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Elzinga Combination (Harkema, NL) excels with the youngsters

The Elzinga combination looks back on another fantastic season, with their young birds yet again claiming first prizes in several championships.

The Elzinga combintion (Harkema, NL)

A tribute to Esmee

We will take you through the team's fantastic results in a minute but we would first like to take a minute to talk about a sad event in the lofts of Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga. Last year their  renowned bird Esmee was found dead in their loft. Jouke told me the news, which had really upset him. It is hard to understand that a pigeon that was still full of life is suddenly no more. We dedicated the following paragraph to this special pigeon.

Tjeerd and Jouke owe a lot to the fantastic Esmee. She was a great racing bird before developing into a world class breeding bird; she bred many talented youngsters especially when she was paired to Harry. Here is a look back at some of her most notable results as a racing bird: Esmee came into prominence in 2014 winning a 1st NPO Province 11 Friesland in the race from Châlons-en-Champagne of 4,269 pigeons. She was also the fastest pigeon in the race of 10,975 birds. She won 17 prizes 2 per 100 over the course of her racing career. In 2014 she also became Olympiad Pigeon for The Netherlands at the Budapest Olympiad, representing her country in the allround category. You can see her wonderful pedigree here. Esmee has won the following championship titles in her brief racing career:

2014: 1st ace pigeon allround and 19th one day long distance in the WHZB/TBOTB competition
2014: 1st pigeon champion one day long distance and 2nd ace pigeon general long distance in Province 11 Friesland
2014: 2nd national pigeon champion one day long distance NPO 2013
      9th ace pigeon allround (5th hen) in the TBOTB competition
2013: 11th yearling allround (9th hen) in the TBOTB competition

After her outstanding career as a racing bird Esmee gradually developed into a top class breeding hen; many youngsters and grandchildren have a first prize to their name, and the lofts of the Elzinga combination are now home to several of Esmee's descendants, which means Esmee will not soon be forgotten.


The young birds' championships in 2017  

1st loft champion entente De Eenheid  300 members
1st loft champion Rayon de Walden
1st loft champion Kring 
2nd loft champion YBs Province Friesland
2nd loft champion YBs Friese Fondclub
7th National loft champion Fondspiegel
17th–22nd–27th–91st in the PIPA ranking for Best Ace Pigeon YBs in The Netherlands (6 prizes),
all four birds are descendants of Esmee

Here are Esmee's five best youngsters according to Jouke:

The sire is a son of Harry; the dam is a granddaughter of Esmee.

These are the most noteworthy achievements: 
 1st Niergnies of 5.079 duiven, and  11th NPO of 11,597 pigeons.
46th Quievrain of 5.861 duiven, and  77th NPO of 13,331 pigeons.
36th Gorinchem of 2.244 duiven, and  80th Prov. of 19,430 pigeons.
39th Heusden-Z of 2.014 duiven, and 115th Prov. of 15,920 pigeons.
22nd pigeon in the PIPA ranking for Best Ace Pigeon YBs in The Netherlands (6 prizes)
For a full list of achievements, have a look at the pedigree of the 809.

The sire is Sagan, and the dam is a half sister of Esmee.

Here are the best results of this talented racing bird:
19th Heusden-Z.  of 2,014 pigeons, and  55th Prov. of 15,920 pigeons
23rd Heusden-Z.  of 2,371 pigeons, and  93rd Prov. of 13,858 pigeons
25th Niergnies   of 2,286 pigeons, and 109th NPO of 11,597 pigeons
35th Asse-Zellik of 1,510 pigeons, and 153rd NPO of 13,332 pigeons
17th pigeon in the PIPA ranking for Best Ace Pigeon YBs in The Netherlands (6 prizes)
Click here for the impressive pedigree of the 747.

The sire is a son of Sagan; the dam is a granddaughter of Blue Hope.

Here are the best results:
 5th Quievrain   of 2,679 pigeons, and 25th NPO of 13,332 pigeons
13th Asse-Zellik of 1,510 pigeons, and 36th NPO of 10,579 pigeons
16th Morlincourt of 1,525 pigeons, and 48th NPO of  7,577 pigeons
 6th ace pigeon Province Friesland 
27th pigeon in the PIPA ranking for Best Ace Pigeon YBs in The Netherlands (6 prizes)
The pedigree of the 760 can be found here.

NL17-4289769 (sister NL17-809)
The sire is a son of Harry; the dam is a granddaughter of Esmee.

Her best results are:
10th Niergnies   of 5,079 pigeons, and  35th NPO of 11,597 pigeons
49th Morlincourt of 1,525 pigeons, and 145th NPO of  7,577 pigeons
68th Asse Zellik of 1,510 pigeons
73rd Heusden-Z of 1,824 pigeons
11th ace pigeon Province Friesland
The full pedigree of the 769 can be found here.

The sire is a son of Blue Hope and the dam is a daughter of Hallilujah (son Esmee).

The best results include:
 2nd Gorinchem of 2,811 pigeons, and  3rd Prov. of 19,430 pigeons
16th Quievrain of 2,679 pigeons, and 39th NPO of 13,331 pigeons
28th Heusden-Z of 1,824 pigeons
For the full pedigree of the 785, click here.

The best results of 2017

It goes without saying that you can only win championship titles if you get great results throughout the season. Here are some of the team's most prominent results of last year. 

Niergnies   of 5078 young birds:   1-10-12-28-39-48-54-109-etc. (37/21) 
        NPO of 11,597 pigeons      11-35-39-88-109-128-136-etc.
Asse-Zellik of 1163 pigeons:       2-3-10-11-28-29-32-46-48-55-57-58-59-69-70-87-
                                   94-etc. (30/28)
Gennep      of 1506 pigeons:       1-11-13-40-41-42-67-70-79-92 (40/28)
Gien        of  590 pigeons:       1-10-16-25-69
Quievrain   of 2679 young birds:   5-6-11-16-35-75-80-113-117-118-etc.(37/27) 
        NPO of 13,332 pigeons      25-26-32-39-77-153-165-etc. (37/29)

The pigeons that won a 1st and 10th from Niergnies were a brother and sister of Blue Harry. The first prize winner in the race from Gien of 590 pigeons and an 8th NPO Gien comes from a brother of Esmee.

References 2017

- Team GPS:        3rd Final Pattaya one loft race Thailand
                   the dam was bred in the lofts of the Elzinga combination
- J. Hooymans:     1st Ace Pigeon race II Belgian Master of 801 pigeons
                   the dam comes from a joint breeding with Hooymans: James Bond x Lady Gaga (Comb. Elzinga)
- J. Hooymans:    10th NPO Melun young birds, bred from a son of Harry and Esmee
- S. Hiemstra:     8th NPO Pointoise 9520 pigeons over 540 km 
- Adrie Kors:      6th NPO Gien 4830 pigeons 614 km 
- Foeke Hoekstra:  1st Gennep of 5317 pigeons. He also won a 16th and 18th in that same race
                   The three pigeons were bred from a son of Esmee, purchased on PIPA
- Simon van Hoeve: He wins the following titles with a grandson of Esme: 
                   1st Ace Pigeon Sprint Entente 2 2017
                   1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Entente 2 2017
                  17th best yearling in The Netherlands PIPA rankings 2017
Looking ahead, despite a great loss

The death of Esmee will be a great loss for the team of Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga. Fortunately she has clearly left a mark on this breeding loft. Numerous descendants of the Esmee bloodline have been given a spot in the racing and breeding team over the years, which means the Elzinga combination is all set for future seasons. As a result, the team from Harkema has high expectations for the upcoming season, as always.