Vermander Lionel, "The 'Provincial Vooruit' from wins the difficult provincial race from Tours (I.W.V.) with spirit!"


The first provincial race of the Inter - West Flemish Club was the yearly race from Tours (10 May). From the 3135 old pigeons basketted, the provincial winner landed in the St - Eloois-Winkelstr. in Oekene by Lionel Vermander, his winning pigeon travelled 431 km for him in warm weather and with an east to north-east wind and a velocity of 1169,29 m.
The "Provinciale Vooruit" was six minutes ahead of his closest rival, from there his recent name……that refers to: "provinciale vooruitvlieger" (provincial front racer) …. Whichever way you look at it, the "3049030/06" from Lionel gave it his all ……and…..actually this win was not by pure chance, because as a yearling (in 2007) he had already proved his class.
Oekene lies in the heart of West-Flanders and is a municipality of the beautiful shopping city Roeselare.
On the other hand, the name Vermander is in that region tantamount to a large family of pigeon fanciers….and Lionel received the microbe from his family home. " I'm a pigeon fancier and my wife is a dog lover….such a crossing can't fail to produce anything else than animal lovers " : says Lionel.
The medical guidance is under the supervision of daughter Nathalie who has had her own veterinary practise for small animals for the last 4 years ……. "Love of animals!!" ……It's in the blood in the Lionel Vermander household ! *

The "Provinciale Vooruit" a crack in gestation !!

It concerns a summer youngster who in his birth year ('06) was only trained up to Arras (over 70 km). In 2007 - as a yearling - he was entered for prize in the following races :
26/5 Orleans : 93rd against 289p
10/6 Tours Long Distance club : 21st against 329p and provincially 207th against 1981p
23/6 Tours Long Distance club: 8th against 402p and provincially 24th against 2791p
28 July Bourges Long Distance club : 13th against 296p and provincially 63rd against 1279p.

As a result of the bird flu, he was not basketted for the German races. Consequently you will notice that the "Provinciale Vooruit" performed well as a yearling….when we then look at the pedigree, we can straight away conclude that he was born from class.
Father = "Blauwe Poitiers" 3306587/97
Won self:
22nd inter-provincial Poitiers against 1589p in '99
26th I.P. Poitiers against 1078p in 2000
84th I.W.V. Poitiers against 2975p in 2000
42nd national Bourges against 11689 p in 2002
Grandfather: "Blauwe Tours" 3360872/87, a topper with which Lionel became 6th in the national championships KBDB Middle Distance Old pigeons in '99 Grandmother: "'t Provincialtje": 3064622-95, won amongst other things 15/7/95 the 1st prov. Blois against 3211 youngsters.
Mother: "Blauw": 3083574-05 Raced as a youngster 9 prizes from Clermont up to and including Nantes. Grandfather = "Crayonné": 3221353-02 , is on father's side a half-brother of the "Blauwe Marseille" who won 4th international Marseille in 2003 against 20786 p. Grandmother = "Blauw": 3106907-02, is on mother's side a half-sister of the "Blauwe Marseille"(mentioned above). The saying that the apple doesn't fall far from ……is apparent here. *

Promising start in 2008 !
For the Long Distance fanciers in West-Flanders the season began with this first confrontation from Tours ! Lionel can look back to a good start. What's more….the provincial victory has already made his season a success …. All the pigeons were basketted as training pigeons for Arras, followed by 2 x Clermont as trainings pigeons . On the 3rd of May a team of old pigeons and a team of yearlings were basketted for Ablis in 't Verbond Midden-Vlaanderen with the following results:
Against 957 old: 59-61-99-186-………(10/17)
Against 456 yearlings: 9-10-38-56……(9/19)
By the old pigeons the 59th prize was won by the "Provinciale Vooruit" who was basketted as first nominated.

Impressive result from Tours

The weekend of 10-11 May was warm and the returning pigeons had to "batter" against the east to north-east wind….in short, difficult weather ….something which pigeons in top condition like.
Lionel had basketted 8 old pigeons in the strong thriving Long Distance club in Vlamertinge, where he raced the following results against 447 pigeons :
1st - 3rd - 39th - 40th - 64th - 82nd -124th (so 7/8!) with respectively 1st -3rd and 2nd nominated first. Provincially against 3135 pigeons he is 1st and 12th, etc…..

A strong 2007 season

Last year Lionel performed well and added more titles to his name. Here the most important titles :
" 1st General Long Distance champion in the Long Distance club "de Zwaluw" in Vlamertinge.
" 1st Ace pigeon Jan Breydel Marathon in the Bruges Championships (National) ("Tornado")
" 4th prov. Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl. Long Distance Old with the "Tornado".
" Champion in the "Rodenbach Verbond " (clubs Moorslede - Hooglede- Roeselare - Rollegem/Kapelle - Gullegem) for the following races: 3 x Orleans - Tours - Blois - Poitiers - Argenton - Heidelberg and for the youngsters 3 x Tours .

The "Tornado" 3245171/03 … "the" absolute shiner of the loft in 2007

So as his name suggests, the widower travelled like a whirlwind over the mountains and valleys towards home and achieved the following !
28 May from Bourges:
- Long Distance club 18th against 257p
- Provincial 87th against 984p
17 June from Cahors:
- Long Distance club 22nd against 299p
- Provincial 72nd against 757p
- National 237th against 4897p
14 July from Irun
- Long Distance club 43rd against 477p
- Provincial 182nd against 1478p
- National 553rd against 5852p
4 August from Perpignan
- Long Distance club 2nd against 285p
- Provincial 10th against 1065p
- National 14th against 5547p
- International 28th against 15157p

Lionel has raced at the forefront for years

Lionel can reflect on a few nice national results. We noted a handful from the last 5 seasons :
" 38th and 42nd national Bourges against 11689 old pigeons in 2002
" 42nd national Bourges against 40471 youngsters in 2002
" 6th national Castres against 4101 old pigeons in 2003
" 36th national Béziers against 6336p in 2003
" 4th national Marseille against 5195d in 2003
" 4th international Marseille against 20786 p in 2003
" 82nd national Montauban against 7303 old pigeons in 2005
" 14th national Perpignan against 5347 old pigeons in 2007
" 28th international Perpignan against 15158p in 2007

The system in a nutshell ! At the moment Lionel has 38 old and 26 yearling widowers, besides 70 (early youngsters) and 40 youngsters from the 2nd & 3rd round. Plus another 12 breeding couples, who had already proved their worth in the racing loft. All the breeding and racing pigeons were coupled at the end of November and raised- where possible- a couple of youngsters. On the 20th of March the widowers were re-coupled and after brooding for eight days they were separated. In the morning and the evening the pigeons are given more than enough to eat in a common feeding tray, after half an hour whatever is left over is removed. After a tough race they are also given a handful of ground peanuts.
Medical guidance is- so as earlier stated - under the supervision of daughter Nathalie.
That was our look in front of and behind the scenes by Lionel Vermander from Oekene .
With this story over the "Provinciale Vooruit" and his loft mates we have our report over the first provincial winner in the I.W. V. .
In this report we would like to offer Lionel our congratulations.