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Auction weekend closes with 460,000 euro – Batenburg-Van de Merwe 3,915 euro/pigeon - Jan Hooymans 3,225 euro/pigeon

8 different auctions closed last Sunday, raising 461,625 euro in total for 161 pigeons, with an average of 2,867 euro/pigeon.

Leo Xue – Hollywood – 5 pigeons – 1,225 euro/pigeon
Leo Xue, a trusted PIPA client who bids under the name of Hollywood, sold a number of youngsters, along with two old birds. The most expensive of them is Coffin, sale 5, which was sold to a Belgian loft for 2,900 euro. The five pigeons will be moving to Taiwan (2), Belgium (2) and Portugal (1). They raised 6,125 euro together.

Alpdag Brothers – 13 pigeons – 2,677 euro/pigeon
It was for the first time that PIPA sold pigeons with a Turkish ring: three youngsters bred by the Alpdag brothers, sold along with some breeding birds. The most expensive old bird was a daughter of Nikolaas, which goes to China for 8,000 euro. The three youngsters were quite popular as well: they sold for 2,100, 2,000 and 1,700 euro. The overall revenue for the 13 pigeons was 34,800 euro, and they will be sold to Taiwan (5), Belgium (4), Turkey (2), Japan (1) and China (1).

Andreas Drapa – 18 pigeons – 1,153 euro/pigeon
Andreas Drapa is a household name in Germany, and he sold youngsters from his best breeders on PIPA. The 18 pigeons raised 20,750 euro together. The most expensive pigeon was sale 1, which goes to Italy for 2,000 euro. The 18 pigeons will be moving to Poland (5), China (4), Austria (2), Germany (2), Thailand (1), Turkey (1), Sri Lanka (1), Italy (1) and France (1).

Jan Hooymans – 40 pigeons – 3,225 euro/pigeon
Jan Hooymans sold a group of 40 pigeons in an online auction for the first time, and it was quite a success, with an overall revenue of 139,000 euro. The most expensive youngster is a double grandchild of Harry, which goes to Taiwan for 9,400 euro. The 40 youngsters will be moving to China (11), Taiwan (10), The Netherlands (4), Germany (3), Japan (3), The USA (2), The United Kingdom (2), Belgium (1), Hungary (1), Mexico (1), Qatar (1), and Romania (1).

Roger Mylle – 5 pigeons – 850 euro/pigeon
Roger Mylle has been one of the leading names in the long distance in Belgium for quite a number of years. He sold 5 youngsters of his best breeders, which raised 4,250 euro in total. the most expensive youngster was sale 1, a youngster of the best pigeon from St. Vincent in Belgium over the past 2 and 3 years. This youngster goes to The United Kingdom for 1,200 euro. The 5 pigeons are moving to a new loft in The United Kingdom (2), Poland (2) and Taiwan (1).

Davy Tournelle – 9 pigeons – 1,822 euro/pigeon
Davy & his father Patrick sold 9 youngsters from their best breeders for 16,400 euro overall. The most expensive youngster was sale 1, a youngster of Torres, which goes to a Belgian loft for 2,500 euro. The 9 youngsters were sold to fanciers from Belgium (4), Poland (2), Taiwan (2), and the United Kingdom (1).

Batenburg-Van de Merwe – 55 pigeons – 3,915 euro/pigeon
A fantastic collection of young birds was put up for auction: multiple youngsters of the very best pigeons of Batenburg-Van de Merwe, including youngsters of three different international winners from Barcelona, youngsters of 1st national ace pigeons and of the parents of 1st national ace pigeons. The 55 youngsters raised an impressive 215,300 euro. It is no coincidence that the three youngsters of New Laureaat were also the three most expensive birds. They were sold for 19,000, 17,000 and 15,200 euro, and they will stay in Belgium, in two different lofts. The 55 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (15), Taiwan (10), China (6), The Netherlands (6), Romania (5), The United Kingdom (4), Japan (3), Germany (2), France (2), The Philippines (1) and Saudi Arabia (1).

Arie Dijkstra – 16 pigeons – 2,188 euro/pigeon
The Arie Dijkstra PIPA pigeon auctions have been skyrocketing over the years. A group of 16 young birds were sold for an impressive 35,000 euro this year. The most expensive youngster was sale 14, a red bird inbred to stock breeder Leonardo, sold to a Chinese fancier for 4,200 euro. 50% of the young birds, 8 of them, will be moving to China, with the remaining 8 going to the USA (3), Canada (2), Taiwan (1), The Netherlands (2), and The United Kingdom (1).