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Karlo Van Rompaey (BE, St.-Truiden) faces new challenge ahead of 2018

The palmares of Karlo Van Rompaey from St. Truiden is nothing short of impressive. He gained international fame as the winner of three national victories from Bourges, which is a very exceptional feat. Still, there is nothing that keeps him from trying to win a fourth national first prize from Bourges, and there we have his number one challenge this season.

Pigeon racing has always been about winning races

Karlo Van Rompaey is a leading name among a young generation of pigeon fanciers that was able to achieve great results. He managed to become one of the stars at national level, joining a select group of Belgian champions.

Karlo's pigeon career really took off in 2004, when he graduated as a veterinary surgeon. From then on, he really committed himself to pigeon racing, combining his loft with a veterinary practice. It was the start of a fantastic pigeon racing career: pigeon fancier and veterinary surgeon Karlo Van Rompaey quickly got the hang of getting great results, claiming prestigious victories and delivering strong performances overall.

Many fanciers were quite impressed with the way Karlo Van Rompaey made a name for himself in Belgium. He made history in 2015 claiming two national first prizes from Bourges with his national winners 'Prima Dora' and 'Hattrick'. The descendants of these champions are now coming to the fore as well, and several of them have already won a number of first prizes. They are natural born winners.

An invaluable introduction

In 2010 Karlo Van Rompaey and Pascal-Ariën (racing as Verreckt-Ariën at the time) agreed to exchange pigeons. It proved an excellent move. In fact, Karlo believes it was thanks to the introduction of a large number of Verreckt-Ariën pigeons that he was able to make it to the top. These Verreckt-Ariën bloodlines are mainly based around 1st Nat. Bourges 2005 Jos and his son Bingo. And Karlo's national winners from Bourges in 2015, Prima Dora and Hattrick, are both 50% Verreckt-Ariën and 50% Van Rompaey. This proved to be a perfect combination that led to national top results. We take a look at Karlo's most important achievements over the years:

 1 Nat. Bourges       18,826 p. ’15 
 1 Nat. Bourges       14,496 p. ’15 (fastest of 60,059 p.)
 1 Nat. Bourges        9,896 p. ’05 
 2 Nat. La Souterraine 4,698 p. ’12  
 3 Nat. Chateauroux   12,071 p.
 3 Nat. Chateauroux    6,005 p.
 4 Nat. Bourges       13,588 p.
 4 Nat. Argenton       9,970 p.
 4 Nat. Chateauroux    6,005 p.
 8 Nat. Gueret        15,007 p.
 9 Nat. Argenton       7,691 p.
 9 Nat. Chateauroux    5,884 p.
10 Nat. Argenton      21,915 p.
10 Nat. Chateauroux    6,005 p.

Click here for an overview of his national top 100 prizes

National hattrick from Bourges

The most eye-catching feat in this list of achievements is without doubt his triple national first prize from Bourges. As you know, a hattrick means that a football player has scored three goals in a single game. Karlo has done more or less the same, winning a national first prize three times in one race. This is quite an unusual feat, and we think few fanciers will ever be able to repeat this performance.

The pigeon that claimed the third national first prize from Bourges was unsurprisingly named ​Hattrick. He is a fantastic racing bird with plenty of breeding potential as well:

-Hattrick BE14-2048151 Nat. Bourges 14,449 p. ’15
Fastest from Bourges of 60,059 p.

He is a fantastic looking bird. Hattrick carries the exceptional AA CCCT genotype​, which indicates that he has exceptional breeding value. Whether or not you believe in this theory, there is no denying that Hattrick is a great breeding bird, having already bred 12 first prize winners so far:

Youngsters of Hattrick

1st Chateauroux (fastest) 1.513 p.         (Hattrick x Sourdora = Half sister Prima Dora)
1st Trelou                1.432 p.         (Hattrick x LucAcy Geerinckx)
1st Sezanne                 694 p.         (Hattrick x Souringo = grandchild Jos; 1st Nat. Bourges '05)
1st Sourdun                 473 p.         (Hattrick x Prima Dora)
1st Argenton                303 p.         (Hattrick x daughter Door / Prima Dora)
1st Mettet                  279 p.         (Hattrick x daughter Door / Prima Dora)
1st Chimay                  251 p.         (Hattrick x daughter Door / Prima Dora)
1st Laon                    208 p.         (Hattrick x LucAcy Geerinckx)
1st Joy -le -Chatel         189 p.         (Hattrick x Amazone =44th nat Gueret)
1st Sezanne                 148 p.         (Hattrick x Amazone =44th nat Gueret)
1st Chevrainvilliers        142 p.         (Hattrick x daughter Door / Prima Dora)
1st Sourdun                 107 p.         (Hattrick x Prima Dora)  

Click here for a list of achievements of Hattrick's youngsters.

Hattrick's origins give us a hint of his enormous potential:
Sire: Dirty Brother BE10-5025578
Brother of Dirty Dancing (2nd Prov. Orleans 9,383 p.), Dirty Diana (2nd Prov. and 7th Semi-Nat. Chateauroux 9,026 p.). He is a son of Dirty Blauwe BE07-5116243 x Dirty Mama BE05-5162133.
Dam: Leonica BE12-5057101
A Verreckt-Ariën. She is a daughter of Leonidas BE10-5110061 (2nd Prov. Bourges 2,890 p., a 4th Semi-Nat. Vierzon 2,450 p., a 6th Prov. Argenton 1,259 p.) x Super Dochter Moluca (daughter of three first prize winners: Goede Blauwe x Moluca).
Click here for Hattrick's full pedigree.

