Kees Nijeboer (De Pollen, NL) has an invaluable pigeon in his team with Sola

You can tell from our previous report that Kees has been working hard over the years; he invested a lot of time and money to try and make it to the top. But it takes more than that to become a top class fancier of course. Over the years, Kees has become a force to be reckoned with.

We visited Kees's pigeon loft towards the end of the season. The lofts were all cleaned up, and he had already picked his team for next year. He clearly had his mind set on 2019. It defines him as a fancier. He lives in De Pollen, a town near Vriezenveen that racs in Province 9, East Holland.

The racing lofts of Kees Nijeboer.

Team Sola, the foundation of this success team

Kees started to get serious about his hobby in 2012, and he started to obtain pigeons from some big names in The Netherlands, including Gerard & Bas Verkerk, Pieter Veenstra and W.A. de Bruijn. He combined their bloodlines, and he ended up with a top quality stock pair. The hen in this pair comes from G&S Verkerk, while the sire is a direct Pieter Veenstra. You can see the full pedigree of breeding hen De Baron x Sola pair here. As you can tell from her pedigree, she is related to nothing but world famous birds, including Cinderella, Olympic Survior, Magic Amoré and many others. And that explains why so many top results can be attributed to her.

The cock in this stock pair is Luan - his pedigree can be seen here. Luan is inbred to some extent to Mr. Blue of Pieter Veenstra. It is remarkable that both the cock and the hen of this stock pair are inbred in a similar way, and they are not the only successful birds that have been bred this way.

Team Sola of Kees Nijeboer

The two best well known youngsters of this pair are Blauwe Baron and Kleine Sola. Blauwe Baron wins a 1st NPO Issoudun of 3,345 pigeons for A. Hemmer, as well as a 10th NPO from Chateauroux of 4,207 pigeons. He is quite a talented bird indeed, and Kees managed to get him back towards the end of last season. Needless to say, this racing cock feels quite at home in the breeding loft, which has been in development since 2012. Click here for the full pedigree of NL14-157856.

The other eye-catcher of the team is Kleine Sola. She wins a 1st Sector 3 Troyes of 17,531 pigeons as a young bird. She was transferred to the breeding loft almost right away, where she proved her breeding potential from day one. She is now the dam of NL17-1749057, winner of a 1st from Laon of 1,428 pigeons. Another talented youngster of Kleine Sola is NL16-1873479. This hen was obtained by J. Doldersum & Son, and she bred three different first prize winners in a single season. And she is also the dam of the 9th best young bird in the PIPA ranking over 4 races. This hen is now called Rosaline, and she is a half sister of Kees's 250, which is perhaps the best bird of this team in recent years. The 250 wins a 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize of more than 1,750 pigeons on average. Click here for a closer look at her pedigree and her palmares.

Team Sola is only the start

Kees does not like to stand still; he is always on the outlook for new pigeons. He started to invest in talented bloodlines in 2012, and he continues to look for new introductions. Kees is always looking to expand his pigeon collection, to try and make his team even stronger. You can read all about it in our report from last year. 

Miss Blois, a promising breeding hen from The Pollen. She was a great racing bird.


Outstanding in other lofts

Kees does not only care about his own team; he provided fellow fancier Jonny Ekkel with quite a few top quality birds as well. And Jonny went on to win the title of 5th best middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA Ranking with racing bird Heracles, which was also 8th best pigeon in the Neerlands competition. Heracles is a grandson of the breeding hen in Kees's stock pair (Baron x Sola). And Jonny has excelled with some other Kees Nijeboer birds as well; take for instance Annemie. She was bred from two other pigeons of Kees, and she outperformed her opponents in various young birds' races across The Netherlands.

Annemarie, 1st national ace pigeon young birds WHZB/TBOTB, 1st ace pigeon district 1 in Province 9.