Team Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem, BE) make it to the national top with craftsmanship and an elaborate breeding strategy

Getting great results for years on end could not be done without a high quality pigeon breed that includes one or more highly talented stock breeders. The team of Gevaert-Lannoo built a highly successful bloodline around breeding hen Chateauke and her daughter Kaafke. King Gaby emerged as their new stock breeder, providing them with numerous ace pigeons and race winners.

Paul Gevaert, Gaby Vandenabeele and Carlos Lannoo

Stock hen Chateauke and her daughter Kaafke

The Gevaert-Lannoo pigeon breed gained international acclaim winning a 1st Prov. 3,276 p., a 1st Nat. Zone 5,472 p., and a 2nd Nat. Bourges I of 19,084 old birds. It marked the start of their rise to the top, which saw them become one of the national stars in Belgium in the provincial and national longer middle distance competition (400 to 600km). The pigeon that claimed a 2nd Nat. Bourges was a direct descendant (a daughter) of stock dam ​Chateauke BE05-3202164 of Cools Blancke (winner of a 1st Prov. Chateauroux 7,347 p.) and a granddaughter of Bliksem-Vandenabeele.
​The most famous daughter of stock breeder Chateauke in team Gevaert-Lannoo was without doubt Kaafke BE07-4270406. She is a world class racing hen and winner of a 2nd Prov. Blois 2,352 p., a 3rd Nat. La Souterraine 4,460 p., an 8th Nat. Bourges 16,771 p., an 8th Prov. Chateauroux 3,840 p., etc. The descendants of this fabulous Kaafke continue to play a defining role in the breeding and racing lofts of team Gevaert-Lannoo; this bloodline has become an integral part of this family.

Unsurprisingly, Paul and Carlos wanted to invest in some more Bliksem-Vandenabeele descendants and pigeons from the line of Frieda (Cools Blancke), the dam of Chateauke (1st Prov. Chateauroux). Such renowned breeding birds as Bliksem CEO, Bliksem Rik, and New Marieke proved to be a perfect match for this breed. It is no coincidence that their current top breeder King Gaby (a grandson of Bliksem-Vandenabeele) has been the biggest discovery for this team. King Gaby is now following in the footsteps of Kaafke. He is in fact closely related to the lines of stock hen Chateauke from his mother's side.

King Gaby really developed into the team's most valued breeder when he was paired to Sister 05 Kaafke BE09-4338105 (repurchased by Gevaert-Lannoo in a Team BDS auction on PIPA).

King Gaby BE07-3034700, an invaluable stock breeder

He is the most valued member of the breeding team today. He is not getting any younger, but he continues to breed first prize winners and talented breeding birds. He is a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and a half brother of Gloria (from the same dam: Mona).

Sire: King BE99-6064516
A fantastic breeder, and winner of a 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2000 and a 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2001. A full brother of King has won a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB.
Dam: Mona BE04-3069721
A top class breeding hen! She is the dam of Gloria: 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2013 (for Bert Vd Berghe). In addition, she is a half sister of Chateauke (from the same dam: Frieda). Mona is a direct daughter of the iconic Bliksem BE98-3158062 (Gaby Vandenabeele) x Frieda BE99-3103770 (stock dam of Cools-Blancke).
Click here for King Gaby's pedigree.

King Gaby developed into an invaluable breeding bird, a stock breeder from another league. He has bred no less than 9 ace pigeons: 4 ace pigeons at provincial or national level for team Gevaert-Lannoo, and an additional 5 ace pigeons in other lofts, divided across China, The Philippines and Canada. How about that that?

His references speak volumes. How about we take a closer look at his most important descendants:

-Crayonné Plastron BE10-4275421 (Son King Gaby)

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2010
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2010
1st Ablis   617 p. (300 Km)
1st Ablis   336 p.
2nd Orleans 410 p. (360 Km)
2nd Ablis   286 p.
3rd Orleans 533 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Crayonné Plastron.

