Annick Goeteyn (Deinze, BE), a fancier with golden hands

It is often said that a female fancier can do wonders with pigeons, and Annick Goeteyn illustrates that season after season. She added another 13 first prizes to her palmares this season, including a provincial win from Orleans, and she had the fastest old bird in West Flanders both in Bourges and Chateauroux. Well done!

Annick Goeteyn and her daughter Kim Vanrenterghem had another great season in 2018. They claimed 7 victories with the old birds and the yearlings, and the young birds claimed another 6 first prizes. This makes for a total of 13 victories, including a provincial win from Orleans. Things were looking really good this season, just until early June, when there was an outbreak of the Newcastle Disease in a nearby poultry farm. Since the pigeon lofts of Annick and Kim were located within the perimeter imposed by the authorities, they were banned from racing for four weeks. The team was in the midst of the old birds' racing season, and in full preparation for the young birds' races. The racing lofts were locked for four weeks as of 7th of June, just after the race from Chateauroux. From then on, the pigeons could only train at home. The ban was eventually lifted on 4th of August. They were finally allowed to basket pigeons again, with no hope of winning a national championship or ace pigeon title.

They tried to get the team back on track with a number of shorter training flights. This went relatively well for the old and one year old birds (raced in nest position), since they had already gained quite a lot of experience. As a result, they were already in good form just before the ban. Annick also tried to get her youngsters to compete in as many races as possible, to let them gain experience for 2019. This was quite a challenge for them but they pulled through. After all, a talented breed is bound to surface one day.
Click here for the 2018 palmares of the Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem breed

1st Prov. Orleans, the fastest pigeon in Bourges and Chateauroux in West Flanders

Annick Goeteyn (in combination with her daughter Kim) has been racing independently since 2017, and she had a great first season, winning a 1st Prov. Blois and a 1st Nat. Zone Tulle YLs in a single week. And she claimed her first major result of 2018 in early May, with a provincial victory from Orleans against 2,373 old birds (with Milano). The team was obviously in great form this year, as they went on to win a first prize from Bourges (26/5) and Chateauroux (09/6 and 16/6), and three second prizes from Brive (23/6) and Chateauroux (16/6). This was a remarkable series of top results, which was suddenly halted by a Newcastle disease outbreak.

Despite the four week racing ban, the old birds continued to excel after 4th of August, as if nothing had happened.

They clocked the fastest pigeon of 5,095 pigeons in the national race of Bourges II (on 11th of August) in West Flanders. That pigeon was super class hen Belle Fleur. The team excelled again the following week, with the fastest old bird from Chateauroux in the province of West Flanders, with 333 old birds at the start line. This pigeon was Andora, a daughter of stock pair 2: Orlando x Nicofelia (see pedigree). Unfortunately most of her colleagues were not aware of this: even though their pigeons were basketed for the national races in west Flanders (in Waregem), the pigeons from East Flanders do not qualify for the provincial results in West Flanders.

Milano wins 1st Prov. Orleans 2,373 olds

The 2018 racing season was without doubt one of the most demanding seasons in our sport's history. In most of this year's races, the weather conditions were only suited for the most talented pigeons. The last weekend of May gave us a hint of what this season would look like, with a race that combined sun-drenched conditions and a strong headwind. It was clear from the start that these are the conditions which the Annick Goeteyn racing birds thrive in: they promptly claimed a 1st Provincial Orleans with Milano. This top class racing cock continued to deliver in the next few weeks as well:

-Milano BE16-4072034

 1st  Prov Orleans 2,373 p. 
 2nd  Fontenay       322 p.
 3rd  Fontenay       319 p.
25th  Nat Brive    9,278 p.
169th Prov Blois   2,642 p.
335th Nat Tulle    9,873 p.
854th Nat Chateauroux 26,587 p.

This pigeon has some talented forefathers: he is a direct son of supercrack Orlandor BE11-4245806 (himself 1st Nat. Zone Tulle 2,572 p., 12th Nat. Tulle 7,350 p., 39th Nat. Tulle 10,251 p., 63rd Nat. Cahors 7,140 p., 85th Nat. Limoges 7,221 p. and a son of stock pair Orlando x Nicofelia) x Milena BE11-4245867 (from Droomer x Franny), or a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon. Orlandor x Milena are also the grandparents of a 1st Nat. Argenton 11,215 p. for Dirk & Bart Delodder.
Click here for the pedigree of Milano

Belle Fleur: the fastest of 5,095 pigeons in Bourges II

Racing bird Belle Fleur - the superstar of this loft in 2018 - was banned from racing for four weeks but she took her revenge in the national race from Bourges II. She was the fastest pigeon in the province of West Flanders (1321 m/min) of 5,095 basketed pigeons. She already has four first prizes to her name: Blois, Bourges (twice), and Chatearoux. She has won several top prizes at national level as well, including:

