Wout Spierings (Waalwijk, NL) has regained his place as a national top level player

We already said it shortly before the 2017 season: Wout Spierings is back in business.He is yet again determined to win races, as you can tell from his achievements in recent seasons. We saw an impressive display of strength from his young birds in the NPO race from Fontenay-sur-Eure, where his team basically overwhelmed the rest of the pack. The entire top three was won by Wout, who appears to be more motivated than ever.

Wout admiring one of his champions

Determined to make it back to the top

It is no secret that Wout Spierings can do great things in pigeon racing. In fact, he already has two national championship titles to his name: he became loft champion young birds in 2014 and national loft champion one day long distance in 2007. And that sums up his favourite competitions. In 2008 Wout temporarily quit pigeon racing to make a fresh start in 2011, with one goal in mind: he wanted to regain his postion as one of the leading players. It looks like he is on the right track, having won an 8th NPO Limoges old birds of 3,390 pigeons just last season. You might even say he has already reached his goal, judging from the young birds races of 2017 and the NPO race from Fontenay-sur-Eure (446km) in particular, in which he won the entire top three. It was an impressive display from team Spierings, which won the following prizes in Rayon 4 of Province Brabant 2000:

Against 1,318 pigeons: 1-2-3-5-8-23-25-27-34-46-48-57-65-68-86-etc. (33/57)

He won the following prizes overall at provincial level:

Against no less than 9,425 pigeons: 1-2-3-6-29-etc. (34/57)

Keep in mind  that Wout's right-hand man and companion (who races as Strijbosch-Spierings) claimed a 7th NPO Fontenay. This is a super class breed indeed.

The pigeons

Unsurprisingly, Wout is only interested in the very best pigeons he can find in The Netherlands. He spent considerable time and money on getting the most successful bloodlines in Belgium and The Netherlands. He used to work with pigeons of none other than Ludo Claessens but today he is getting great results by combining the Claessens descendants with pigeons from such renowned bloodlines as HarryAlexia (Jan Hooymans), De Geeloger (Koen Minderhoud), Da VinciSpecial Blue (Pieter Veenstra), and De Zoon (Derwa).

Add to that Wout's determination and continuous efforts to make it to the top, and you end up with a team that can compete with the best at national level.

We give you one example of a highly successful combination of top class pigeons: the following breeding pair combines the best of Hooymans paired to the best of Veenstra. Just take a look at the titles that have been won by the youngsters of this fantastic breeding pair.

To conclude

We have to wait and see what 2018 holds in store but one thing is clear: this team combines some of the best bloodlines in Europe with a highly motivated fancier, who has the support of his family. We hope his opponents will be on top of their game next season!