-Princess 95 BE15-4146095

 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance olds & YLs KBDB 2016
 1st Prov Bourges     1,963 p. - 1. Club 443 p. (442 Km)
 2nd Prov Orleans     2,083 p. – 1. Club 228 p. (360 Km)
 2nd Prov Orleans     1,582 p. – 1. Club 180 p.
 2nd Prov Chateauroux 1,943 p. – 3. Nat Zone 2,599 p. –
12th Nat Chateauroux  9,540 p. (483 Km)
 2nd Nat Zone Bourges 1,890 p. – 1st Club 324 p.

A super class hen that won a 1st Prov., 3 x 2nd Prov., a 2nd Nat. Zone and 4 x 1st club in a month's time. This is quite a rare feat!

Sire: King Gaby BE07-3034700
A direct Gaby Vandenabeele. Half brother of Gloria, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’13.
Dam: Sister 05 Kaafje BE09-4338105
A full sister of Kaafje and a daughter of Dikke Antoon BE05-4325774 x stock dam Chateauke BE05-3202164
Click here for the pedigree of Princess 95.

-Prince 26 BE15-4146026

 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2015
 5th Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance young birds KBDB 2015
 3rd Best young bird of Belgium 2015 over 5 national races – PIPA ranking
33rd N.Zone Chateauroux   3,661 p. ’15
49th Prov. Bourges        1,765 p. ’16
65th Prov. Chateauroux    7,617 p. ’16
74th Nat. La Souterraine  9,760 p. ’15
88th Nat. Issoudun       11,584 p. ’15

Click here for the full palmares of Prince 26.
He too comes from top pair King Gaby x Sister 05 Kaafje.
Click here for his full pedigree.

-Prince 005 BE16-4070005 (a full brother of Princess 95 and Prince 26)

 7th Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2016
 8th Prov. Blois        3,800 p.
11th Nat. Zone Argenton 7,081 p.

Besides these four ace pigeons, King Gaby is also the sire of a few excellent first prize winners and successful racing birds for Gevaert-Lannoo, including:

-King Noë BE13-4035037: 1st Nevers 282 p. (447 Km) and 2nd Nat. Zone Nevers 2,203 p., 2nd Orleans 396 p. (316 Km), 51st Nat. Gueret 2,429 p. (551 Km).
-Master King BE12-4175097: 1st La Souterraine 255 p. and 34th Nat. La Souterraine 7176 p. ’14 (550 Km), 39th Nat. La Souterraine 4,144 p., 11th Nat. Zone Chateauroux 543 p.
-Wifi BE12-4175050: winner of a 1st Angerville 328 p. (318 Km)
-Zoon King Gaby BE08-4280318: winnerr of a 1st Ablis 353 p. (300 Km)
-Princess 15 BE16-4070115: 1st Fontenay 75 p. (325 Km)

These are terrific results, and a sign of great potential and breeding value.

Master King (son of King Gaby, see pedigree): winner of a 1st prize from La Souterraine and now the sire of a 1st Prov. Orleans in 2017

Great results with King Gaby descendants

Great results have been won not only with King Gaby's direct youngsters: other descendants further down the line have won ace pigeon titles and first prizes as well, both in the loft of Paul and Carlos and for many other fanciers. In fact, five ace pigeon titles have been won in far away countries. Here we have a few examples - King Gaby is the grandfather of:

-Regina CU-0131-14

1st Ace Pigeon Empire Classic Triple One Loft Race 2014 (USA & Canada)

Regina won this prestigious ace pigeon title for Mr. Leon Jansen Van Rensburg from Canada.

-Destiny Girl CHN15-01-0435417 (of Mr. David Huang-China)

2nd Ace Pigeon Teby Race Bejing

This ace pigeon title was won in races of 500-520-550 Km, week in week out.

-Pioneer Times CHN16-07415 (of Mr. David Huang-China)

52nd Ace Pigeon Pioneer races 2016

This was one of the best pigeons in the races of the prestigious Pioneer Club in China, in which a total of 9,039 birds were competing. The ace pigeon races of 500-500-560-500km took place over four consecutive weeks. Pioneer Times appeared to be a great breeding bird as well, with her first round of youngsters being very talented already; among them was Pioneer Future:

-Pioneer Future CHN17-2008565

36th Ace Pigeon Pioneer races 2017

This prize was won against 10,005 racing birds.

