Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have a great 2018 season so far, with 6 victories in 8 races

The Scheele Brothers already have six first prizes to their name this season. Their top results can be mainly attributed to an invaluable breeding team. And Adriaan and Jaap can rest assured that their super class pairs Bonny x Cher and Jeroen Jr. x Hanny will continue to breed successful descendants in the coming years.

The pigeons of Adriaan and Jaap showed their class again this season: the team has completed ten races in Province Zeeland and they already claimed six first prizes and a second and third prize in Entente Central or in the Province:

14 April Peronne        166 km 1,586 p.: 2-3-6-7-9-10-11-17-21-27-etc. (55/80)
21 April Roye           194 km 2,101 p.: 1-2-7-16-19-20-21-29-etc. (63/80)
28 April Pt.St.Maxence  240 km 2,098 p.: 1-5-8-9-20-30-etc. (39/80)
 5 May   Fontenay Prov. 365 km 9,062 p.: 3-3-13-18-19-21-25-38-41-43-47-58-59-60-etc. (46/75)
19 May   Melun Afd.     309 km 5,425 p.: 1-2-7-19-24-29-36-38-47-50-57-etc. (37/69)
19 May   Peronne        166 km 1,555 p.: 1-9-45-70 (4/5)
26 May   Issoudun       503 km 1,219 p.: 1-2-5-10-14-19-24-26-etc. (21/27)
26 May   Pt.St.Maxence  240 km 1,487 p.: 1-14-15-20-21-25-27-etc. (27/45)

Over the past several years, Adriaan and his son Jaap have been relying on a team of invaluable breeding birds, which have also bred the team's most recent race winners. We would not want to overlook the many other renowned breeders, but it is fair to say that Sonny x Cher and Jeroen Jr. x Hanny are the team's most important breeding pairs of today.

NL16-3615442 Armin, 1st Roye of 2,101 pigeons

Armin wins a 1st Roye of 2,101 pigeons on 21st of April, and he is a son of the aforementioned pair Sonny x Cher. This is what his palmares looks like:

 1st Roye      2,101 pigeons
 3rd Quievrain 1,304 pigeons
 2nd Pointoise   287 pigeons
54th Orleans   4,265 pigeons
19th Issoudun  1,219 pigeons

Armin is a full brother of Sonny Boy (1st NPO Limoges and 4th NPO Ruffec), Cheryl (1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Allround) and Sören (4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Allround). Click here for Armin's full pedigree.

NL17-3711262 Speed, 1st Pt.St.Maxence of 2,098 pigeons

He not only claimed a first prize of 2,098 pigeons, he was also the fastest of 9,257 birds. This promising one year old wins the following prizes in 2018 alone:

 1st Pt.St.Maxence 9,498 pigeons
43rd Fontenay      9,062 pigeons
45th Arras         2,192 pigeons
19th Melun         5,425 pigeons
21st Pt.St.Maxence 1,487 pigeons

Click here for his full pedigree.

NL14-3416370 Katie, 1st Melun of 5,425 pigeons

Besides winning a 1st Melun, Katie also won a 13th Sens (6,129 p.), a 1st Fontenay (282 p.), a 60th Quievrain (8,177 p.) and a 10th Niergnies (1,043 p.). She is a granddaughter of both Fast Boy and Kleine Darco, which both won a 1st Provincial. Her grandmother is Demie, 1st Ace Pigeon Natour Province Zeeland 2012. Click here for her full pedigree. The 2nd prize of 5,425 pigeons in Melun was won by Reno (NL17-3711226), which is another grandson of top pair Sonny x Cher. Click here for Reno's pedigree.

NL17-3711253 Per, 1st Peronne of 1,555 pigeons

The winner from Peronne has a remarkable pedigree, as you can see here. His sire is Ablis Boy, 3rd National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2012. He won the following prizes:

 1st Ablis        7,889 pigeons
 3rd Orleans      5,149 pigeons
 1st Morlincourt  1,307 pigeons
 26th Argenton   23,597 pigeons
 1st Bourges        874 pigeons 

The dam of Per is Ace Girl, and she became 2nd National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2012. Ace Girl is also a half sister of Magic Boy, 1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2011.

NL16--1036741 Jesse, 1st Issoudun of 1,219 pigeons

Jesse, winner of a 1st Issoudun of 1,219 pigeons comes straight from Harry van Andel (Leeuwarden, NL). The sire of Jesse is a son of Invictus (Albert Derwa, Herent), 1st National Issoudun (15,687 p); the dam of Jesse is a daughter of Gaby Vandenabeele's Super Romeo (1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013). Click here to read more about Jesse.

NL17-3711295 Rico, 1st Pt. St. Maxence of 1,487 pigeons

There is one more pigeon that deserves a mention: Rico. He is clearly an upcoming talent, having won the following prizes as a young bird:

20th Fontenay      3,306 pigeons
37th Pt.St.Maxence 5,529 pigeons
48th Roye          6,016 pigeons
68th Pithiviers    4,738 pigeons

He has won the following top results so far this season as a yearling:

1st Pt.St.Maxence 1,487 pigeons
2nd Roye          2,101 pigeons (behind loft mate)
3rd Peronne       1,586 pigeons
4th Melun         1,457  Melun (and 7th of 5,425 p.)

Judging from his pedigree, his palmares is not all that surprising. Both the sire and the dam come from Adriaan and Jaap's best breeding pairs of today. His sire is Brother Timo, a son of Jeroen Jr. x Hanny. The dam is Eline, a daughter of Sonny x Cher.

To conclude

Adriaan and Jaap Scheele have been among the leading names in The Netherlands for quite some time now; their breeding loft is almost guaranteed to lead to success. Their first important breeder was of course Superboy, whose bloodlines continue to show up in many of today's racing birds. And then we have Sonny x Cher and Jeroen Jr. x Hanny, two renowned breeding pairs with a proven record. There is a lot to come from these two pairs in future years for sure.