Wout Spierings (Waalwijk, NL) - impressive in the one day long distance

Since coming back in 2010, Wout Spierings has re-established himself as one of the leading names in the one day long distance competition. Every season again Wouter's pigeons are eager to deliver in Wout considers to be his favourite competition.

The former carpenter, who worked in construction for 29 years, is clearly determined to excel in the one day long distance every season. And 2018 was a particularly successful year for Wout, who now works as a technical assistant in a fashion store. In fact, his pigeons claimed a 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th prize in the pigeon championship in Province 2 Brabant 2000! On top of that, he finished in 3rd and 5th place nominated in the championship one day long distance.

Bas (l) and Wout (r) in front of the lofts in Waalwijk. Bas is racing as Strijbosch-Spierings in Tilburg.

Four pigeons in the top 6 of the provincial pigeon championship

Quality in abundance: Wout has an impressive four pigeons in the top 6 best one day long distance birds in the province overall. Keep in mind the first one day long distance race had as many as 7,219 pigeons at the start.
The team's number one of 2018 was NL17-3728901. His name is Golden Prince, and we introduced you to this blue coloured cock in an earlier report.
Meanwhile the official results are in, and we can confirm that Golden Prince is now 1st Golden Crack One Day Long Distance Brabant 2000, 4th best middle distance/long distance bird in The Netherlands with 7 prizes, and 9th best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands with 3 prizes in the PIPA ranking. And it does not stop there: Golden Prince was also awarded as 4th National Pigeon Champion One Day Long Distance.

Click here for the pedigree of this great champion.

B14 C-30033, the sire of Golden Prince

The 3rd best pigeon one day long distance in Province 2 is NL17-3728841. This one year old cock called 'New Edition' excels with a first prize from Issoudun of 964 pigeons. The sire of New Edition is a cock from the team of Mark Evans, just like the sire of Golden Prince. His sire is a grandson of the famous 'New Tours' of Rudi de Saer, winner of 3 prizes in the national top 10!
Click here for the pedigree of NL17-3728841.

And then we have NL16-3602619, a hen that stems from the most valued breeder in Waalwijk: Blue Prins. He is praised for his fantastic breeding references, and he continues to play an important role in Waalwijk. NL16-3602619 is now called 'Sis Princess Alexia'. The dam of this two year old is 'Daughter Alexia'. And some of you might have already noticed that the 16-619 is in fact a full sister of the dam of none other than Golden Prince.
Click here for the full pedigree.

Blue Prins, an instant success for Wout Spierings

And that leads us to NL17-3728860, also called 'Special Prince'. This cock is another descendant of the 'Blue Prins' and 'Daughter Alexia' bloodlines; he is in fact a grandchild of this fantastic pair. Special Prince became 6th pigeon champion one day long distance in Brabant 2000, with 4 top 100 prizes NPO to his name.
Click here for the pedigree of Special Prince.

Daugther Alexia, the dam and grandmother of a number of pigeons that can make a difference.

Strijbosch-Spierings, the successful combination from Tilburg

The Strijbosch-Spierings combination was founded in 2015, and this team races pigeons that come from Wout Spierings most of the time. Bas Strijbosch lives in Tilburg, and he is not your everyday fancier. The administrative assistant for a bailiff's office has managed to win a remarkable 23 first prizes in his union in Tilburg, besides getting several early prizes in the young birds' races NPO as well. It resulted in a title of 3rd not nominated champion young birds in Province 2. The level of quality in the pigeon lofts in Tilburg clearly show in the following top 10 prizes NPO:;

2nd NPO Peronne of 9,321 pigeons
2nd NPO Sens of 5,204 pigeons
2nd NPO Mornlincourt of 16,345 pigeons
3rd NPO Orleans of 4,733 pigeons
4th NPO Orleans of 4,733 pigeons

In addition, Bas was able to win three first prizes in Rayon 4 against an average of 4,500 pigeons. And the Strijbosch-Spierings combination also wins quite a few championship titles in that same Rayon, which has 375 members: they are 3rd loft champion sprint young birds, 6th loft champion middle distance young birds, 3rd pigeon champion young birds, 13th loft champion sprint old birds and 14th loft champion one day long distance. And yet, we can imagine Bas not being completely satisfied. We reckon his second places in the NPO races will encourage him to work even harder.

An auction with plenty of top quality birds coming up

Wout has picked some of his best pigeons to be put up for auction on PIPA, and that includes a direct youngster of Golden Prince! And there is more: Wout will be selling two youngsters of his renowned pair Lethal Weapon x Supertje. This is the very same pair that bred the best one day long distance pigeon in Brabant 2000.
Also sold in auction are two youngsters of Daughter Alexia; these youngstesr are inbred to Jonge Bliksem of none other than Gaby Vandenabeele. And if that should not be enough, we also have two youngsters of Peter, 1st Ace Pigeon WHZB 2008, on offer.

De Peter, one of the cornerstones of the success story in Waalwijk.