Mr. Rey, a fancier from The Philippines, bred a hen from a son of King Gaby (New King BE14-4032135) that won a bronze medal in the ace pigeon championship across the entire season, based on 6 difficult races.

-Lady Wazer PHA16-1601103

3rd Beste pigeon of the season in The Philippines.

These are genuine ace pigeons, but there are several more prize winners and renowned racing birds among his grandchildren. Team Gevaert-Lannoo claimed a provincial victory in 2017 with the beautiful racing hen Ivanka:

-Ivanka BE16-4070112

1st Prov. Orleans 612 YL (360 Km) – fastest of 936 p. (olds and YLs)
1st Blois 408 Old (412 Km)          (12/5/2018)
8th Prov Blois 2.642 Old            (12/5/2018)

Click here for Ivanka's pedigree

In addition, the following fanciers were very successful with grandchildren of King Gaby here in Belgium:

-Prov Blois BE13-3095506: 1st Prov. Blois 2.776 d. (400km) for Lannoo-Ballegeer
-Sagan BE17-4122122: 1st Best young bird of Belgium long distance YBs - PIPA-ranking 2017 over 4 national races, and 15th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2017, for Van den Abbeel-Van Paesschen from Lebbeke. This pigeon also won a 1st Noyon 573 p. in the build-up to the season.

-Super BE16-4073102: winner of 6 first prizes: 1st Orleans 198 p., 1st Orleans 167 p., 1st Fontenay 100 p., 1st Clermont 531 p., 1st Clermont 336 p., 1st Clermont 252 p. for Luc Standaert-Landegem.
-BE16-4073105: 1st Fontenay 155 p. for Luc Standaert-Landegem
-BE16-2027108: 1st Souppes sur Loing 239 p., 2nd Bourges FCD 2,285 p. for Christine De Bruycker-Arnaud Breynaert from Liedekerke

Among the 16 breeding pairs in the breeding loft in Meigem are already 4 direct youngsters of King Gaby, and two more late youngsters of 2017 are all set to join the breeding team in the near future as well.

Di Capria 84, the new hen that will be paired to King Gaby

King Gaby has been paired to Di Capria 84 BE15-4146084 (granddaughter of stock dam Chateauke - click here for the pedigree of Di Capria 84) since 2018. In her first year as a breeder she became the dam of a 2nd Nat. Zone and 6th Nat. Chateauroux in 2017. A full brother of Di Capria (DICR Gaby BE15-4146118) would soon become a respected breeder in China, being the sire of a 36th and 39th Ace Pigeon in the Pioneer Races in 2017 of 10,005 competitors. This is a bloodline with a future.

A successful new bloodline

These ace pigeons and first prize winners clearly show that team Gevaert-Lannoo has discovered a successful new bloodline in King Gaby. He originates from the very same lines as stock dam Chateaurouke from his mother's side: they are two grandchildren of Frieda Cools-Blancke paired to the line of Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele. He has been paired to different hens, with which he bred numerous talented racing and breeding birds, including none other than Sister 05 Kaafje. It is with the help of this bloodline that the team will continue to achieve great results in the future.

Gevaert-Lannoo already have their first top result from Blois on 12th of May 

Paul and Carlos put their cards on the table in the first longer middle distance race of 2018, with a fantastic result in the provincial opening classic from Blois

Club Eeklo long distance club 408 olds: 1-3-10-39-65-134 (6/8) 
Provincial East-Fl. 2,642 olds: 8-17-46-177-253-622 (6/8) 

Their winning hen was the team’s first nominated, super class hen Ivanka (she won a 1st Prov. Orleans last year). She was followed closely by second nominated Princess Platina.  Gevaert-Lannoo won a 1st-2nd-3rd at club level as well, which made this race a great success from a financial standpoint as well! This team is clearly on the right track.