Hattrick is not the only highly talented bird in this team. Prima Dora​, the second pigeon to win a 1st Nat. Bourges in 2015, showed to be an outstanding breeder as well; she is now the dam and grandmother of several first prize winners.

-Prima Dora BE13-5008346

 1st  Nat Bourges 18,864 p. 
 1st  Laon           430 p.
 1st  Sourdun         85 p.
 4th  Laon           254 p.
342nd Nat Bourges 10,141 p.

Prima Dora's descendants clearly show that winners breed winners. She is now the dam of:

 1st  Vervins         320 p.
 3rd  Gew Vervins   3,854 p.
 1st  Sourdun         473 p.
 1st  Sourdun         107 p.     
100th Nat Argenton 21,915 p.

Meanwhile Prima Dora also became the grandmother of several first prize winners:

 1st Argenton         303 p.    
10th Nat Argenton  21.915 p.
 1st Mettet           279 p.    
 1st Chimay           251 p. (2nd Gew Chimay 3,695 p.)
 1st Chevrainvilliers 142 p. (9th Prov. 5.627 p.)

Click here for an extensive list of achievements of Prima Dora and her descendants.

Prima Dora stems from a crossing of the old Van Rompaey breed with a pigeon of Verreckt-Ariën as well.
Sire: Edu BE11-5047125
A direct Verreckt-Ariën and inbred to the invaluable stock pair Dikke Lowet x Lang Lowet and stock breeder Old Houben. Edu comes from top class pigeon Eduardo BE07-5035394 (a fantastic racing bird and winner of 4 top prizes < 1%, a 45th Nat. Souillac 7,500 p. etc.) x Sister Armstrong BE04-5006079 (Armstrong was 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina).
Dam: Poulidora BE10-5025053
She owes her name to the fact that she has won 2 provincial second prizes (2nd Prov. Tulle 587 p. and 2nd Prov. Souillac 442 p., besides four first prizes). She is a daughter of Blauwwitpen Gregoir BE07-5116052 ​x Daughter Josephine BE07-5194582 (she is a sister of Jos, 1st Nat. Bourges 9,896 p. in 2005).
Click here for Prima Dora's full pedigree.

One of the stars of Karlo Van Rompaey's current team of racing birds is Long Ace (a 100% Verreckt-Ariën). He originates from the same bloodlines as Prima Dora from his father's side. This renowned racing bird is another grandchild of breeding bird Eduardo of Verreckt-Ariën. Long Ace clearly has what it takes to win first prizes:

-Long Ace BE14-2048324

 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB Limburg 2017
76th Nat  Argenton      13,629 p.
91st Nat Limoges        14,937 p.
149th Nat La Souterraine 7,631 p.
 2nd Prov Argenton         948 p.
 5th Prov Limoges        1,524 p.
 8th Prov Brive            901 p.
12th Prov Jarnac           580 p.

Sire: J.I.T. BE09-5026965
A super class breeder and the sire of Futuro, Lange Mo, Mini Dora, Long Ace, and himself a son of Eduardo BE07-5036394 x super class hen Moluca BE07-5195006 (1st Prov. and 2nd Semi-Nat. Montluçon 8,516 p., 1st Nat. Zone C Limoges 2,429 p. in 2009, 1st Nat. Zone C Limogers 1,919 p. in 2010 etc.).
Dam: Mother Long Ace BE13-5065160
An Ariën-De Keyser and a daughter of Son Olympic Wacko BE12-5061733 (a son of Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Wacko) x Granddaughter Le Favourite BE12-5158659.
Click here for the full pedigree of Long Ace

Long Ace has some excellent origins as well. He stems from a combination of renowned prize winners as well.
Click here for the achievements of Long Ace and his relatives.

Winners and Ace Pigeons, a telltale sign of a successful pigeon breed

This extensive collection of talented breeding birds has allowed Karlo Van Rompaey to breed numerous first prize winners and ace pigeons. And this is what determines the value of a pigeon family. These breeding birds can breed new generations of prize winners for future seasons. Their breeding potential will inevitably translate into highly talented youngsters as well, which can match or even exceed the results of their parents and grandparents. Here is a look at the most important ace pigeon titles that were won by Karlo's team:

Most important ace pigeons since 2013:

 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Olds KBDB '17 (Long Ace)
 4th Pipa Ranking Longer Middle Distance 7 races '14 (Lionel)
 6th Pipa Ranking Longer Middle Distance YL 7 races '17 (Hattrick's Ace)
10th Pipa Ranking Longer Middle Distance YL 5 races '13 (Topgun)
12th Pipa Ranking Longer Middle Distance Yo 7 races '13 (Sister Hattrick)

Ace Pigeons are the opposite of one trick ponies. These pigeons can deliver results throughout the season, and they are among the very best in their discipline of choice, which is clearly the national longer middle distance and the light long distance for team Van Rompaey. It was thanks to these ace pigeons that Karlo became an internationally renowned fancier.

A new challenge

Karlo Van Rompaey has never been afraid to take on a new challenge. In the end of last year he said to himself that it was time for a new challenge, a new project. From 2018 Karlo will be working together with the PEC, and he will be racing with PEC racing birds as well.
​This is why he decided to offer for sale his impressive pigeon collection in an online PIPA auction; it will mark the end of an era for Karlo Van Rompaey. He has taken on the challenge to try and excel with a young generation of racing birds from his own breed, along with a selection of youngsters of the PEC. And we reckon most of his colleagues are confident he will not fail. His proficiency as a fancier and his fantastic collection of pigeons gives him plenty of opportunities; he is almost guaranteed to succeed.