-Belle Fleur BE16-4072060

23rd  Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2018
 6th  Nat Zone Chateauroux 5,335 p. ’18 – 70th Nat. 18,799 p.
 7th  Prov Blois           3,800 p.
 8th  Nat Zone Bourges     1,002 p. ’18
38th  Nat Argenton        11,823 p. ’18
41st  Nat Zone Chateauroux 5,090 p.
49th  Prov Vierzon         7,369 p. ’18
81st  Nat Zone Bourges     7,821 p.
133rd Nat Gueret           5,331 p. ’18

Belle Fleur still managed to finish in 23rd place in the national ace pigeon championship, despite a four week racing ban following a Newcastle Disease outbreak. Too bad! She is a daughter of Vida Loca BE15-4236006, a son of Vertigo BE06-4352097 (a direct Gaby Vandenabeele) x Vera BE13-4035459 (a daughter of stock pair 1 Tsaby x Kim). The dam is Capitana BE15-4236080. She is a daughter of Last Captain BE14-4033119 (a half brother of stock breeders Lieske and Orlando) x Daughter Brigitte BE13-4280933 (a direct Philippe Dobbelaere).
Click here for the pedigree of Belle Fleur.

Orlina, Full Power, Queenie and Woody join a long list of talented racing birds

We are genuinely impressed to see Annick Goeteyn develop a new team of highly talented racing birds in such a short period of time. Her loft is home to Milano, Belle Fleur and Andorra, and there are several more top quality racing birds that have been very successful over the past two years. We take a a closer look at the rest of the team:

-Full Power BE17-4177030

 1st Prov Blois       5,334 p.
15th Prov Orleans     6,375 p.
57th Prov Chateauroux 2,992 p.
58th Prov Blois       4,517 p.

He is the prototype of the modern day Annick Goeteyn racing bird: he was bred from two youngsters from her two stock pairs. Full Power is a son of G-Power BE11-4245866 (5th Nat. Poitiers and a son of Tsaby x Kim) x Oreley BE14-4033200, a full sister of Orlandor (and thus a daughter of Orlando x Nicofelia).
Click here for the full pedigree of Full Power

That same breeder Oreley, now paired to Cartouche BE12-4176473 (another son ofTsaby x Kim), has also bred top class racing bird Woody. This is his palmares:

-Woody BE15-4236184

 2nd Nat Zone Tulle 2,761 p. – 10th Nat 7,322 p. – 1st Club 267 p.
 4th Prov Vierzon   2,095 p.
15th Prov Orleans   6,375 p.
90th Nat Zone Chateauroux 9,969 p.

Click here for Woody's full pedigree

One of Annick's favourite breeding hens for the future will be the outstanding Orlina. This racing hen has won a provincial, zonal or national top 100 prize no less than 11 times. And she has some excellent origins as well: she is a full sister of Orlandor, and thus a daughter of stock pair 2: Orlando x Nicofelia

-Orlina BE14-4033127

1st Prov Villemandeur  180 p.
3rd Prov Vierzon     5,825 p.
3rd Nat Zone Bourges 1,380 p.
6th Nat Zone Bourges 1,498 p.
etc. (palmares: see picture)

Click here for orlina's pedigree

Now let's take a closer look at another talened racing hen in Annick Goeteyn's collection: Queenie. She comes from the bloodline of the fantastic breeding hen Nancy, which is also the dam of stock breeders Lieske and Orlando).

-Queenie BE15-4236156

 4th Nat Zone Bourges  1,890 p.
37th Nat Chateauroux  20,351 p.
42nd Prov Vierzon      7,369 p.
43rd Nat Issoudun     11,984 p. – 1st Club 343 p.
52nd Nat Zone Bourges 11,401 p.

She is a daughter of Nancy’s Boy BE12-4177712 (from Blue Lightening BE04-3230877, a son of Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele x Nancy BE03-6381698, the dam of Lieske and Orlando) x Leontine BE14-6200851, from Leo de Jonghe (the breeder of Nancy). Leontine is a daughter of 057/11 x Zus Nancy BE04-6264053.
Click here for Queenie's pedigree

Joining the breeding team

These highly successful racing birds are traditionally transferred to the breeding loft after their racing career, where they can then breed future generations of racing birds. These are the pigeons that have won numerous top prizes and championship titles, and that have helped team Goeteyn become a highly renowned loft in the longer middle distance and the extreme long distance in Belgium. Like we said earlier, a female fancier can do wonders with pigeons.

Top breeder Oreley: she is the dam of the outstanding Full Power and Woody