.

In order to keep the fanciers up to date with clear and straightfoward information on the measures that were taken for each region by the Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain (FAVV), the PIPA team decided to bring two newsfeeds that would be kept up to date throughout the crisis. The first newsfeed was focusing on the information that came through from the FAVV, and it included an overview of the different measures that were taken, and the zones where an outbreak of the Newcastle had been detected. The second newsfeed focused more on information pertaining to the perimeter zones; in this article we communicated about possible new outbreaks, and we showed different maps with the major perimeter zones in the area around Zulte, Haaltert and Waregem, which were the result of an outbrak in poultry farms.

It was clear that fanciers were very happy with this initiative from PIPA: the newsfeeds got many reads, and we also received quite a few emails from fanciers, saying that they were particularly happy with how PIPA was keeping them up to date about the turn of events.

2. Order the catalogue for the Gaby Vandenabeele total auction

After announcing his auction on PIPA, we launched the Vandenabeele auction catalogue. And our PIPA report about his catalogue was again read by countless pigeon fanciers in Belgium and abroad! After also claiming the 4th place, this article about the Gaby Vandenabeele auction turns out to be the second most-read article of 2018.

The catalogue, of which 14,000 copies were printed, was distributed to countries across the world in the weeks prior the auction. We reckon this catalogue will soon become a collector's item!

1. Recordman Gaby Vandenabeele gets 6,582,500 EURO for his total auction – New Bliksem is most expensive bird ever sold in auction with 376,000 EURO sale price

Gaby Vandenabeele features in the top five of most-read articles on PIPA in 2018, not once, not twice but three times! This is quite overwhelming. It is no coincidence that our report on the overall results of his auction comes in first place. After all, this auction, which ran from 29th October until 12th November on PIPA, was a record breaking event across the board.

This pigeon auction was a record-breaking event across the board: an overall revenue of more than 6.5 million euro, the sale of New Bliksem for 376,000 euro and the sale of a fantastic son of Rudy x Miss Overegge, the most expensive young bird ever sold in an online auction, with a sale price of 71,000 euro. 815 pigeons were sold in Gaby's total auction, or 534 young birds and 281 old birds. The overall revenue of close to 6.6 million euro was won with 65% young birds, which is exceptional. It makes the overall result all the more remarkable.

It is hard to tell whether or not the record of 6,582,500 euro of Gaby and his daughter Ilse Vandenabeele will ever be broken. And we would be very surprised to see another fancier feature so often in our top 10 of most-read articles on PIPA. The most-read article of 2018 has been read close to 58,000 times.