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Most-read articles of 2018: Golden Algarve, Newcastle Disease, the famous Nadine & Harry and the KBDB General Meeting (part 1)

It has become an annual tradition for PIPA to bring you an overview of the ten most-read articles (all languages included) of the past year, right before the start of the new year. We do not take into account the race pages, the club pages or the rankings. We take a look at places six through ten!

10. Report of the national statutory and extraordinary general meeting of the KBDB - 26th October 2018

The tenth place for most-read article over the course of 2018 is a report on the national general meeting of the KBDB in late October. The fundamental changes in the national racing calendar and the reintroduction of the control rings were sensitive topics during this meeting, where all proposals were approved.

Many fanciers will have to get used to the new regime, because there will not be much left of the original calendar. The order of the races has been changed, new release sites were introduced and some older, familiar races were stricken. We will have to await the 2019 season to see if and how the new calendar will have an impact on our sport. How does the number of competing pigeons evolve, which races will benefit from this change, and which races will not? These questions will be answered from May 2019 onwards, and the results can then be analysed by the federation.

The control rings are being reintroduced for 2019 as well. This involves more work for the pigeon fanciers that await the pigeons, as well as for the clubs that have to get everything organised. However, to avoid potential fraud, the KBDB considered it worthwhile to reintroduce the control ring in 2019, as an additional control measure. We are eager to see if the KBDB can manage to plug all possible loopholes over the course of the season, so that the control ring is no longer required in 2020.

9. Harry of Jan Hooymans, the most famous pigeon in The Netherlands, is no longer

None other than Harry NL07-2007621 is no longer with us. A tumor was found in this iconic Jan Hooymans pigeon (Kerkdriel, NL), and Jan decided to have his top class racing and breeding bird put down, to prevent unnecessary suffering. 

Harry had won quite a few excellent results in his early years, including a 1st Blois - 37,728 p., a 1st Chateauroux 22,340 p. and a 3rd Chateaudun 21,520 p. And he turned out to be an excellent breeding bird as well: he left his mark on the pigeon breed of Jan Hooymans and that of numerous other fanciers at home and abroad for years to come. Unfortunately we had to bid this pigeon farewell in 2018. However, we are confident that his descendants will keep his memory alive for many years.

8. Bart Geerinckx convinces PEC to co-invest in Nadine, the most expensive hen ever

In 2016 Sara won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2016 for Willy Daniëls (Kessel, BE). A small miracle happened in Kessel the following season: Willy Daniëls was able to claim the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings again in 2017, this time with Selin, a full sister of Sara! Willy decided to sell Selin, and this hen travelled to its new owner on 16th of August 2017, while also getting a new name: Selin became Nadine. She was now in the hands of the iconic Chinese pigeon fancier Kaier, a renowned pigeon collector, who paid 400,000 euro for her.

Bart Geerinckx attended the sale on 16th of August, and he admitted being particularly impressed with Nadine. "Her overall build is phenomenal", we remember him saying. Bart was convinced that this pigeon had a bright future, and he proposed to co-invest after the deal was settled. He asked Nikolaas Gyselbrecht to co-invest in Nadine as well. After all, two sisters winning a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon two years in a row is something that has never occurred before. That was reason enough for the PEC to take the plunge, and it resulted in an agreement in which 50% of the owning rights belonged to Kaier, with the PEC and Bart Geerinckx sharing the other half.

Since the agreement, Nadine has been paired to all of the best breeding cocks of the three owners, including Porsche 911, Gladiator and Blue Lagoon. And our report on this unique collaboration in pigeon racing turned out to be the 8th most-read article in 2018.

7. The newcastle Disease: update:  last perimeter zone in Lessines lifted

This year's racing season will be remembered for its demanding races, caused by an unusually dry and warm spring and summer. However, the Newcastle Disease has had a profound impact on the 2018 competiton as well. In fact, quite a number of belgian fanciers were sidelined for a certain period of time following an outbreak of the disease in the vicinity of their pigeon lofts.

In order to keep the fanciers up to date with clear and straightfoward information on the measures that were taken for each region by the Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain (FAVV), the PIPA team decided to bring two newsfeeds that would be kept up to date throughout the crisis. The first newsfeed was focusing on the information that came through from the FAVV, and it included an overview of the different measures that were taken, and the zones where an outbreak of the Newcastle Disease had been detected. The second newsfeed focused more on information pertaining to the perimeter zones. In this article we communicated about possible new outbreaks, and we showed a map with the major perimeter zones in the areas around Zulte, Haaltert and Waregem, which were the result of an outbrak in poultry farms.

6. Golden Algarve Final Race 2018 - Update - Pedigree & Pictures of the winning pigeon online!

The Golden Algarve One Loft Race is generally considered to be one of the biggest one loft races in Europe. The number of reads of our live coverage of the final race on PIPA confirms the status of this race!

The 2018 edition was wno by the team of Schute and Thomas Kornelius, with their pigeon DE-1696-6. This year's race atrracted pigeon fanciers from across the globe, which were racing in beautiful weather.