Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) gets two top results in just 7 days: 1st NPO Argenton and 1st NPO Gien

Anyone who can read results must have noticed: the pigeon breed of Embregts-Theunis from Hoeven is pretty much outstanding this season. Led by caretaker Peter Theunis, this racing team has been victorious twice in just seven days' time: Argenton (596km) of 5,187 pigeons and Gien of 6,451 pigeons.

Peter Theunis and Super Daisy: 1st NPO Argenton 5,187 pigeons

Super Daisy NL17-3732555

The NPO race from Argenton took place in Province 2 Brabant 2000 on Saturday 9th of June. Peter Theunis was particularly looking forward to this day, since the NPO races with both old and one year old pigeons is his favourite competition. We saw last Saturday that the fancier from Hoeven knows how to get his pigeons ready for a race, with Super Daisy arriving home at 16h23'07" after a 9 hour trip. She beat the entire field with a speed of 1,119 m/min, claiming a 1st NPO Argenton of 5,187 pigeons. This was not the first top result for this strong racing hen (racing with two old primiares from last year). This is her palmares so far:

1st  NPO Argenton - 5,187 pigeons
6th  Prov. Pnt.St.Maxence - 11,447 pigeons
10th Peronne - 2,228 pigeons
17th Pnt.St.Maxence - 2,373 pigeons
17th Peronne - 1,129 pigeons
18th Issoudun - 2,538 pigeons

Super Daisy is a full daughter (unsurprisingly) of Peter's super class breeder Super Rossi NL11-3024491. This cock started off as a very successful racing bird, winning a 1st Creil of 7,696 p. (and 2nd of 26,452 p.), a 3rd Nijvel of 9,507 p., a 3rd St.Quentin of 8,115 p., and a 3rd Peronne of 5,316 p., before eventually developing into one of Peter's most valued breeding birds.

He is the sire or grandfather of: 1st Quievrain 789 p., 1st Quievrain 1,692 p.,  1st Asse Zellik 1,560 p., 1st Asse Zellik 598 p., 1st Quevrain 1,471 p., 1st Pont Maxcence 1,005 p., 1st Fontenay 737 p., 1st Mourlincourt 607 p.,  1st Mourlincourt 1,805 p., 1st Mourlincourt 5,206 p., 1st Mourlincourt 17,334 p., 1st St.Quentin 1,880 p., 1st Gorinchem 2,315 p., 1st Heusden Zolder 1,897 p., 1st Orleans 628 p., 1st Orleans 2.386 p.,  1st Quevrain 5,263 p., 1st St. Quentin 705 p., etc.

The dam is Argentino, a direct Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL), in turn a daughter of the oustanding De Argenton NL11-3056877, winner of 5 top 4 places in the NPO: 1st NPO Argenton - 3,372 p., 2nd NPO Bourges - 4,520 p., 4th NPO La Soutteraine - 3,077 p., 4th NPO Argenton - 2,984 p. and 4th NPO Orleans - 4,308 p. 

It goes without saying that Super Daisy is part of a highly talented pigeon family. Click here for Super Daisy's pedigree.

Super Daisy has a clear view

Super Daisy's wings: notice the old primaries

National Rossie BE17-6020483

On 16th of June, just 7 days after their 1st NPO Argenton of 5,187 pigeons, the chequered widower National Rossie BE17-6020483 managed to claim a 1st NPO Gien (452km) of 6,419 pigeons in the district. Peter obtained National Rossie through his good friend Peter van Oerle, with whom he exchanges pigeons on a regular basis. The pedigree of National Rossie is also related to the aforementioned Super Rossi, which is her grandfather. National Rossie comes from a daughter of Super Rossi, paired to the best of Gaby Vandenabeele (the line of Rudy). Click here for the pedigree of National Rossie.

This is what National Rossie's palmares looks like so far: 

1st NPO Gien - 6,419 pigeons
= 2nd fastest in Sector 1 of 22,796 pigeons
11th Prov. Pnt.St.Maxence - 11,447 pigeons
16th Quievrain - 2,419 pigeons
18th Orleans - 2,386 pigeons
36th Pnt.St. Maxence - 2,373 pigeons

National Rossie

Meanwhile she dropped the second primary


When asked about how he gets his pigeons in great form, his answer is quite straightforward: "Selection", he says. His approach in the lofts of very straightforward. He selects his pigeons based on their results, and pigeons that do not meet the requirements won't stand a chance in this team. Every bird needs to be in excellent health, and they need to feel at home here. Otherwise they will be left out. The season begins with 24 cocks and 24 hens raced in widowhood, with both partners being basketed. After a few weeks the least successful birds get to stay home to welcome the others after the race.

The team uses their own Embregts-Theunis brand, which is quite popular in The Netherlands. They use their Champion mix and NPO mix. Depending on the circumstances they enhance the Champion mix with NPO mix, along with other mixtures lying around. And that pretty much sums it up. Medical treatments are used sparingly, and only if really necessary, on the advice of a vet.

To conclude

We think there is still a lot to come from this team, with Peter focusing whole-heartedly on the NPO races both with the old and the young birds. Peter hates losing, and he would do everything he can to get his pigeons in great fitness, and to have them excel in his most favourite races. He has done so with great success in 2018. To be continued!